Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e19 Episode Script

The Day of Naruto's Birth

The Day Naruto Was Born Minato… You intended for your brat to clean up after your mess, right? That's why you sealed my other half inside him… as if you were confident they would be able to work together.
Nine Tails… Then don't regret it now.
It's not your fault that Kushina died.
And making your brat into a Jinchuriki wasn't a bad thing either.
Because your brat is trying to change what this world has become right now.
He's not that newborn babe anymore.
In fact, tomorrow is Naruto… Listen up I need to tell you something I knew it! I figured as much.
I can't believe the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki has such a weakness! And with Ten Tails inside me, I can't pass through things either! How frustrating! Sage moves will work! Sage Power? The toad attacks are Sage Jutsu… They use Nature Energy.
Come to think of it, when I tried to sense Ten Tails' power, it was Nature Energy itself.
So you can maybe counter Nature Energy with Nature Energy.
Not that I really understand it.
I'm just glad I learned Sage Jutsu! All right! Next up is Frog Kumite! He instantly grasped how to use the Flying Raijin with me and has even mastered Sage Power.
I feel like I'm fighting alongside Elder Brother! It clearly worked.
But he's recovered already, and now he's guarding his back.
If we teleport behind him carelessly, we might get erased.
I should start preparing for the Tsukuyomi.
Let's tidy things up.
There is nothing worth saving in this reality.
This world is already dead.
Hey… This is super bad! Four of them…all at once? Even if we were to create an Earth Style Wall, it wouldn't be enough! There are too many of them! What do we do? Think! It would take one person per each of those to teleport away using the Flying Raijin.
The Fourth and I can get to two of them, but that leaves two others! Impossible! Where's Elder Brother? Madara! Could you wait a moment? Your comrade is acting up! We are all Reanimations! There's no need to worry! Keep fighting! Do not give up everyone! I am with you! My clones are with you! We only need to change the spheres' trajectories! The other Hokage will also take measures and repel them across the ocean! I ask that you all work on putting up an Earth Style Wall! I'll use the Deep Forest Emergence to launch and guide them to toward the ocean! I won't let you! Six Crimson Ray Formation! A barrier! Hey! Don't tell me we're He's trapped everyone inside the barrier, and he's made it so we can't expel the Tailed Beast Bombs! Endgame.
Our only choice now is to teleport those spheres outside the barrier using the Flying Raijin.
Fourth, can you handle two of them? Since we can't mark them, I can only take one.
There's only one way.
We could You intend to teleport the stalk itself outside? You think I'd let you do that? You can't save anyone! I don't know if it will work, but I've got an idea.
Will you bump fists with me? Hey, other half.
How ya been? Do you mind sharing some of your chakra with me? To be asked a favor from myself feels a bit weird Naruto… Minato's useless, he can't do anything.
He couldn't even protect your mom Nor his own subordinates.
You know what tomorrow is, don't you? It's the anniversary of Minato and Kushina's deaths.
The day both of your parent's died.
In this world, it's over when you die.
You see Oh, right, which means it's also the day I was born! So you see It's not over 'Cuz I exist in this world! Our Naruto has become really strong Kushina.
Let's go, Dad! Yeah! Thank goodness for the chakra of you two! It's just as I thought! Yeah well, the both of us used to be one, after all.
Plusthose two are father and son.
He's planning to trap us inside this barrier and blow us up along with it! What can we do? The Hokage's barrier didn't let Tailed Beast Bombs through either… This barrier is red all over… I think it's accurate to say that this one's likely to be on par with the Hokages.
With the level of our strength, it's impossible for us to smash through it, in which case Damn it! Nothing's coming to mind, Dad! What's your plan, Naruto? Justgive me some time to focus Let me explain what Kurama and I came up with.
You tell me if it will work or not, okay? All right, go ahead! Have you seen him, Kushina? Our Naruto's really grown up.
I'm so sorry, Naruto I'm sure you must have had it real tough up until now! The real tough part is about to start, Dad! This is Naruto's…! So…it wasn't depleted?! I noticed it when I was healing everyone, but… It seems it had merely shrunk down.
