Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e23 Episode Script

A Heart Filled Up With Friends

Why do you get up?! There is no reason to keep on fighting for a world like this.
In a few minutes, this world will be gone anyway.
Why do you still fight? Because it's my Ninja Way.
I never go back on my word.
That's my Ninja Way.
I thought I told you to go to sleep! Let's settle this with our next move, Naruto! Right! We'll sleep tomorrow, dreaming our own dreams! A Heart Filled with Comrades The Susano'o is That's I believe this is what Madara did once before.
This is Naruto and Sasuke? Nothing you try now will change anything.
Look above you What can you see through that hole at the top? I can see what Obito sees and hear his voice.
It's resonating.
The moon.
The time to enter the moonlit dream world nears.
The gaping hole of hell that has opened will be filled by the moon's dreams That time is finally here! Look! There's nothing in my heart! I don't even feel pain anymore.
Reality is cruel This hole will only keep growing larger.
How will you fill this hole by staying in this world? This sword is the divine blade of the Sage of the Six Paths the Nunoboko.
You can no longer defeat me.
Strong emotions dwell within the blade.
It's a sword of the soul.
The Sage created the world with this blade.
Heydid you feel that just now? Yeah Tenten, isn't this? Yeah.
Let's go, Lee! He's calling us.
My desire will vanquish you all.
No matter how much you resist, it's useless.
The power of the Sage will stop you.
Let's focus everything on a single blow.
I think we're only gonna have a tiny window to strike.
Don't miss it.
And I will use this sword to obliterate this world! Obito Even if it's someone they used to make fun of when people see someone trying twice as hard as others, they instinctively start wanting to lend a hand.
That's because people eventually learn that they only have each other to fill the holes in their hearts.
I'm giving a Rasengan to each of you! Use it to blast through his shield! This, right? Can I really do this? You can! And he who possesses a heart filled with comrades is truly powerful! Go get him, everyone! Why am I seeing such images? Just like we thought! The chakra you received from the Tailed Beasts earlier reacted to the Tailed Beast Chakra inside him and you were able to pull it all out in one shot! Yeah! This wouldn't have worked if the Tailed Beasts hadn't taken a liking to you back then and shared their chakra with you.
I only told you how to stop me.
I never told you how to save me.
You should have told me that from the beginning! Why aren't Tailed Beasts more straightforward?! So what are you gonna do? Before I tell you, I have something to pass on to you.
What? Hold out your hand Huh? You're giving me something? It's something good.
It will come in handy one of these days.
Hurry up! We assembled here on Four Tails summons And hung around after promising to tell and give you something.
Oh, he said something like that? I'm glad that you're all gathered together and getting along! That only happened after Four Tails and Roshi left here.
It's all thanks to you, Naruto.
Naruto, step forward and extend your hand We shall now fulfill our promise to Four Tails rather Son Goku.
My name is Matatabi.
Yugito Ni'i My name is Isobu.
We've met before, huh! I'm Yagura, the former Fourth Mizukage.
I am Kokuo.
I'm Han.
Me, I be called Saiken.
You already know me, I'm Utakata.
I'm Lucky Seven Chomei.
Naruto You really are something special Now! You know what to do next, right, Naruto? It's a tug-of-war! Just pull the Tailed Beasts' chakra right out of him! Yeah! Damn! I guess it won't work with One Tail and Eight Tails because we never got their chakra.
One Tail used to be linked to me.
I'll get him.
Gaara! Come here, Shukaku! We finally found a weakness, that's the key! You can leave Eight-o's chakra to me! Octopops! Let's do this, Bee! Don't lose! Extract them! Then the only power he'll have left is the Ten Tails' shell! And the Divine Tree's bud will not bloom! They've stopped Which means he's lost control of the Divine Tree! In other words Everyone Remember when I said that even a small power can be helpful depending on how it's used? Now is the time! That power will change the course of this world Listen closely.
It's because your chakra is connected to his! His feelings will flow into you, but don't let them distract you! Don't underestimate the power of the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki.
I'm equivalent to the Sage of the Six Paths! Just keep pulling, Naruto.
Naruto! You're the one who asked us to lend a hand! So we're helping out until the very end! Guys! And that's not all Everyone! Grab onto my chakra! This one? Everyone, we'll do it together on my mark! Pull! Are you saying… That I… I've got regrets?! You once told me "I'm nobody.
"I don't want to be anybody" Stop! Don't come into my thoughts! But the truth is You wanted to become the Hokage, just like me.
It could have even ended up where I was chasing after your shadow since I've always wanted to become the Hokage.
I threw away the past and my naïve self! So don't tell me I'm— Then why am I able to see this? You can't hide behind a mask.
You were Kakashi Sensei's friend my dad's subordinate an Uchiha like Sasuke and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf who had the same dream as me.
What What exactly do you want with me?! To remind you that you are Obito Uchiha.
I told you, didn't I? I swore I'd tear that mask right off your face! Obito Uchiha?! What meaning is there in that name in that existence now? Now that I've merged with the Ten Tails, I've transcended and attained enlightenment.
In other words, I am no longer human.
I am the one who will lead mankind to its next stage.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Obito Uchiha" I am the Second Sage of the Six Paths! OBITO UCHIHA Tune in again!