Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e24 Episode Script

Obito Uchiha

You told me "I'm no one I don't want to be anyone" Stop! Don't come into my thoughts! But the truth is You wanted to become the Hokage, just like me.
It could have even ended up where I was chasing after your shadow since I've always wanted to become the Hokage.
I threw away the past and my naïve self! Then why am I able to see this? You can't hide behind a mask.
You were Kakashi Sensei's friend my dad's subordinate an Uchiha like Sasuke and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf who had the same dream as me.
What What exactly do you want with me?! To remind you that you are Obito Uchiha.
I told you, didn't I? I swore I'd tear that mask right off your face! Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha? What meaning is there in that name in that existence, now? I have merged with Ten Tails.
I have transcended and attained enlightenment.
I am no longer human.
I will guide mankind to the next stage.
I possess the same will and body as the Sage of Six Paths.
I am the Second Sage of the Six Paths! Wrong! You are Obito Uchiha! When our chakra touched earlier, I saw your past.
Our personal histories and our dream of becoming Hokage are the same.
Almost exactly alike.
Neither of us knew our parents.
And we both lost people precious to us.
Which is why you tried to scare me by saying solitude is my worst nightmare.
In the beginning, you too wanted to be acknowledged and praised by others! That's why you wanted to be Hokage If you're the same as me, that is! But look at you now! You've turned all shinobi into enemies and you go spouting some nonsense that you're doing it for the sake of the world when you're only doing it for yourself! No one not even those precious to you would ever acknowledge this current dream of yours.
You used to have the same dream as me.
But now you've become the exact opposite of a Hokage! It's because you're just like me that No, it's because of that.
That I wanted to see you despair about this world.
OrI suppose I wanted to feel again for myself, that the path I have chosen for myself is not a mistake.
When I was fighting you, you made me recall my youth.
That's why I started wanting to test you.
To see when you, someone who's just like me, would fall to despair and abandon your feelings, your past.
It's because we were so alike that I'm pissed off! You're justabandoning everything and running away! No What I'm doing is no different from a Hokage's actions.
In fact, I'm doing even more I can make peace a reality.
Are you really serious? Do you really believe that? You know, Rin, you saving me is really the same as you saving the world.
Hmm? I mean It's because I'm gonna become the Hokage and end this war! For me to do that, I have to stay strong and healthy in this world.
You get what I'm saying? Yeah! Though you're not making much sense Sohow do I put it? If you don't stay close and keep an eye on me I mean Well Y-You got so close all of a sudden! Don't scare me like that! You just said to stay close and keep an eye on you? Yeah, I did.
So watch over me.
I'm going to wear the Uchiha crest And definitely become the Hokage! Okay! Yes That's how I feel.
There's no need to voluntarily tread a steep and rugged path, not knowing what's ahead.
You'll have to step over the corpses of your comrades.
Anyone would choose a shortcut with a fixed outcome.
The goal a Hokage should seek is world peace.
What the hell are you talking about? What I want to know about isn't a shortcut but how to navigate the steep and rugged path! Would you still say that if the final destination were the same? Who can tell in the beginning which one is the dangerous one? You never know until someone starts walking.
The Hokage is someone who endures the pain and takes the lead in front of everyone So a Hokage never walks over his comrades' corpses.
There is no shortcut to becoming the Hokage! And there are no ways out for the one who becomes Hokage! Isn't that right? Oh man, oh man, oh man! This is the one day I can't be late! ENTRANCE CEREMONY Where should we go? I don't know, where should we go? Where do you want to go? It's the entrance ceremony and you're already late Someone like you has no business being in the Academy.
You'll never make it.
It's okay.
F-For me? Yes! Just submit this and you'll be able to enroll.
Thank you! You're a lifesaver! Keep pampering him and he'll never be cured of his tardiness.
Shut up! Do you wanna fight? Say that again! What?! It's your fault! What did you say, Kakashi?! A perfect score of 10! Wow, amazing! Hey! Are you trying to kill me?! S-Sorry! Begin! Stop right there! Y-Yes! Umum What is it, Obito? I didn't call on you.
That was so funny! He's so weird! Kakashi's taking the graduation exam? Yeah! But he's the same age as us.
He's brilliant, so he's skipping a level! He should be taking the exam just about now.
Damn it! – Wow! – Wow! It's amazing! What's with that headband? You passed! Congratulations! Yeah Aren't you going to congratulate me? As if! I'll catch up to you in no time! Just you wait! Obito Class is starting.
Let's go.
Rin Keep Keep watching over me, okay? Huh? I I'll catch up to him! Then I'll surpass him and I'll become the Hokage, no matter what! Yes.
Don't worry, I'll be watching.
All right! I'm gonna do my best! No good It's no good.
Of course I totally failed Damn it I still can't catch up to him What doI say to Rin? So there you are! You just dashed out of the classroom.
I-I'm sorry.
I looked all over you.
Here you go! Don't tell me I? Congratulations! From today, you are a full-fledged shinobi.
I did it! However! The difficult days as a Genin are just beginning! Y-Yes! Hereafter, you will be part of a three-man squad.
Each cell has a Jonin in command and you will fulfill your missions as a team.
Excuse me.
You wanted to see me? I want to ask you a favor.
The one who just left Isn't he Kakashi Hatake? Yes The White Fang of the Hidden Leaf Sakumo Hatake's orphaned son.
Is there an issue with him? Kakashi Hatake is an extremely talented shinobi.
However, he fusses too much about sticking to the rules and clashes with his superiors and teammates.
He may excel in technique, but as a human he has much to learn.
His father broke the rules to protect his comrades, then took his own life His death has cast a shadow over Kakashi.
And you want to place him under my supervision I know what you want to say.
But our village has lost many Jonin and Chunin due to the long war.
I can make an allowance only so much, and I must send the young ones to war.
I understand.
Goodness! How long will you keep me waiting?! I beg your pardon! He'll be here shortly.
As usual, he's late.
Don't worry.
He'll be here.
You're too easy on him, Rin.
Sorry I'm late! Rin? You're late! Damn it It's always like this.
What did you say?! Whoa Okay, cut it out.
Genzo is tired of waiting! Hurry and line up.
All right.
Look this way! It's a commemorative photo.
Look at the lens! You just couldn't throw away the memories of my dad, or Kakashi Sensei, or this Rin person, could you? You tried to run away from every single thing.
I bet this Rin person would say this if she were still alive Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "I'm Always Watching" "I'm always watching," you know.
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