Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e28 Episode Script

The Adored Elder Sister

The Adored Elder Sister Elder Sister Hinata! I've been waiting for you! Let's play ninja! I'm sorry, Hanabi.
I can't right now.
Huh? Come on, just for a little while! That will not do, Lady Hanabi.
Lady Hinata must train with Lord Hiashi.
I will play with you.
Please be on your way.
I'll see you later, Hanabi.
No, no! Elder Sister! It's so boring… It can't be helped.
Her ladyship is the successor of the main family.
But just a little can't hurt… We Hyuga are an illustrious clan within the Hidden Leaf, who possess Byakugan, the most touted of all the Kekkai Genkai.
As the leader of the clan, there is a mountain of knowledge that Lady Hinata must learn.
Here you go.
Lady Hanabi! Lady Hanabi! Now where did she run off to? I found Elder Sister! I didn't get to play with Elder Sister today… Elder Sister Hinata! Sorry I'm late.
No problem! Huh? Elder Sister came yesterday.
She must have been exhausted from all that training.
Did you thank her properly? Well… She fell asleep, so I'll tell her next time! Yes, please do that.
What's the big idea?! What're you doing here, you're a curse on all of us! What? I was only… I was only looking at the masks! You want this? You filthy loser? You disgust me.
Just take it! You can have it.
Now get lost! Hey Natsu, who is that boy? Well… It's as the shopkeeper said.
What?! Why do you all look at me with those eyes? You must never approach him.
You're going to your studies? I can write my name now.
I even know some kanji! Actually lots! Lady Hinata, you mustn't keep Lord Hiashi waiting.
I'll see you later, Hanabi.
Okay! Training, huh… Please focus.
You can't go out to play unless you finish.
Done! Here! My, my… So strong…yet so kind.
I want to be like her… I want to be more like Elder Sister, even just a little bit.
Elder Brother Neji? Her sparring partner doesn't have to be me.
Please let me do my own training.
No, not yet.
Please, let's continue, Neji.
That guy's different today… What's wrong, Lady Hinata? This isn't child's play.
Hang in there, Elder Sister! That's so… That was nothing… And you expect to fulfill your destiny… As the leader of the Hyuga Clan? What? Ahhh… My head… My head…! The fool… What's…going on? What was that? What was that? You were peeking into the training hall, weren't you? I see… That man was fine, then suddenly, he was in agony… And the pattern on his forehead… What you saw was the Curse Mark: Caged Bird… passed down within the Hyuga.
The Curse Mark…Caged Bird? Yes.
It reacts to the hidden seal placed within the main family… If it is placed on you, they can easily destroy your cranial nerves.
So back then… When Neji threatened Hinata with harm, Hiashi used the power of the hidden seal to stop him.
Why would he do such a thing? The main family of the Hyuga Clan has the solemn duty of protecting the Byakugan for eternity.
For that, there are times when we must rule over the side branch families using absolute fear… in other words, "death," to keep them in line.
Absolute fear… Naturally, some in the side branch families oppose this.
I speak of those who harbor resentment towards the main family.
But regardless of how much we are hated, it is all for the sake of the Hyuga Clan… that we possess this skill.
So that's who we are Listen well, Hanabi.
All of us are born into this world bearing our own destiny.
In our lifetime, that destiny never changes.
How unusual… You're not in a rush today? Yeah… Not today… I wonder if that guy is way stronger than Elder Sister? That's inadequate! Why did you hesitate right there?! Drive in, as hard as you can! Thank you very much.
Is Hinata up to this? By her very nature, Hinata is not very good at confrontation.
Perhaps she is too kind.
If that's the case, she can't protect the Hyuga! TRAINING GROUND 3 What is she doing in a place like this? Clone Jutsu! Clone Jutsu! Wasn't he the one…? Why is Elder Sister watching him? Elder Sister? I'm entering.
They're supposed to be five years apart in age.
Lady Hanabi is quite amazing… How was training today? The same as usual… You seem depressed.
You used to have so much fun in the past… Yeah… I observed for a while… It's going to be difficult to let Hinata succeed the main family.
A decision must be made.
I understand.
However, I'd like to make one request.
You two will participate in a mock battle today.
Huh? I want to see all the skill and power you've gained until now.
Do not go easy on each other.
Fight with the intent to defeat each other! Fight with the intent to defeat? What is Lord Hiashi thinking? Hinata… You are the successor of the Hyuga Clan.
Show me that you are worthy of that.
But I'm just supposed to fight… Begin! Elder Sister Hinata! They're both amazing! There's no end to this! Right there! Oh no! Stop! Father… To fall to Hanabi who is five years younger than you… Enough.
You may go! Hinata will probably serve the village as a genin.
I see.
As sad as it seems, we cannot allow a failure like that to be our successor.
This is her destiny.
That you were born possessing strength surpassing that of your elder sister is also destiny.
Hanabi, you must hone your skills to the utmost for the sake of the Hyuga.
CLEAR MIND Stand, Hanabi.
Hinata will be under my command from now.
But are you sure about this? Hinata is the successor of the Hyuga Clan.
Genin missions carry a high risk of death.
Do what you will with her.
She couldn't beat Hanabi who is five years younger… The Hyuga have no need for such a person.
Father has turned his back on Elder Sister.
Is that all you wanted to discuss? If so, you may go.
We are busy here.
All right.
Continue, Hanabi.
If Elder Sister can't do it, I have no choice but to do it.
I will protect the Hyuga.
This is my destiny! It seems Lady Hinata is doing very well as a genin.
I hear she will be taking the Chunin Exams.
The Chunin Exams?! It's a test one must pass in order to be promoted from genin to chunin rank.
But I understand it's quite rigorous, and there are even fatalities.
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