Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e27 Episode Script

My First Friend

My First Friend He would never give up on his dreams, or on reality.
That's the kind of guy he is.
And the way he forges ahead draws others towards him.
He makes you want to reach out when he's about to stumble.
And the greater the support behind you, the closer you can get to your goal.
Naruto's path… Massive Rasen Shuriken! If comrades that you trust, gather around you… Hope can take physical form and become visible.
That's what I believe, Obito.
That Wood Dragon will absorb your chakra! Your chakra-stealing ninjutsu has now been nullified! In other words, you can't move nor will you be able to extract chakra with your next ninjutsu! Good timing, son of the Fourth! Let's get him with this and seal him away! Naruto aimed his attack over there, so that's where Madara is! Naruto, this way! Let's go! Thanks, Sai! Don't waste any time! Now's our chance to seal him! We won't let Naruto's attack go to waste! Right! Without any orders… without a single word… Everyone is galvanized into action… Naruto… And I'm one of them… Shukaku… I'd like to borrow the power of your Sand to seal Madara.
You mean, the Grand Sand Mausoleum? That's right… A giant one too.
I'm not bound to a Jinchuriki anymore.
What makes you think I'd listen to you after all this time? I'm not ordering you.
I'm asking you.
If you refuse, fine.
I'll just ask one of the others.
Naruto Uzumaki, huh? Seems you've become friends with that Fox Demon's brat, Gaara… If you're not going to help, let's talk later.
I'm going.
That tone you're using ticks me off! As they say, if a fox has seven tricks, a tanuki has eight! And I, the Demon Tanuki, will not lose to a stupid fox! I'm not doing this because you asked! I'm doing this because I want to! Lead the way.
It's this way.
Now then… Wait up.
We'll help too.
That's why I want to help you too… Don't worry.
We're not doing this on a whim.
We want to help Naruto.
I'm grateful.
Sand Shinobi human, are you a friend of Naruto too? It's a monster! Stay away! Use the buildings as a shield! But do not go inside! If they collapse, you'll be buried alive! Are you all right? Yeah… That's my kid brother? H-He's just a—! Hello! Hello… Run! W-Wait…! Help! Don't leave me by myself! I hate it… I hate it! People hurt others and others hurt them… That's how they learn to survive.
But it's not that easy for one person to hate another… It's not bleeding, but… it really hurts right around here.
That is a wound of the heart.
It's a troublesome wound that only the love from another can cure.
Love? Love is a feeling that desires to serve a precious person who is close to oneself, to love and watch over that person… Die! Don't get involved with him.
Stupid! Don't look.
Get lost! Your name is Gaara… A demon that loves only itself.
One that loves only itself and fights only for itself.
Because you were never loved.
He's just a monster! D-Don't you feel anything? Kankuro… They were our friends! You killed…friends from our village… Don't you feel anything… right here?! Doesn't your heart hurt?! If you don't shut up, I'll kill you.
I was a killing machine from the time I was born… An uncontrollable monster… My mother died giving birth to me… The village ignored me… my siblings avoided me… I was made a target for assassination by my father… I was alone… And a solitary weapon didn't need a heart.
Then I was sent as a weapon to destroy Hidden Leaf Village… where I met him.
Hey, you there… What's your name? Gaara of the Sand.
I'm curious about you too.
What's your name? Sasuke Uchiha.
Hey! Hey! And what about me? I'm not interested.
Naruto Uzumaki… My first encounter with him was uninteresting.
However… I'm definitely going to win! But with every little incident, his words and actions towards his friends began to send ripples through my heart.
Why you! What were you trying to do to Bushy Brows! I was trying to kill him.
If you get in my way, I'll kill you too.
As if someone like you can kill me! I keep telling you to cut it out! This guy has monster-like strength.
I have a real monster inside me.
I wouldn't lose to a guy like him! Furthermore, he started to have an effect on me… He wasn't like the others who merely aroused hatred in me.
Just what are they to you? He's my friend! If you even attempt to hurt him, I'll pummel you! A friend?! Don't make me laugh… I only fight… for myself! Because he resembles me… Because he has gone through life with the same loneliness and sadness as I have… That guy who continued to fight in solitude for himself, I thought he was strong.
But that's not the meaning of true strength… If one fights just for oneself in solitude, one can't become truly strong… Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu! Na-Ru-To! 2K Uzumaki… Barrage! There's no way… I can lose… to a guy like him! The more I drove him into a corner, the harder he fought back… Summoning Jutsu! Transformation Jutsu! Get up, you jerk! Time and time again… after hitting rock bottom… Die! You bastard! Why…? What kind of strength does he possess? Why? Why do you go so far for others? Because they are my precious friends who saved me from that hell, of being alone, and who acknowledged my existence.
Love… Is that why he is so strong? This day would come to hold special meaning for me… I learned that he grew up under the same circumstances as me, yet he chose a different way to live… And that my strength was directly connected to this.
I just have to work hard and carve out a future for myself.
And I must not run away from my path of solitude.
If I do that, someday… I can be like him.
So as a shinobi who belongs to the Sand, I will aim to become the Kazekage.
In order to connect with this village and live in it.
Gaara… Watching Naruto Uzumaki makes me feel this way.
A connection with others… Until now, that only meant hatred and a desire to kill.
So just what is this connection that he keeps talking about? After all this time, I understand a little bit about something… Suffering and sadness… even happiness… can be shared with someone.
Naruto Uzumaki… He has known the same suffering I have… And he has taught me that it is possible to change one's path in life… I, too, want to become the kind of man that everyone looks up to… Instead of just being a weapon to be fearful of.
As the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand.
I was able to take a step forward, away from my pessimistic life.
And I became the Kazekage.
I have gained more friends, and I continue to strive to be someone who is needed by others.
And with my head held high, I stood as his equal, and step by step, I aimed for the day when I could be acknowledged as his friend.
However… Whose…hand is this? Oh…it's my hand.
Have I become someone who is needed by somebody? Huh? What is this? It's me? That's me… I really wanted to be needed… Why? Why did I desire that? Why am I someone who desires that? Those eyes… that nose, that mouth… Why? Why is that Gaara? I was inside that… No… Actually just what am I? That's what I feel I am… But actually…what am I? Just a small feeling? Gaara… Gaara! Who is that? Who are you calling? Who is it? Who's hand is this? Oh… It's just my hand again… My hand… Me? Who am I? I… I am… When the Akatsuki extracted the Tailed Beast from me… I died, but was revived… thanks to Granny Chiyo who used a Forbidden Jutsu to exchange her life for mine, and Naruto's chakra.
Right! Normally, people shake hands when they part.
But I'm not so good with stuff like that… I thought I've been doing my best in order to be accepted by you as a friend.
I thought I had to become someone who was essential to others… someone people looked up to… But… But on that day, we… came to understand, and accept each other… We were already friends.
What's wrong? I asked if you are Naruto's friend? He's my first friend.
Is that right? All right, let's hurry.
I'm curious about what happens next with Gaara… But the next episode is a little extra feature.
In the Hyuga Clan, Hinata and Hanabi were very close sisters! But the destiny of hatred within the Hyuga caused their feelings to pass each other by.
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