Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e30 Episode Script

Madara Uchiha Rises

Are you saying that I have regrets? You told me, "I'm no one I don't want to be anyone" But the truth is You wanted to become the Hokage, just like me.
You can't hide behind a mask.
You were Kakashi Sensei's friend my dad's subordinate an Uchiha like Sasuke and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf who had the same dream as me! You used to have the same dream as me.
But now you've become the exact opposite of a Hokage! It's because you're just like me that No, it's because of that That's why I wanted to see you despairing about this world.
OrI suppose I wanted to feel again for myself, that the path that I have chosen for myself is not a mistake.
There's no need to voluntarily tread a steep and rugged path, not knowing what's ahead.
You'll have to step over the corpses of your comrades.
Anyone would choose a shortcut with a fixed outcome.
Yes The goal a Hokage should seek is world peace.
What are you saying? What I want to know about isn't a shortcut but how to navigate the steep and rugged path! Who can tell in the beginning which one is the dangerous one? You never know unless you start walking.
The Hokage is someone who endures the pain and takes the lead in front of everyone.
So a Hokage never walks over his comrades' corpses.
There are no shortcuts for the one who becomes the Hokage There's no running away for the one who becomes the Hokage! Isn't that right? I messed up I got some dust in my eyes and Oww! I bet this Rin person would say this if she were still alive "Don't act tough and hide your wounds.
" "I'm always watching.
" You told me saving you was the same as saving the world, remember? Since I'm keeping an eye on you, you can't hide anything from me anymore.
Okay! Okay! Go for it, Obito! Become Hokage and show me how you'll save the world.
That's another promise! Rin Rin was my only light and hope.
After I lost Rin the world as I saw it, changed.
It became a pitch-black hell.
There's no hope in this world.
I took Madara's identity and walked the world.
But all it did was confirm my belief.
Even with my Sharingan, I couldn't see anything There was nothing to see.
I'm sure you could've seen it too, if you'd tried.
After all, you and I have the same eyes.
If comrades that you trust, gather around you hope can take physical form and become visible.
That's what I believe Obito.
Naruto's path, huh Madara Uchiha Arises Sage Art: Gracious Deity Gates! Madara Uchiha Arises Naruto's jutsu didn't bring him down, but with this, he won't be able to move at all! All that's left is to wait for the Sealing Shinobi.
Having the Tailed Beasts extracted from him means that Obito's The Ten Tails' Jinchuriki aren't like all the others.
They won't die if the Tailed Beast is extracted.
It's because the Ten Tails' husk, the Gedo Statue remains.
It contains a lot of life force.
Is that true? How do you know? Hey, now.
Who do you think scattered us all across the world after splitting Ten Tails' Chakra into nine pieces? The Sage of Six Paths But with nine bodies extracted out of him all at once, he'll be so weak it will be like he's dead.
He won't be able to move for a few months.
Just as it was for the old man back then.
So that's how it goes.
Kakashi the Tailed Beast inside me just explained to me That's right Rin won't even turn to look at the current you.
The one Rin wanted to watch over is Obito Uchiha.
So you don't have to worry.
Thenhis life is I was hoping he would atone for all his past deeds, but It can't be helped if you can't move.
Just stay put.
Sensei, please keep an eye on Obito.
All right.
What are you trying to do? The same thing the man I once tried to use did to betray me.
No way I never imagined I'd end up doing the same thing It's the Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth.
But that jutsu will result in your! It seems to be a jutsu that trades life for life.
I feel like I finally understand why Nagato… betrayed me back then.
A string of hearts linked together like prayer beads That can be a strong power as well, huh Nagato and Naruto were both Jiraiya's students.
So you could say Jiraiya defeated me.
Sensei He was also your master, the one who groomed you to become the Hokage And Iwas your student.
A shinobi who gave up on becoming Hokage and cut all his ties.
I won't have much to say to Rin on the other side.
Are you sure about this? You could live and atone for your sins No That's the easy way out.
I'll help you out this time! Time to switch places! It's now my turn to attack! Stop acting tough! This war is over! – Sai! – I know! Sealing Jutsu! Crouched Tiger Bullet! Naruto I'm grateful to you.
You even extracted the Tailed Beasts from Obito Saving me the trouble of weakening him.
Sorry, Obito This is the reason why I was stuck onto you.
Black Zetsu! W-What the—?! Okay! Just a little bit longer! – Art of Rinne Rebirth! – Art of Rinne Rebirth! Finally, I can fight for real! This is the form, the body I needed! It's not a battle without raging blood and a pounding heart! Ancient relics should just butt out! A brat who doesn't even come close to my level.
You stole my line.
Why did he close his eyes? Sasuke! It's pointless to just throw attacks at him.
This guy can absorb ninjutsu! It is these two polar opposites operating together that give rise to all things in this universe Hashirama, do you remember me telling you this long ago in front of the Uchiha Stone Tablet? That the inscription on the stone says, when two opposite sides cooperate, you have true happiness.
But I also told you it could be interpreted differently.
That's The one who obtains both Uchiha and Senju powers can attain true happiness.
Don't you think it could be read that way as well? Hashirama? It seems you've been doing a lot of plotting since you left the village.
No Actually, this is something my subordinate's comrade came up with by coincidence.
Seems there was a fellow who thought a lot like me.
However Me coming back to life was exactly as planned! Damn it I can't move! Though things did happen out of order.
Oh well.
So this is Sage Art Chakra Is that all there is to it? Seems like this will be easy to control.
This is the perfect chance now that you're flesh and blood.
This time I'll kill you for good, and send you back to the afterlife! Regret that you're still not a reanimation… as you go to your death! I can feel it Your Mangekyo are Choku Tomoe, a straight pattern.
No wonder you have fine moves.
It might be a good idea to take your eyes until I get my Rinnegan back.
Obito Your usefulness is over.
What did you do? Madara… has come back to life! You performed the Rinne Rebirth, so you will die.
This is the last step.
I'm taking back that left eye.
He'll last a little while longer while I'm attached to him.
Just what are you? You're not human.
I am Madara's will incarnate.
I will eliminate anyone who gets in Madara's way.
Black Zetsu.
I thought you'd been captured All of you, including Obito, greatly underestimated Madara's plan.
You underestimated me as well.
I-I can't move now I can't believe he's able to transform his blade so much in such an instant! Then that's perfect.
You'll go to Obito and bide your time until I give you the order.
I'm going to play a little here, then head over.
I just want to gauge the present Kage's strength.
I got it.
He's a useless traitor who went against Madara's plan.
Until Obito dies, I'll use his body to fight you.
I've got to get some use out of him, at least at the end.
But killing you would be such a waste with an eye like that.
How about it? You're a survivor of the Uchiha like me.
Want to join forces? Make no mistake.
You're a dead man.
Fine then In any case, you don't have much time left.
Fire Style Hiding in Ash Jutsu! Madara is regaining his past strength.
Not good.
His next target is I'll be taking you all next you filthy beasts! The taste of this blood, this pain This is my body! I can finally experience and feel this fight.
He's bleeding and wounded.
In other words, he's not a reanimation anymore.
How did he come back to life? No way Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Hidden Heart" No waywith Obito? THE HIDDEN HEART Tune in again!