Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e20 Episode Script

Divine Tree

Will you bump fists with me? Yeah.
Yeah, let's try it! There's nothing we can't do if we borrow Nine Tails' I mean, Kurama's power.
All right! Then let's all four of us join forces! All four of us, eh? You treat us like we're human too.
What kind of childrearing has led to this, eh? Naruto Huh? I wish there was more time to talk to the grown-up you! Guys don't need to talk! I already know! Ialready met Mom's chakra What you want to say is the same as my nagging mom, right?! I already know! This feeling is so familiar Even though we're out of options, it feels like we can accomplish anything That's right! It's just like when I was with Kushina! I feel power welling up inside me! Let's go! Naruto's got this much chakra? Naruto! Letting out a shout and showing off is all well and good but don't tell me you've already forgotten that nothing other than Sage Jutsu works against him? I know you're not an idiot! That's right! You're a bigger idiot than my elder brother! All that chakra and it's being wasted on him Or perhaps this isn't quite the same feeling It looks like you've surpassed all the previous Hokage, in stupidity! Shut up! Stupid, stupid Kurama! Fools are easily liked and trusted by others.
It'll be all right.
Don't worry about it.
I-I'm not worried that I'm an idiot! I'm not talking about that.
Huh? I'm saying that you might be able to go into Sage Mode while you're in that state.
Listen up You've probably already forgotten, but during your final battle with Pain, Nagato I got so mad by what he was saying that my chakra leaked out, even though you were in Sage Mode at that time.
My power and your Sage Power actually managed to synchronize.
Did something like that happen back then? You say that, but back when I was undergoing Sage Training, you interfered with Gramps Sage's Sage Jutsu, remember? That's because I had no interest in sharing the same space with toads! Besides, it really pissed me off that you would rely on Sage Jutsu when you had my chakra.
You stubborn bastard! You're the stubborn one! Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, that I'm willing to let you use both my power and Sage Power right now.
What's stubborn about that, damn it?! You just can't be up front about your feelings, can you? You bastard! You've been making fun of me a lot lately! It's not like that It's out of familiarity Using Tailed Beast State with Sage Jutsu at the same time, huh You've got the same me inside you as your son.
You should be able to provide him with powerful support.
I already know that! I'll have some jutsu prepared too! I'm absorbing Nature Energy a lot faster in this state.
All right! The Divine Tree Naruto, add Sage Jutsu to the Rasengan! Okay! Old Man Second! Let's do it! Just forge ahead! We'll ward off his attacks with our chakra! – Rasengan! – Rasengan! That black thing sure is solid! Damn it He blocked us this time! He predicted our attack Using only the Flying Raijin in our strategy isn't enough.
Our only option is to destroy that black thing! All right, next up Let's try adding Sage Jutsu to a Tailed Beast Bomb! All right, excellent idea! You might just surpass my Elder Brother as Hokage Hey, other Kurama! You help too! I like the sound of that! I thought so This is a familiar feeling, after all! This is what Naruto is capable of now? He's able to control this much chakra perfectly How far will you There's no harm in taking measures early.
W-What's that?! He's starting the Infinite Tsukuyomi already?! He spit out the Ten Tails? Be careful.
I have a bad feeling about this.
I'll suspend the barrier for now.
The barrier is disappearing! Now we can fight alongside Naruto and the others! Th-This is—! What?! Run! It will absorb all your chakra in one swoop! It's coming after us one by one! But why?! Why?! Why do I get so many coming at me, huh? Fool Ya fool! This is the tree of God.
It's called the Divine Tree! It's the Ten Tails' final form! It knows that you have more chakra than everyone else! At this rate, the chakra that Naruto gave to everyone is meaningless.
W-What is this?! Chakra first originated with this Divine Tree! All the chakra here Even the enormous amounts of chakra you possess.
What? Humans stole chakra from the Divine Tree long ago.
It's just trying to take back what belongs to it.
What are you talking about?! The endless passing of time has cast a fog over the truth.
Do you know how shinobi came to be, Hashirama? Long ago, when people didn't even have a concept of chakra even then, people still battled each other.
The Divine Tree was never involved in their battles and was worshipped as a sacred pillar.
But one day The Divine Tree bore a fruit that was said to be produced only once in a millennium.
I don't know what it signified, but legend dictated that no one was to ever lay hands on the fruit.
But one princess, in her desire to reap the power of the Divine Tree to win a war, took and consumed the forbidden fruit.
Afterwards, she gained the power of a god, and it was said she quashed the war by herself.
Her name was Kaguya Otsutsuki.
So that's how! She was the first human to have chakra.
Eventually, Kaguya would bear a child who was born with chakra already within him.
However, the Divine Tree came alive and went on a rampage in order to reclaim its stolen chakra.
That is the Ten Tails.
And the one who stopped it was Kaguya's child.
His name was Hagoromo Otsutsuki.
He was the one who preached the teachings of chakra, and was the founder of Ninshu.
He was the forefather of the shinobi— the man known as the Sage of Six Paths.
How do you know all of this?! It was inscribed on the Uchiha Stone Tablet.
Do I need to explain what happened to those who tasted of the forbidden fruit for the purpose of ending all conflict? That's right It didn't change anything.
In fact, subsequent wars become more gruesome! Upon learning this, I fell into despair.
There are no such things as true dreams in this world, Hashirama! Ever since people tasted that fruit, humans have been cursed And destined to hate each other even more! And it is we shinobi whose very existence symbolizes that foolishness, don't you think? In which case I'd rather So relying on the power of the Divine Tree again by using a great genjutsu You just can't see it What's beyond this The dreams of the far future.
Is this what you meant by "dreams of the far future"?! Yes But it will be a little different.
Naruto! Water Style: Severing Wave! Damn it! There are too many of them! I might be able to sense Naruto, but it's useless! Fourth! Can you teleport directly to Naruto?! I can't! That last Flying Raijin and these vines have drained my chakra! In that case Let goof me Gramps Sorry it took so long! Oh! All right! We're teleporting out of here! Have things finally settled down? Is this what you meant by "dreams of the far future"?! Yes But it will be a little different.
"A little different"? Take a look When the Divine Tree's bud finally blooms The moon will reflect the eye at the flower's center, up above and the Infinite Tsukuyomi will be fully activated And Iwill be the one to accomplish it.
We're doomed! This is crazy Miss Sakura! Are you all right, Miss Sakura? That was a close call, fool! Ya fool! That was too close! Is it over? Now, be still You have all endured plenty already.
Shinobi are done for.
There's no need to keep going.
If you don't resist, I won't kill you.
Unless you want to be filled with regret, stop and do nothing from here on out.
You don't have to fear death or keep enduring anymore.
You'll be entering a dream.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A Shinobi's Dream" That is our true dream as shinobi! A SHINOBI'S DREAM Tune in again!