Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e16 Episode Script

Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto

Wait! Man Beast Clone! Expansion Jutsu! Human Boulder! I won't let you get away! TEAM 10 CHOJI AKIMICHI SWIMMING UP A WATERFALL How dare you hurt Choji! Inuzuka Style! Man-Beast Transformation Combo! Two-Headed Wolf! Wolf Fang Over Fang! TEAM 8 KIBA INUZUKA SUFFERS A BLOW TO HIS EGO Choji! Kiba! Wait Then who's in front right now? No one's there! Hold on! Are you okay?! Nine Tails' chakra is leaking! I was trying so hard not to throw up, so I used Nine Tails' chakra And what were you doing?! Sorry! He's coming, Neji! I was not chosen merely to search out the enemy but because I have this absolute defense! Rotation! Good! If he stays inside your rotation, the Nine Tails' chakra can't be sucked out! On your mark! Get set! What is going on? What speed! Wha—?! The Mecha Naruto overtook the rotation?! Kakashi Sensei! It's so beautiful TEAM 3 NEJI HYUGA WITHDRAWN TEAM 7 ACTING TEAM LEADER CAPTAIN YAMATO ATMOSPHERIC BREAKTHROUGH Let me fight too, Kakashi Sensei! If we team up, we can take him down! It's not just your problem if the Nine Tails is captured.
The very existence of the village is at stake! Naruto! My existence is at stake too! Hey! Kakashi Sensei! Sit still for a while! I'll show you the true essence of the Copy Ninja.
Can't do it That might beimpossible.
Idiotidiot Are you an idiot? Damn it! TEAM 7 TEAM LEADER KAKASHI HATAKE NOTHING GOOD ABOUT HIM Kakashi Sensei! Who the hell areyou? What are you? Nine Tails You can talk? Give meNine Tails.
Like hell I will! Nine Tails I want it! Give it to me! Damn it! I don't haveany strength I can't afford to die here! You?! I am Gaara of the Sand.
An ally of the Leaf.
Gaara! The Hokage should have relied on me from the very start.
Long-distance battles and the ultimate defense This is precisely my kind of mission.
And most of all, machines are vulnerable to sand.
Don't wantOne Tails I want Nine Tails! One Tails is no longer inside me.
HoweverI cannot let you have Naruto's Nine Tails! As the Kazekageand as Naruto's friend! Gaara! You are so cool, you know! Sand—! Hey, if it isn't Mr.
Gaara! So you're here to pick up the pieces after the Nine Tails is captured? Hmm? What? The Nine Tails' chakra hasn't been extracted yet? Weren't you supposed to be the new hope for the Akatsuki? You're a member of Akatsuki? Nine Tails Nine Tails.
I don't want One Tails Did you hear that, Gaara! Even the Mecha doesn't want you.
How sad So sad Is it any wonder you lost to me and got your Tailed Beast taken away? Hmm? You're as weak as a baby You really need some cheering up.
Yup, yup.
Gaara Gaara Cheer up and smile Gaara Gaara Gaara.
LOVE ANGER You're dead! Sand Prison! All you had to do was give a little squeeze A little squeeze was all you had to do A squeeze THE KAZEKAGE GAARA DESERTED THE BATTLE II'm getting out of here! This is?! The Akatsuki have some nerve! I'm the one who created this child But they stole him.
Orochimaru? Ninja Art: Snake Mouth Trap I summoned the inside of a giant snake's stomach.
Where's Sasuke? I'm sorry But I thought I'd settle this debt all by myself.
He was with me earlier, but he ditched me! It's so annoying! But now, I have custody of this child once more.
Do as I say, okay? Now take the Nine Tails! If I'm able to possess Sasuke and the Nine Tails, I will have nothing to fear in this world! Aren't you forgetting one thing? One of the feared Legendary Sannin your dear friend? Pervy Sage! Is this a rip-off of my Toad Mouth Trap, Orochimaru? Yes And thanks to that, Naruto cannot escape.
My child, fill your stomach to your heart's content with the Nine Tails' honey.
Long time no see! This brawl belongs to the Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku, a.
the Novelist Jiraiya! Let's go outside, Orochimaru! Summoning Jutsu! Ninja Art: Reversible Jutsu! What?! Digest Pervy Sage What happened to Pervy Sage?! THE SAGE JIRAIYA THE SAGE JIRAIYA Eventually, he'll come out looking like that P@@P Now then, Naruto Why don't you hand over the Nine Tails to me? My child! What am I going to do? What are you going to do? I can come out, you know Sit tight a little longer.
Why? Why is it? My child has sucked up most of the Nine Tails' chakra You're facing a massive amount of chakra Why aren't you giving up? Like I told you I can't afford to die here.
Go It's over I can't even bleed anymore Are you sure? Well, you're weak So I guess it can't be helped.
It's not because it can't be helped.
I'm weak That's why I That's why I came back to the village to train and get strong and This time, for sure This time I'll get definitely Sasuke back.
For Sasuke's sake! For Sasuke's sake The Nine Tails' chakra Even if that power is exhausted For Sasuke's sake If you think of Sasuke as a friend, no matter what Naruto In the same way that you consider Sasuke a friend, this guy shall be your friend.
I'm sorry for testing you.
However, if the Nine Tails should go on a rampage, this guy will take the fall for you.
Be there for Sasuke, the both of you.
This guyis my friend The Nine Tails' tails But I'm still in control What's going on, my child? I am your parent Yet you're turning against me?! Friend Yeah, we bonded with our fists and know the pain of true friendship! Striking Shadow Snake! Stop! The Hidden Leaf can just get destroyed! A mechanical Nine Tails? A Mecha Nine Tails?! What the—?! The second destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village.
UNITE H-Hey! Mecha-Me! I'll go Huh? I'll go to Hidden Leaf Village.
All right.
I'm counting on you, Mecha-Me.
When you lose to me, and I get the Tailed Beast our rankings will be decided! Hmm! You can never beat me! I'll just reverse itright now! Sand Tsunami! I said it's impossible! Naruto Why aren't you here at a time like this? Naruto, hurry! Please, Naruto! It's okay! It's me, Sakura.
Face open! Naruto?! You protect that flower, Sakura.
And I'll protect the Sakura who protects that flower Did you eat something spoiled? Did you do it?! It's impossible.
Mecha Nine Tails is made with the same materials as I am.
If we hit each other, there's no damage.
Only one way to it bring down What do we do? Use every bit of Nine Tails' chakra inside meand throw it at him.
Mecha-Me! A Jinchuriki will die if the Tailed Beast is extracted! You're just like a Jinchuriki now, right?! If you use up all the Tailed Beast Chakra Mecha-Me You're gonna! Ya know Mecha-Me! Safety device released Nine Tails Chakra Bomb Firing! Stop! Mecha-Me! I'm so sorry, Mecha-Me Thank you Sakura I kept my promise.
I protected this flower And you, Naruto protected meand the village.
No The one who protected the village is I don't know what happened here, but It's obvious to me that he fought and protected the village.
I'm grateful.
Now you can go back to training.
Yeah Granny I'm counting on you to rebuild the village! Naruto! Thank you, Naruto! You guys! Oh, sorry Hinata, did you see it? Can you tell explain what happened? Yeah The Ten Tails was completely absorbed into that man.
Its chakra too.
Then, does that mean? That's the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki" He looks creepier than before! THE TEN TAILS' JINCHURIKI Tune in again!