Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e15 Episode Script

The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!

Extra Edition: The Directive to Take the Nine Tails This should surprise those inefficient Akatsuki.
Lord Orochimaru, there's an overload! The system won't hold! It's fine! This is excellent! Yes! Now stand! Take the Nine Tails from the child of the Fourth I can't control it! You're going to be the ultimate existence that surpasses the Jinchuriki! W-What are you doing? I am your creator Lord Orochimaru! After I've come this far Please get to safety, Lord Orochimaru! Hurry! Curse that Orochimaru Not only did he desert the Akatsuki, he stole the blueprint of the Gedo Statue and made this thing So this is to capture the Tailed Beast, after all I wasn't able to ascertain all of its gimmicks, but I restored its movements.
And added a couple of extra features.
Now this thing is ours to control.
Itachi, go capture the Nine Tails.
Hm? You haven't been back to the village in ages.
Don't you want to go and say hello? I'm not interested right now.
All right! It's all here! The assorted offal is here! Oh, and waitress? Another plate of skirt steak and loin meat! – Skirt steak and loin, okay! – Oh, and these Can you take them away? Hey, you know, even if this is on Asuma I don't think it's right to start before our host gets here.
Don't worry about it.
He probably stopped by Kurenai Sensei's place and forgot all about us.
Did you know that Kakashi Sensei hasn't left Naruto's side at all? Naruto's really doing his best.
For Naruto, it's more like Ninja Art: Beast Mimicry! Man Beast Clone! Fang Over Fang! I am not going to lose to him! Fang Over Fang! I'm ready.
I can go at any time.
It's because I'm tired of being left behind.
Even if I can't stand next to him I want to get to the point where I can follow close behind Naruto You made Food Pills today too? I figured I'd cheer him on by giving him some nutrition at least.
You can have one if you like.
No thank you You're holding up well.
What is it about him that makes you go so far? SIT I'm counting on you, Yamato.
You have to keep the Nine Tails' chakra inside of Naruto in check.
So far, it's stable.
I've got to do this! Damn it! I can't be wasting time like this.
I've got to keep going I've got to keep going More! Go to Naruto! What? What happened?! Is everyone all right? This is – Who are you?! – Don't move! If that's the case, I'll This is bad! Naruto! Huh? Please come quick! Even Neji is having a hard time! Who the hell are you? How dare you do this to everyone in the village You're fighting me now! Be careful.
He's strong! Yes Even I was no match for him.
Yeah, but I'm in the middle of training and I'm busy.
I'm not going to waste any time on him.
I'll take care of him in one blow! Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu! Here I come! Damn it! This guy's strong! Why you—! Huh? N-Naruto? He certainly looks like Naruto.
Our friend's a Mecha Naruto! Don't call the enemy a friend! Naruto! This is a one-on-one match! Hey, Mecha-Me.
I don't know who made you, but I'm not going to lose to a fake Huh? Wait a minute.
I'm not using the Nine Tails' chakra! Hey, what're you doing?! Kakashi! I think that guy is extracting the Nine Tails' chakra out of Naruto.
If this continues Against the enormous power of the Nine Tails' chakra, Naruto will This isn't good Shadow Clone Jutsu! It's tiny! Damn it! Mini Rasengan! I don't have any strength Lightning Blade! The flow of the Nine Tails' chakra has stopped.
I see In order to extract the Nine Tails' chakra, he needs to be within a certain distance.
Then we'll draw Naruto away from him! FOUND HIM How come? Don't worry.
Only ANBU know about this secret underground passage.
Huh?! Damn that guy! I'm not kidding! I'll pulverize him! Hey, don't get so excited! Did he find us? He's probably just attacking blindly.
Let me at him, Kakashi Sensei! Otherwise, the village will destroyed! Run! You're right.
He's just attacking anything in sight.
Naruto, you can't beat him.
Right now, the only thing we can do is run away.
No! Look at the destruction! I'm telling you, I'll win for sure! Listen He's not only taking the Nine Tails' chakra! Neji used his Byakugan to look inside his body, and confirmed what seems to be the Eight Trigrams Sealing Formula.
In other words, that thing's also a vessel to seal the Nine Tails.
He intends to suck out your chakra, weaken you, and then capture the Nine Tails.
In other words if the Nine Tails is taken from you, you will die.
A replacement vessel for Naruto To go through the trouble of making it look just like Naruto is morbid.
Damn! He lost sight of you and disappeared.
His whereabouts are unknown, but he's sure to appear when you show up.
When that happens, the village will become a battlefield.
So what're you trying to tell me? Leave the village, Naruto! Are you getting rid of me?! Silence! Let me finish! We'll use Naruto to lure that guy out of the village, and then bring him down.
However, we can't let Naruto get close.
Can you do it? That's a tough question But we have to do it.
Naturally, we need Yamato to control the Nine Tails' chakra.
Then besides me, we'll need Sensory-type ninja and long-distance combat specialists.
Man, what a fancy palanquin! I didn't know you rode on something so fancy, Granny Tsunade! The Feudal Lord gave it to me for diplomatic purposes.
It's not my style, so I've never used it.
Yamato, ride in this palanquin with Naruto, suppress the Nine Tails' chakra and don't let it leak out.
But if that thing comes within close proximity, the chakra will leak out, no matter what I do.
There's no way I'll let it get near him.
To make sure that doesn't happen – We're here! – We're here! Shikamaru! Hey! Neji! Choji! All the members from that time are back together again.
Kiba! So? Are you surprised? Well, I knew that you'd be here, but Um You want to get back to training, right, Naruto? It's a drag, but we'll help you out.
How come I'm stuck in this cramped space with you, Yamato Sensei? You took the words right out of my mouth.
We're palanquin bearers?! Listen! About this Mecha Naruto Until you destroy Mecha Naruto, don't even think about returning! Now go! W-What's this Mecha Naruto?! I knew I was going to be left behind again.
That's because my beetles told me.
It's coming! That guycan fly?! SICK MISSILE He fired a big one this time! This is bad! That thing is bad! Leave it to me! Shino?! That's because I've had it with being the only one – Shino! – Shino! left behind! What?! TEAM 8 SHINO ABURAME OUT OF COMMISSION Aw, stop it, will you?! That face of yours!! – I'm okay – Stop! Stop it! I'm not sick I'm really not sick! Are you sure? Mid-air 150 meters! He's hurling Mecha Bombs! The forest! Run into the forest! Kakashi Sensei, switch with me! What's going on? We'll bring him down With shadows! FOUND HIM He's going wild.
Keep shooting! Come on.
Come on! Shadow Possession Jutsu Success! And now Ninja Art! Shadow Strangle Jutsu! Huh? Huh? Huh?! The shadow broke! I-I need more shadows TEAM 10 SHIKAMARU NARA WITHDRAWN Shikamaru Mecha Narutois coming! Being in the palanquin is more dangerous! Shizune, request assistance from the Sand.
Tell them Naruto is in serious trouble! We will not let him have Naruto! The next episode is the conclusion! My comrades fell one by one to protect me.
You're after the Nine Tails inside me, aren't you? If that's the case, I'll fight you! I'll never forgive you! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Extra Edition Naruto vs.
MECHA NARUTO Tune in again!