Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e21 Episode Script

A Shinobi's Dream

W-What is that? I shall explain everything! Are you all right, Sakura? The Five Kage will be here shortly.
Shikamaru! Shikamaru! Hey, he looks real bad! Lady Katsuyu! Let's begin Distance Healing immediately! That's not possible.
Why?! Even my mini fragments attached to everyone have been drained They have lost their chakra and died.
In other words Everyone is in the same state as my fragments.
Sorry, Dad Looks like I'll be right on your heels Shikamaru! Sorry Mom Shikamaru! If we're going to die anyway, we might as well go down fighting to the best of our abilities! Butat this rate we'll all die before we even get to fight! A Shinobi's Dream Shinobi are done for.
There's no need to keep going.
If you don't resist, I won't kill you.
If you keep opposing us, you'll continue to lose your comrades one by one! This will become a world where no one who acknowledges you will exist! Unless you want to be filled with regret, stop and do nothing from here on out.
If we don't do anything, we'll be saved? Yes You don't have to fear death or keep enduring anymore.
You'll be entering a dream.
Do not give up! If you succumb to a genjutsu, you're no different from being dead! This giant tree is closely connected to Obito They're like limbs that suck out chakra.
We can't approach carelessly.
Such words of weakness.
So very unlike you.
Sarutobi Sensei Orochimaru You're late What of the Five Kage? I had them healed.
So as long as they don't chicken out, they should be coming.
As sarcastic as ever, I see.
Sorry I'm late, Jugo! Sasuke! You're here This tree is huge now that I see it up close.
I wonder how long it'll take to cut down? Who cares about that?! What's important right now is to go over to Sasuke and hug and lick him, damn it! Is to heal the Allied Forces shinobi, right? Y-Yeah! I know that already, damn it! He seems to be in a foul mood.
What's going on? When that bud blooms, Infinite Tsukuyomi will be complete.
That's what Madara said.
And yet, after depleting the chakra of this many shinobi the bud shows no signs of blooming.
So when is it going to bloom? The Eight and Nine Tails still live.
Do you get it? So the chakra of the Eight and Nine Tails is essential to complete the jutsu However, if it contains even a small amount of each of their chakra, it's fine.
In other words, it's not like it can't bloom.
All that is affected.
is how long it will take to bloom.
There's about 15 minutes to go.
In that time, I shall stop Obito and switch places with him.
Using your Sage Power.
This is bad.
Everything my original just heard must be relayed to the Allied Force.
Anyone here belong to the Yamanaka Clan?! Can you do the Mind Transmission Jutsu?! Yes, I can, sir! Good! Please link me to everyone here! There are things I'd like to explain about that giant tree, and the Infinite Tsukuyomi! This sensation Grandfather! Ah! Is that you, Tsuna? This voice is unmistakably Lord Hashirama's! This means the Five Kage are close enough to be within range of my jutsu! Oops! We'll have to reminisce later! I have things I must relay to you five and everyone else! Listen to me carefully! I'll retrieve a little more chakra.
It's taking too long for it to bloom.
So we're just nourishment for that tree? That's what shinobi are?! Thenhow are we supposed to fight it? If there's only 15 minutes left, it's crazy! We can't even get close to it! And yet, doing nothing will yield the same result.
We must either cut down that tree or defeat the caster within the remaining time.
But I told you not to give up hope! That's what you say But you're a reanimated person from the past! Brought back to life! We're still alive! It's allover If it's going to end like this, we shouldn't have gotten started at all That's right.
Just stay like that.
I'll take you to a world where there are no regrets.
Naruto, are you done? Because I'm not.
Let's go, Jugo.
Yeah These are I can feel them, these are Naruto's feelings coming through my jutsu.
Back then I knew I should've called out to him.
I thought about it over and over afterwards.
His thoughts are flowing in.
That's why This is It's from that day I I I don't want to regret anything.
I never want to think, "I should have"! And I just can't make everything we've done up to this point meaningless! Sasuke! I'm coming too! Naruto Uzumaki Time and time again Sorry to have to borrow more chakra.
No worries! Naruto, we're counting on you! You realize that only Sage Jutsu works on him, right?! Don't compare me to you.