It's bigger and more powerful than before! Have ya noticed Eight-o? I sense two Nine Tails, one light and one dark, yo! This isn't just Nine Tails.
You're thinking about protecting us from that attack with this chakra, Naruto? Jugo.
Sasuke, this is looking bad.
Let's get outside of this barrier.
Use the Snake Reverse Summoning.
That was my plan already.
I'll take you and Naruto with me.
I haven't given you any of my chakra yet.
Get over here, will ya? What's your chakra going to accomplish? There's no time! Just hurry! I can't believe he shared his chakra with every shinobi! He's got almost as much chakra as us! No! Actually, this has Nine Tails' chakra mixed in! That won't help you withstand the shock wave of four Ten Tails' Tailed Beast Bombs exploding together! Begone What? What happened? This chakra protected us again! Not quite, check it out! Choji… Look over there.
We're outside the barrier.
It was the Teleportation Jutsu.
Damn that Naruto! He's even mastered that too? This isn't just Naruto's chakra.
He moved everyone using the Fourth Hokage's Flying Raijin Jutsu! Fourth… This is the second time you've saved all of shinobi-kind.
I've still failed more times than that, so I must continue making up for it.
What did you do? Dad teleported everyone outside the barrier.
Everyone? With that jutsu? I can't teleport anything that I myself, or my chakra isn't touching, even indirectly.
How? I'd shared Kurama's and my chakra with everyone earlier.
So if Dad, and our chakra and everybody were to uhum Indirectly… Right! If we were all in indirect contact with each other, it would work.
So, I connected Dad's chakra with Kurama's and mine.
That's all! He used the principle of Shadow Clones.
Even if you split up and disperse your chakra as long as you keep even a little bit there without putting it out when the original body infuses chakra again to regain control, all the individual chakra bits begin resonating and link together.
In short, by joining his chakra with the Fourth's, Naruto linked the Fourth to the rest of his chakra residing in everyone else.
Right, Naruto? Huh? Is that what I did? Never mind… Old Man Second, you sure know a lot about my Shadow Clones too! I created that jutsu! It's my Shadow Clone Jutsu! Will you bump fists with me? Yeah! Yeah, let's try it! There's nothing we can't do if we borrow Nine Tails' I mean, Kurama's power.
All right! Then let's all four of us join forces! "All four of us," eh? You treat us like we're human too.
What kind of childrearing has led to this, eh? Naruto… Huh?! I wish there was more time to talk to the grown-up you Guys don't need to talk! I already know! I…already met Mom's chakra.
Kushina…my time is running out… I'm going start the Eight Signed Seal.
I want to put some of my chakra in Naruto too.
It'll be quite a while before we can see him.
Let's tell him what we want to say… Naruto… Don't be picky.
Eat lots and grow strong.
Make sure you bathe every day and stay warm.
Also…don't stay up late.
You need lots of sleep.
And…make friends.
You don't need a lot of friends.
Just a few… Ones you can really, really trust.
I wasn't very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard.
Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
So don't get too depressed if you can't do something well.
Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy.
Oh, and this is important… It's about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi.
Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money.
Put your mission wages into your savings account.
No alcohol until you're of age.
Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation.
Another Prohibition is women.
I'm a woman, so I don't know too much about this but… All you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women.
So it's only natural to take an interest in girls… But just don't get hooked on bad women.
Find someone just like me.
Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, Be wary of Jiraiya Sensei.
Naruto…from now on, you're going to face lots of pain and hardship… Be true to yourself… Have a dream…and… have the confidence to make that dream come true! There's so much… oh, so much more… There's so much more that I want to pass on to you… I wish I could stay with you longer… I love you.
Minato, I'm sorry I used up your time… It's okay.
Naruto, my words to you as your father are I guess it's the same as your nagging mother's.
What you want to say is the same as my nagging mom, right?! I already know! What exactly is it? This is the Divine Tree! Ten Tails' final form! Chakra first originated with this Divine Tree! What? We humans stole chakra from the Divine Tree long ago.
This thing is just trying to get it back, that's all.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Divine Tree" Do you know how and why shinobi came to be, Hashirama? THE DIVINE TREE Tune in again!