Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e29 Episode Script

Hanabi's Decision

Hanabi's Decision I was born with strength that surpasses Elder Sister's.
This is my destiny! That's why… I must get stronger…! More, more, more…more! Look at all your injuries… Couldn't you be overdoing it a bit? No such thing.
I must protect the Hyuga Clan.
Oh, that's right! It seems Lady Hinata is doing very well as a genin.
I hear she will be taking the Chunin Exams.
The Chunin Exams? Yes.
It's a test one must pass in order to be promoted from genin to chunin rank.
But I understand it's quite rigorous, and there are even fatalities.
There's no point in participating in something like that.
Lady Hanabi… Lady Hanabi! Terrible news! HIDDEN LEAF HOSPITAL I heard Elder Sister Hinata was seriously injured! She's been treated and is conscious now.
There's no need to worry.
She should have expected this outcome if she faced Neji.
Why didn't you withdraw? I couldn't…do that.
I know very well what I am.
I'm an indecisive failure… But I don't want to give up, I want to become strong… I feel like I can possibly change.
Watching Naruto makes me feel this way.
Naruto… What're you doing here? You're a curse on all of us! What? I was only… I was only looking at the masks! Clone Jutsu! I never go back on my word.
Because that's my Ninja Way.
No one has inherited the blood of the Hyuga more intensely than he… Watch carefully, Hanabi.
Yes, Father.
What is it about this Naruto that Elder Sister so believes in? But look at how he's attacking Elder Brother Neji.
Elder Brother Neji is the genius of the Hyuga… There's no way a failure can beat him.
I'll win, no matter what! Gentle Fist Technique: Eight Trigrams 64 Palms… Eight Trigrams… Two Palms! Four Palms! – People are born burdening – Eight Palms! an inherent destiny – that they cannot go against.
– 16 Palms! – You can't possibly understand – 32 Palms! the destiny of burdening a mark that cannot be wiped off for life! He's been overwhelmed.
All his chakra points have been shut down and he can't even infuse chakra.
I knew it… You are destined to lose to me… no matter what.
I won't know that until I try! I won't run… I'll stand by my own words.
I won't lose to someone who blabbers on about fate, someone who keeps running away! I don't know what the Hyuga destiny of hatred is! But if you're going to say it's futile, you don't have to do anything! After I become the Hokage… I'll change the Hyuga! The winner is Naruto Uzumaki.
That kid won against a Hyuga! Seriously? You are destined to lose to me… no matter what.
I won't know that until I try! No… That was definitely just a fluke! But I thought Elder Brother Neji hated the main family? Honestly, I didn't think you'd come and help me train.
You're probably right.
But he taught me something.
That destiny can be changed.
Elder Brother Neji! Okay, let's continue.
Right! But he taught me something.
That destiny can be changed.
Destiny can be changed? So that's, all of us… Bear this in mind, Hanabi.
All of us are born into this world bearing our own destiny.
In our lifetime, that destiny never changes.
I am who I am.
I only have to keep aiming for the top… Once more, please.
This rotation is a ninjutsu that is only passed down orally, and is known only to the Hyuga.
It's not something that you can master easily.
No, I will have it down shortly.
I can't afford to get stuck now… I have to get much, much stronger.
I couldn't master it, after all.
I'm telling you it's true! Naruto was amazing! He pummeled Kakuzu, the guy with all those hearts… with a super go-get 'em new jutsu! "Go-get 'em"? Isn't there a better description? Well, It was huge and just whizzed by… He called it the Wind Style Rasen Shuriken! He wove together Wind Change in Nature with Change in Form? Yeah, I think that's it! Awesome! Naruto keeps getting better.
I'll have to do my best too.
That could be a hint for a new jutsu… Are you talking about the time, just recently, when Naruto crushed the Akatsuki? He wasn't impressive at all three years ago, but he's gotten stronger and stronger.
Yeah, now everyone in his generation aspires to be like him and have progressed steadily.
Rotation! Not again! Why can't I get it right?! Let's call it a day.
