Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e18 Episode Script

An Opening

An Opening I'll have to teleport it away with me! You can have this back.
Don't worry.
I only teleported a clone.
I marked him that last time we were in contact.
Amazing! You can copy my dad's move! Impressive, Second Great Stone Face-guy! Lord Fourth is using my move! And just call me "Lord Second"! Wood Style: Wood Dragon! Get out of my way, Madara! I don't have much time, but there's something I've got to do now! Wood Style: Wood Golem Jutsu! I'm taking another chunk of you! A-Amazing! They're on a completely different level! So this is the battle capacity of our predecessors! If we went out there we would just get in their way for sure.
We're of no use in a battle like that.
Ino, please! Got it.
Even a small power can be helpful.
It's Shikamaru We may not be any help now, but there might come a time when we'll be needed.
So don't take your eyes off the battlefield.
For if such a time arrives our power could change the course of this world! We can't afford to relax and let our guard down, even for one second! That's right.
He's got a point – Yeah – Yeah! Shikamaru, you would make a great Hokage.
The ability to sway people's hearts is practically a requisite of any Kage.
This is just like that time Madara, we were friends! And we shared the same dream! Hashirama! How long will you keep saying such juvenile things? It's just not possible to show our guts to each other! Hashirama! Madara! The end result will be different, though So when are we supposed to make our move, Shikamaru? You should try to think for yourself a little.
But first, we need to figure out the circumstances of their battle.
Also What's going on over there? Did he get him? He blocked it, huh? He's fast.
We won't be able to hit him with ordinary jutsu.
I guess I'll have to make an opening with my Rasen-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Stage Three You're a bit of a comedian, aren't you? I'd normally make fun of your jutsu names Except this guy we're facing is absolutely no joke.
Amaterasu! Sasuke! Naruto! I said I would create an opening for you! I'll do it! No, we will! We'll let Dad and the others be the main act! I could tell you were amassing chakra in your left eye.
Hardly a surprise attack.
Jeez! Let's go, Fourth.
A clone's Flying Raijin is much slower.
Let's combine and reciprocate our Flying Raijin.
Go ahead and put your mark on me.
Yes, sir.
Plus with these bodies, we can still move after being hit! Naruto, this time, I'll match your chakra level using my Sharingan.
No need to turn it into a competition! – Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! – Inferno Style: Flame Control! A pincer attack? You two are the main act! Distracted by what's going on in front of you? Now! – Reciprocal Round-Robin Jutsu! – Reciprocal Round-Robin Jutsu! – Flying Raijin Jutsu! – Flying Raijin Jutsu! I name it the Scorch Style Nimbus Tempest! Just keep on going as planned! So they switched places with the Flying Raijin?! Hinata! What's going on with Naruto and Sasuke? They're both smiling Smiling? Both of them? Yeah.
All right! Did they get him?! I got in a direct hit before those black things could protect him.
He should have felt that one.
No effect at all.
We can't touch those black, transforming spheres Our attacks have no effect on him He's quick on both offense and defense What a pain.
He's even more perfect than how I imagine myself in my dreams! It's like he's truly obtained dreamlike power.
That's odd.
What is? Your arm was ripped off There should be dust swirling around to restore it by now.
Our reanimated bodies aren't regenerating I have come to possess the same power as the Founder of Shinobi.
You can no longer measure me by the standards you are used to.
Don't tell me, your jutsu! What does he mean by the same power as the Founder of Shinobi? Fourth Try not to get seriously injured again, even with our reanimated bodies He's probably using a jutsu based on Shadow and Light Styles that nullify all ninjutsu.
In other words, if he destroys our reanimated bodies we'll be unable to regenerate, and we'll die! Alsoassume that right arm of yours is permanently gone.
If that's the case, we'll need to fight him even more carefully But since ninjutsu won't work on him, this will be tricky.
How about physical attacks? Let's try it out.
Sasuke What? We're going to have to take the lead.
Think you can keep up? Don't underestimate the Uchiha.
All right! I'll up my Kurama Mode and go into Tailed Beast State! Huh? Don't make things worse than they already are You're as goofy as your father.
So much that even he's dumbfounded S-Sorry.
Kurama! Lend me a little more chakra! Hold off on going into Nine Tails State for just a bit! But he's not someone we can beat without it.
If you want to enter into Perfect Tailed Beast State, you're going to have to fight in normal mode for a bit.
Syrup Gun! A toad from Mount Myoboku? What was that about Gamakichi? If you're going make a move, do something diversionary or a combo Sorry, but we're approaching the time limit for the summoning.
I just wanted to repay him with a parting shot! Thanks for the effort! Go get some rest! Sorry about this.
This is Obito, I thought you wanted to become Hokage.
Why are you doing this? You want to know why? This is my chance! Lecturing me now? Isn't it a bit late for thatSensei? You're always too late when it matters most.
Anyway, Rin and Kakashi are surrounded by dozens of shinobi! And it looks like they're all powerful jonin and ANBU What is Minato Sensei doing? Who's that? I'm asking you what the Yellow Flash is doing! Hmm He seems to be on a different mission.
At a time like this? Rin I want to I want to create a world with you in it I'm glad my teacher was a Hokage.
It made it easy to give up on becoming Hokage.
He got past Lord Third's personal ANBU Black Ops, infiltrated a top-secret barrier, and knew that the seal on the Nine Tails would be at its weakest during childbirth Are you Madara Uchiha? No That's impossible He's dead.
Who knows? Am I? Right now, I don't care who you are But why are you targeting the Leaf? You could say it's on a whim, but also as part of a plan, for the sake of war, but also for the sake of peace.
If I had realized that man was Obito, I probably could have stopped him And then, I might have been able to prevent Kushina from dying.
I might not have had to make Naruto into Nine Tails' Jinchuriki.
If only I had realized he was Obito Perhaps the shinobi world wouldn't have ended up like this either! Even though you were my teacher, you didn't realize it was me.
That's just who you are fundamentally.
How pathetic You died a heroic Hokage, but now you're being exposed as a disgrace in front of your son.
That's right A Hokage is a pitiable existence compared to what I am now.
Apparently the kid's not a goofball.
He's caught on! You have no right to make fun of a Hokage when you couldn't even become one yourself.
Naruto, you—! Especially my dad who actually became Hokage.
How dare you put him down! That worked?! Why? How? It's effective! I knew it! Even if ninjutsu is ineffective, Sage Jutsu still works! The toad from Mount Myoboku used Sage Jutsu and his attack wasn't nullified.
You bastard! That's amazing, Naruto What's going on? His Sage Jutsu is working! He's even mastered the same Sage Jutsu as Jiraiya Sensei He's grown into quite a son, eh, Minato? It's no wonder he managed to sweet talk my other half.
Dad, I don't know if it will work, but I've got an idea.
Naruto, he's useless.
He can't do anything.
He couldn't even protect your mother.
Nor his own subordinates.
You know what tomorrow is, don't you? It's the anniversary of Minato and Kushina's death Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Day Naruto Was Born" The day both of your parents died.