Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e25 Episode Script

I'm Always Watching

I'm Always Watching What the heck Minato Sensei tells us to assemble and he's the one who's late! Give me a break You're one to talk! What did you say? Eh? Come on, you two Want to do this? Hey! Did you just scoff at me? What of it? Sorry to keep you waiting.
You're all here, I see.
Minato Sensei! Do we have a new mission?! Not today.
What is that? I recommended you three for promotion to Chunin.
Minato Sensei You're awesome! Don't jump the gun.
Huh? You have to take the Chunin Exam first.
What There are three parts to the exam and each one is quite difficult.
Oh Are you kidding me? You'll never pass since you can't even make it to a rendezvous on time.
What did you say?! Hey, you two! Anyway You've worked together and earned the right to take the Chunin Exam.
That's why I recommended you.
However, it's not compulsory.
Whether you take the exam or not is entirely up to you.
I wouldn't miss it! CHUNIN EXAM PART ONE Aw man! This is a Chunin Exam, so I was expecting stuff like ninjutsu and taijutsu But this is a written test the kind I'm weakest in! Finished already? Yes.
Th-That Kakashi! Aw man, I'm done for I'M ALWAYS WATCHING YOU -RIN Rin RIN NOHARA I did it! KAKASHI HATAKE What did you expect? That was just a written test! Just wait and see! I'll find my name! END OF LIST I guess not Look! There! THE FOLLOWING HAS BEEN ACCEPTED DUE TO A VACANCY OBITO UCHIHA I did it! A vacancy, huh That's so like you.
What?! Come on, you two.
You don't have time to celebrate! If you passed, go to your assigned classroom! We'll explain the second part of the exam.
Part Two will commence three days from now.
This will test your physical skills.
Use everything you learned about taijutsu and ninjutsu to get through this exam! All right! I got this! However, this test pits your team against others.
Huh? It's not an individual competition?! Kakashi! You'd better not drag us down! Right back at you.
What?! Will you two stop it?! Especiallydon't be late.
I know! CHUNIN EXAM PART TWO TEAM COMPETITION Kakashi Hatake is also participating in the test, right? Yes, he's on the next team.
Ah, I'm looking forward to this.
KAKASHI OBITO RIN GUY EBISU GENMA IBIKI HAYATE TOKARA Team Minato, you have five minutes left.
Will he make it?! Yes! I'm sure he'll be here in a minute.
If time runs out, you'll be automatically disqualified.
I knew it! Didn't I tell you?! You're too easy on him, Rin.
That's why he'll never break this habit of being late! He'll be here.
Something must've happened to delay him.
He'll make it in time.
I wouldn't be so sure.
HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL Here, have some candy.
It's time to begin.
Damn it, all because of him! I know he'll I'm sorry I'm late! See! I told you Obito would make it, no matter what! Hurry, before we're disqualified! Oh, boy! We will now begin part two, the team competition Preliminary qualifier! Begin! Fire Style! Fireball— CHUNIN EXAM PART THREE INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION I'm going to have you pay me back in full for the last time.
The "last time"? What?! Don't tell me you don't remember?! Who are you? What did I do to earn your wrath?! Why you—! Don't take me for a fool! Do your best, Obito! All right Just watch me! Begin! The winner is Might Guy! What is he doing? Do your best! Go! Kakashi! Stop! The winner is Kakashi Hatake! He did it! You passed the Chunin Exam on your first try.
Kakashi, you're amazing! Isn't he, Obito? Humph.
Obito So this is where you were.
O-Oh, it's you, Rin.
It's only natural that Kakashi passed.
But we can too, I know it! Let's practice hard for next year! But it's hard to get motivated after watching Kakashi What are you saying?! You're going to be Hokage, right? I'm always watching you! Yeah! Obito? I did it! I'm a Chunin now! Congratulations! Meet me later at the park under the cherry tree.
Today for sure I'm going to tell Rin how I feel about her! Sorry I'm late – No – Everyone! Why? Uh, Why Why is everyone here?! I asked them to come to discuss the gift.
Huh? What gift?! Well, Kakashi is being promoted to Jonin.
So, we're going to give him a present.
CLASS PROJECT GIFT FOR KAKASHI'S PROMOTION TO JONIN (TOP SECRET MISSION) Kakashi's a Jonin? Oh? Didn't you know, Obito? It's something to be proud of as his classmates.
Yeah What do you think Kakashi would like? Well Since we're talking about him, it should be something useful.
Now we'll do combat training.
It might just be training, but if you're not alert, it can be fatal.
Understood? – Yes! – Yes! WellI guess that's it! Show me your left hand! Hey, it's nothing It's just a scrape.
A little spit will take care of it.
Whatever! Just show me! I messed up I got some sand in my eyes and A scar or two on a man is a badge of courage! I was just thinking how I needed that.
So this wound's Ouch! Don't act tough and hide your wounds.
I'm always watching you.
You promised me that you would become Hokage, Obito.
Listen, I want to stop this war too.
I really want to save the world.
So I decided to stick by your side and watch over you.
You told me saving you was the same as saving the world, remember? Yeah Since I'm keeping an eye on you, you can't hide anything from me anymore.
Okay! Okay! Go for it, Obito! Become Hokage and show me how you'll save the world.
That's another promise! Let's go! You You told Kakashi Sensei you would throw away all your memories and feelings about your comrades.
But when you became the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki and were about to be taken over by it Didn't you try to suppress the Ten Tails because you didn't want that? The reason why you beat the Ten Tails and could control it was because you stood firm on not throwing away the past and stayed yourself, right? You just couldn't throw out the memories of my dad, Kakashi Sensei or this Rin person, could you? That's how you could stay Obito even after you became the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki.
Am I wrong? But dragging everyone with you onto your path and continuing on it won't be allowed! I'm bringing you back as Obito Uchiha as a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf and you're going to atone for your sins.
You tried to run away from every single thing.
The only thing that awaits you is your personal nightmare.
Solitude! So why keep living in reality? Now come join us, Naruto! I bet this Rin person would say this if she were still alive Don't act tough and hide your wounds.
I'm always watching.
You're no one else but you, damn it! Don't run away! Come join us Obito! I will never go over to your side! I have no regrets with my path up until now.
I told you I saw everything.
Then don't keep imagining yourself as Hokage! The person Rin wanted to watch over isn't the current you Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Promise That Was Kept" It was Obito Uchiha! THE PROMISE THAT WAS KEPT Tune in again!