Please allow me to continue.
Next time, I'll get it for sure! You cannot master this by rushing through it.
Sometimes, it's best to give it time to let it sink in.
It's unusual to see Hanabi have such a difficult time.
Yes… Technically, she should have no trouble… Perhaps something else is the problem.
I have to keep going! I have no choice but to keep going! Why? Your form is looking quite good.
Yes, well… I can't fall behind Naruto! Why am I…? It shouldn't be the same as that time… Why hasn't she given up? She was called a failure and Father turned his back on her… And yet, she looks so happy.
Nice! Can you stay like that and transition to Change in Form? Don't tell me she's on the verge of mastering a new jutsu?! So strong…yet so kind.
I want to be like her… Elder Sister? Lady Hanabi, how was your first diplomatic outing? Going outside the village walls made me nervous, after all.
But you did very well.
The Taketori Clan has long been a close ally of the Hyuga.
It is important to maintain our ties in your generation too, Lady Hanabi.
A moment please… Lord Hiashi Hyuga and his party, I presume? What is it? I am a border guard.
We just received word of an emergency.
The Akatsuki are attacking the Leaf Village.
What?! Make haste! We must return to the village at once! This is terrible.
Hidden Leaf Village has been destroyed beyond recognition! What happened to everyone? Lord Hiashi, thank goodness you're all right! This destruction… How many fatalities were there? By some miracle, no one died.
That can't be! Not this with scale of destruction… It's true.
Naruto protected everyone.
But only because of Lady Hinata.
What do you mean? The village was attacked by Pain of the Akatsuki and was on the verge of collapse.
And at that point, the only one who was able deal with Pain… was Naruto Uzumaki.
– But even Naruto… –…the world – was pushed to the limits.
–…bastard! I guess I'll be taking you now… And the one who rushed into action… was Lady Hinata.
How cruel… Restricting Naruto's movement with those poles.
I won't let you hurt Naruto anymore! I know… I'm just being selfish.
What are you talking about?! Don't put yourself in danger like this! I'm here because I want to be.
This time… I'm going to save you, Naruto.
I was always crying, and giving up before even trying.
I made the wrong turns so many times… But you helped me find my way and take the correct path, Naruto.
I always chased after you.
I wanted to catch up to you.
I wanted to walk beside you all the time.
I want to be at your side, always.
You changed me, Naruto! Your smile is what saved me! That's why I'm not afraid to die… If it means I can protect you! It's because… I love you, Naruto! Lady Hinata protected Naruto and fought until the end… Gentle Step… Twin Lion Fists! As a result, she overturned the unfavorable situation that we were in.
Hinata did that, eh? So Elder Sister used that jutsu.
It was such a surprise… I couldn't believe that Hinata was capable of so much… I bet Elder Sister was never a failure, after all… Elder Sister Hinata! But I don't want to give up, I want to become strong… I feel like I can possibly change.
Watching Naruto makes me feel this way… I never go back on my word.
Because that's my Ninja Way.
Yes… I can't lose to Naruto…! She simply chose the path she should take of her own free will.
And she got to be this strong… She changed her destiny… Elder Sister always remained herself.
Kind and strong… The person I love very much.
Father, I have a request.
I know you will be busy with rebuilding the village.
But when things settle down, will you train with me once more? I have a feeling you'll master it next time.
I want to be like Elder Sister Hinata someday.
And choose my path on my own, without being told by anyone.
We are now on the brink of the Fourth Great Ninja War! We will capitalize on our Sensory skills and divide up to support every battalion! We must guide them to victory in this war! – Yes, sir! – Yes, sir! Hanabi, take care of things.
You can count on me.
I've made up my own mind to protect the Hyuga.
More than that, please careful, Elder Sister Hinata.
I will.
I'm going to throw everything I've learned at them.
I will protect Naruto! Do your best, Elder Sister Hinata! Yes! It's now my turn to attack! Stop acting tough! The war's over! I'm grateful to you, Naruto… You even extracted the Tailed Beasts from Obito, saving me the trouble of weakening him.
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