Look, Karin Isn't thatSasuke's Curse Mark patterning? The Curse Mark is supposed to have lost its power Sage Power is the source of Jugo's Curse Mark.
And with Sasuke, back when I experimented with injecting Jugo's chakra into him, he immediately unleashed the Curse Mark.
So it's not surprising for Sasuke's Susano'o to adapt to Jugo's chakra in similar fashion.
In other words, you could call it a Sage Jutsu Susano'o.
Sasuke Uchiha, huh? He shows the same potential that Madara once did You Uchiha Maybe I'll go over there too You'll only be in the way.
You'll get stabbed again.
And Sasuke Unlike these two in the back, your power Rather, unlike any of my experiments your power is nothing like theirs I can tell From my lifelong research and the data I've gathered my instincts tell me that you'll one day be a shinobi who surpasses Madara! And Naruto Uzumaki You remind me so much of Elder Brother when he was young.
He's a foolish brat who spouts idealisms at the top of their voice.
And yet, everyone likes and wants to depend on you.
Aim! Gotcha! It'll be too late for regrets, you know.
Not that there's going to be a future for either of you.
Those two really went off to fight him?! Yeah so then what should we all do? We can ask when the Five Kage get here.
Is that good enough? I'm looking forward to the battles we'll fight up until the time I achieve my true dream.
What is your true dream? I thought everything we've aimed for is here in this village! You just can't see it.
What's even further ahead dreams of the far future.
Then tell me about your dreams of the far future.
These are Lord First's memories? FIRE Dreams of the future FIRE LIGHTNING FIRE LIGHTNING WIND FIRE LIGHTNING WIND EARTH FIRE LIGHTNING WIND EARTH WATER The fact that we were able to convene this Five Kage Summit with the first Kage of each of the Five Nations truly fills me with gratitude! Elder Brother! You are the Hokage, representing the Hidden Leaf of the Land of Fire! A person like you, need not bow to the other Kage! ButI'm so happy! Lord Hokage, raise your head That's not becoming of a village leader I did indeed come here to endorse the gist of Lord Hokage's pact, but I'm not just signing anything for free.
If you behave too humbly, you'll make us suspicious.
Distributing the Tailed Beasts that Lord Hokage has collected to the other villages is the condition of signing the treaty.
This is a transaction, not something to get emotional over.
Exactly, and we'll allocate the Tailed Beasts based on power, but you will be acquiring them for a price.
Not for free? Shut up! This was the very first summit! Yes, and it was what would lead to the end of minor conflicts.
In our village, a certain temple's disciples have long been sealing away a Tailed Beast.
Since we already have one, we do not need another.
Instead, we would like an alternative compensation for our collaboration in this pact.
Would that be acceptable? What do you desire? Our nation is completely covered in sand.
Thus, we'd like the adjoining Leaf to share arable land with us instead of a Tailed Beast.
And the other nations to hand over 30% of your Tailed Beast purchase price as well.
Don't mess around, Kazekage! What—?! You overstep your bounds, Lord Kazekage! I won't sign on unless all of you accept these terms! Mine is a desert-locked nation with zero fertility! It's only natural to use my village's Tailed Beast to full advantage in dealings with the four other Great Nations! We four nations could join up and defeat the Land of Wind It's true that we've never gotten along in the past But we each did what we did to protect our brethren and clans.
There were, perhaps, times when we had no other choice.
And now, today, even if our Five Nation Treaty comes to be I can't say how long it will last or if we can even hold to it.
But I have this dream, That sometime in the future There will come a day when shinobi will collaborate, and help each other, with one heart, regardless of their affiliation.
That is my My dream of the future.
I ask you to take the first step toward that dream today! So please, please, please, please I beg you! All of my, our beloved children! Now is the time to take all the pain, the suffering, and frustration we shinobi have endured and weave it into Our true dream! Your past is filtering into me through the others.
Naruto Uzumaki, you are uniting everyone right now.
Your tempestuous life made you into who you are.
And your way of life has instilled hope in everyone! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Pursuing Hope.
" Let's go! Let's cut down that tree! PURSUING HOPE Tune in again!