Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e22 Episode Script

Pursuing Hope

Pursuing Hope It's true that we've never gotten along in the past Pursuing Hope But we each did what we did to protect our brethren and clans.
There perhaps were times we had no other choice.
And now, today, even if our Five Nation Treaty comes to be I can't say how long it will last or if we can even hold to it.
But I have this dream, that sometime in the future there will come a day when shinobi will collaborate, and help each other, with one heart, regardless of their affiliation.
That is my My dream of the future.
Seems like our generation no longer needs to talk about that dream.
Am I wrong? Indeed.
That goes without saying.
But if we don't win here, it won't come to be! Tsuchikage is right.
Defeat is not an option.
All right! We'll spread out and take command and draw out the ultimate power from the Allied Forces! That is our primary duty as the Five Kage! – Scatter! – Scatter! Sasuke! I'll keep in sync with you! Incredible What just happened? Naruto and Sasuke are attacking simultaneously.
Did they succeed? You better be prepared – I'll never let my comrades die! – I'll never let my comrades die! This is! Naruto! Even as he's fighting, he's helping his comrades recover Naruto! Just focus on what only you can do! Leave the healing to me! You don't understand, Sakura.
Naruto is doing this unconsciously.
Huh? His chakra is acting on its own, from his deep desire to help Shikamaru.
I can sense it clearly from my Mind Transmission Jutsu.
Damn it, Naruto You never change.
You're always going overboard Sticking your neck out for us How far will you go? All this time, you've never held back or compromised when it came to us.
In front of you, I can't complain about what a drag things are Sorry, Dad Naruto doesn't want me to join you just yet.
Shikamaru, stop talking! I‘m not letting you die! Narutorather, everybody needs you! Dad I only found out later that Naruto had gone through a ton of painful, bitter things on his own.
I don't ever want him to go through that again, or at least that's how I feel when I'm with him.
I told you once, remember, Dad? Someday, he's going to become a very important ninja to this village.
When I'm with Naruto he makes me want to follow him.
Unlike Lord First, that dumb Naruto doesn't have an adept brother like Lord Second, to be his advisor.
That's why even more so I need to stick around so that when he becomes the Hokage, I can stand next to that idiot.
So I'm sorry, Dad I can't join you just yet.
There's no one more qualified than me to be Naruto's advisor.
Naruto, thank you Your chakra and the power of your heart saved him! Yes! He's rallied! Thank you, Sakura.
Thank you, Naruto.
Don't overdo it, Shikamaru.
You just might become my advisor instead! Don't worry, Akamaru.
It's because a Kage can have up to three advisors.
I want to stay by Naruto too.
I'll have to work hard! Shikamaru! Lady Tsunade! You did well! Forgive me, Grandfather.
Tsuna, don't apologize.
I dragged this mess into my grandchildren's era.
My cowardice is to blame But your heart and dreams have also been passed down even beyond your grandchildren's era Yes, your Will of Fire! Hey! Why you! All right! Let's cut down this giant tree while he is distracted by his battle! No matter how large it may be, that tree is nothing compared to this very earth! And the great earth, this land is on our side! – Right! – Right! I'm begging you! I don't want us killing each other out of vengeance anymore! A ninja does not bow his head so easily! A ninja values action and strength! It seems those who become Hokage like prostrating themselves, but As an act that relays one's heart, perhaps it can lead to strength and be meritorious too.
Let's go, everyone! Okay! Double lariat time, bro! Yeah! – Here we go! – Here we go! As a woman, I mustn't get a late start on battle All right, everyone.
Let's go! – Right! – Right! Damn it! Naruto You have truly become a necessary existence to this world What the two of us had always wanted to be.
And you will now save the entire world, Naruto! – Everyone, follow me! – Everyone, follow me! – Let's go! – Let's go! All right, I think I should get going now.
The springtime of my youth… hasn't ended yet! Let's go, Lee! Tenten! – Yes! – Right! Your past is filtering into me through the others.
Naruto Uzumaki, you are uniting everyone right now.
Your tempestuous life made you into who you are.
And your way of life has given everyone's hearts hope! Let us pursue hope! Onward! Let's do it! Let's go! Let's cut down that giant tree! We samurai must not waver either! Go forth! Let's go too.
Are you okay though, Shikamaru? Yeah, I'm fully recovered.
But what if that tree robs us of our chakra again? Now that we know, just have to be careful.
Fourth, I'm going to use the link between your chakra and Naruto's.
I can't move simultaneously like you, but I'll still help protect them all with my Teleportation Jutsu.
Orochimaru Are you just going to spectate? I have no interest in this war.
However, this dream of Obito's would lead to the elimination of this, my precious laboratory So I suppose I cannot support it.
Then lend me a hand.
Fine then.
I'll partake in a bit of nostalgia and participate in some student and teacher teamwork! I'll shift to a more offensive form! What is it?! Do not panic! It's coming! What? I'll use my Teleportation Jutsu to whisk anyone in danger away.
So go forth without fear! It's the voice of Lord Second! We can give it our all.
It's because Still, don't get careless! With two 100 Healings adepts, we can likely summon one-tenth of Katsuyu's actual body here from Shikkotsu Woods! We'll mold Katsuyu into the Allied Force's entire footing, into a Healing Area where one can be restored just by standing on her.
Ready, Sakura? Yes! – Summoning Jutsu! – Summoning Jutsu! Ino! Have you relayed that to everyone? Yes! Huh? What's that going to do? Is this it?! This way, we can fight without our chakra being stolen! Oh, this is great! So this is the Healing Area?! If you understand, quit playing around and get going! Where's Naruto? He really is fast! But I'm starting to sense him better and better! – Right there! – Right there! It's about time that you go to sleep.
I'll guide you into the dream.
There's no time left! Obito I bet you really did want to confirm whether a heart that never bends and a Will of Fire that does not waver are truly possible.
You gave up on them once.
But after fighting Naruto and hearing his words deep down, you're not able to deny that they might really exist.
Isn't that right, Obito? And yet, you still search and test everyone and everything to prove yourself wrong.
Which is why even now, as you stand at the precipice What is that?! What was that just now?! Naruto and Sasuke are But wait! You seek the answerin Naruto.
Why do you get up?! And what are you fighting for? Is it for your comrades? Or is it for this world? Listen, friends will eventually betray you.
And this world transforms love into hatred.
You should know! In the past, the people of the village and Sasuke betrayed you.
And your love for Jiraiya made you hate.
You and I are the same.
The cumulative weight of all your suffering will change you in time.
And now, even more pain shall assault you.
And you still insist that you will not change?! You don't know when your friends will betray you again Or if the Allied Forces might go back to fighting each other.
And you don't even know if you can defeat me! There is no reason to keep on fighting for a world like this.
In a few minutes, this world will be gone anyway.
Why do you still fight? Because it's my Ninja Way.
I never go back on my word.
That's my Ninja Way.
I thought I told you to go to sleep! Let's settle this with our next move, Naruto! Right! We'll sleep tomorrow, dreaming our own dreams! Obitowhen people see someone trying twice as hard as others, they instinctively start wanting to lend a hand.
That's because people eventually learn that they only have each other to fill the holes in their hearts.
And he who possesses a heart filled with comrades Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A Heart Filled with Comrades" is truly powerful! A HEART FILLED WITH COMRADES Tune in again!