Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e31 Episode Script

One's True Heart

Though things did happen out of order.
Oh well.
So this is Sage Art Chakra… Is that all there is to it? Seems like this will be easy to control.
I'll be taking you all next… you filthy beasts.
The Hidden Heart You know, staying here… Yeah…isn't wise.
Get away from here! Shukaku! Get ready! Let's go wild! Wind Style… Sand Bomb! Salvo! Nice jutsu.
But it lacks in finishing power… So you implant your sand with this jutsu to stifle movement… Now, Shukaku! Grand Sand Mausoleum Seal! It's a Mausoleum Seal that uses my sand and curse mark pattern! He sealed him! Did it work?! He'll never take another breath of fresh air again! The Susano'o, huh! I'll be putting collars on all of you shortly.
Not one of you will be able to get away.
I won't let you! No one here's going to wag his tail for you! Sorry we're late! We were moving the injured.
Don't worry! There won't be any more wounded.
We're ending this now! Stack tails! – Right! – Right! You were close, you damned raccoon! Quit ordering us around, you dumb fox! But this should… Persistent bastard! But he's already taken a beating.
All right! One more blast! Yeah, let's go, Naruto! Sorry I'm late, Lord Madara.
You're finally here.
Hey, that's Zetsu or whatever he's called.
Reinforcements? Just one? What's he doin' here now Isn't it kinda late? Do you have it? Of course.
This should make things a little more fun… This taste of blood…this pain! This is my body! Finally… I can fully savor battle again! What's wrong, Kurama? His blood… It's bringing back some really bad memories.
Blood? That repulsive blood that summoned me long ago.
Hey, you dumb fox! Don't get scared and stick your tail between your legs! I wouldn't underestimate him if I were you… This isn't like you! It's rubbing me the wrong way! Summoning Jutsu! Obito! He's gonna fight us using that? Kakashi, can you manage? Yes, in one way or another… Kamui! I think… it failed… Not that thing again! Seems the right arm's been wrenched off.
Seems there's someone left with good eyes on the other side.
Well, it's not much of an impediment.
And now, I've got a pen for them.
All I need to do is shove them in there.
A fake Rinnegan from a reanimation can summon that thing? He's bleeding and wounded.
In other words, he's not a reanimation anymore.
He possesses a real Rinnegan.
How did he come back to life?! Naruto, I'm grateful to you.
You even extracted the Tailed Beasts from Obito, saving me the trouble of weakening him.
Don't tell me with Obito's Rinne Rebirth… Now just come over, you bastard! Everyone's power… Don't you dare underestimate it! Then Obito's…! Obito… He's fighting to prevent his Rinnegan from falling into Madara's hands.
You're stubborn, for someone near death.
This left eye came to you through Nagato, but it's time for it to return it to its rightful owner.
The only ones who have awakened the Rinnegan in this world are the Sage of Six Paths and Madara Uchiha.
It's not a mere thing to be hoarded by the likes of you.
I've hidden the right eye… And I'm going to have Kakashi destroy the left eye right now.
White Zetsu found the right eye a while ago and turned it over to Lord Madara.
You're a useless fool who refuses to die… So stop resisting.
You'd be dead already if I wasn't sticking to you.
Then detach from me and take the Rinnegan after I die.
The instant I detach from you, these two will kill me.
Before I can take the Rinnegan.
Have you forgotten that I was the one who gathered intel for Akatsuki? I've already analyzed these two and their strength.
It's going to take a bit longer for the left eye.
Seems like it.
This also looks like it's going to take a bit longer too.
Don't compare me to that brat who took years to get back those pets.
You're covered in blood.
Knowing that I possess Hashirama's healing powers might cause me to fight crudely.
Let's go! Wait.
We don't know how he's planning to attack.
The Gedo Statue, huh… I'll proceed more carefully.
If I use the Rinnegan's true powers, we should see a more sophisticated battle.
It will only be a few seconds.
So watch closely! Limbo… Hengoku! He might try something… So be careful… What is this? What just happened?! Damn you… The Tailed Beasts got knocked down! Was it Madara's jutsu?! That ought to have tamed you a bit.
Now I can put on your collars! Something's coming! Eight-o! Kurama! First, I'll rip the Eight and Nine Tails from their Jinchuriki! Eight-o! Damn it! That's right… If I just undo this Kurama Mode…! It's useless.
Once I catch them, I won't let them go.
It's not working! Kurama's not going back inside me…! Damn it, I'm being pulled backwards! Lord Madara, you must take them in order starting with the One Tail.
I know that.
Since you need to rip out the last two Tailed Beasts, Eight and Nine Tails, from the Jinchuriki, why not pull in the others, the one tail through seven in the time being? You bastard! I'm not letting you take Kurama! You're right, it looks like this will take longer than I expected.
So let's start…with this one! Desert Hands! You can't have Shukaku! When you fall asleep, I'll take over your body and soul… And slaughter all you humans! Better not doze off.
You hate humans? Yeah! I despise them! But… You're here to protect my village, aren't you? I've never protected you all because I wanted to.
You humans are less than us beasts! Here's your meal, Shukaku! Why do we have to stand guard over a creepy, weird monk even though we're senior shinobi? I know what you mean.
But guarding the Jinchuriki means they recognize your skills.
Just stop whining and deal with it.
Poor damned monk.
They don't even call you by your real name anymore.
I don't really mind.
Since you know my real name.
You may be a monk, but don't you ever get lonely… putting up with humans who hate you, and a beast like me? Caged together with a man-hating beast that's been with you ever since you were born? Well, I'd die the moment I'm separated from you… Since I'm a Jinchuriki.
There's no need to distinguish between human and beast.
That's because a friend of the heart provides peace of mind, no matter the species.
You are one strange bastard.
There isn't ever going to be another human like you again.
I think you're wrong.
Human souls are like reflecting water.
People often speak or act opposite of their true feelings.
But essentially, the human heart wishes to connect with and accept each other.
Even with beasts.
You know… you really do remind me of the old man, Sage of Six Paths.
Thank you.
Those are the most heartwarming words I've ever received from you.
Hurry up and eat, old man! We've got things to do here! I really can't see there being others like you out there.
I'm sure there are.
And I know one day, there will be someone who will protect, redeem, and shepherd you.
And the moment you come to accept his true heart, you too will likely comprehend… ACCEPTANCE HEART The meaning of these words my mentor etched onto my palms… LOVE Gaara, don't lose! Until now, I've always considered you unpleasant.
But it was because I was a Jinchuriki, that I was able to meet Naruto… So there's one thing I'm grateful to you for now.
You Sand brat! Are you really that happy to have your old pet back? How dare you interfere, even when you're not going to die as a Jinchuriki! My motto is absolute defense! I've still got my pride as Shukaku! I know… No… you know nothing at all.
People desire peace.
And yet on the other hand, crave conflict as well.
That's right, Hashirama's nation-building bore a paradox.
People will sacrifice something in order to protect something else.
Stop Madara! Don't you—! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A True Ending" I gave you plenty enough time How unfortunate.
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