Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e32 Episode Script

A True Ending

Gaara… Don't overexert yourself! I'm no longer a Jinchuriki… So I can finally pull all-nighters with you as an equal! Gaara… You… There's no need to distinguish between human and beast.
…remind me of Bunpuku.
Damn it! Hey, Kazekage brat! Do me a favor! All right… You got that… Gaara?! A True Ending Shukaku! Sorry… Bee! I'm counting on you… Kazekage brat! I don't believe it… They've all been sucked in! Well, I guess that's about all I can expect from my current strength.
It took more than a few seconds But you were faster than Obito.
You really do talk too much.
You're all dud inventions of mine Always finding fault with me.
Black Zetsu is nicknamed "Wicked Tongue" and they call us White Zetsu, "Wagging Tongues.
" I hope the other battle is going well.
Don't worry! After all, the base is good.
Flying Raijin Slice! You're mine! This is my chance! Naruto… Gaara Gaara! Naruto… I swear I will not let you die! Like I'd let you die! It's your M.
to strike an opponent when he's convinced of victory Making the brats do the work You're still a delegator, aren't you, Tobirama? Same goes for you.
However, heaven is on my side.
Look at you, the one touted as the fastest shinobi ever.
There's a reason why you two brothers can't regain your former speed.
Whether it's coincidence or if it's inevitable I've got the edge now.
Plus I'm nurturing a new eye.
Though it's unclear which side they'll end up on Wait! Uchiha lad… Let me give you a jutsu.
A jutsu? Yes… Madara stole my Sage Chakra… This jutsu will respond to the Sage Chakra and bind him.
Then do it yourself… If you're a reanimation, you'll recover right away.
If you want… I'll pull those things out of your back for you.
These rods seem to be piercing my Chakra Points, preventing me from infusing more chakra.
Also, I think it's a bad idea for you to touch them.
I will give you all of my remaining chakra.
You must stop Madara… Why ask me, an Uchiha? You're a lot like him Madara's younger brother… Izuna Uchiha.
So? What does that have to do with stopping him? Madara's fundamentally a kind man.
He was very devout and loved his siblings.
That's why he gave you a chance at redemption.
But killing you would be such a waste with an eye like that.
How about it? You're a survivor of the Uchiha like me.
Want to join forces? Make no mistake.
You're a dead man.
Fine then… In any case, you don't have much time left yourself.
You might be able to stop Madara without using force.
Now…come stand before me.
To be honest I've wanted to do this to you for a long time.
Since you're… the one who killed Izuna! But you're just a moving corpse, so it's hardly fulfilling.
Madara… What is it that you so desire so badly that you'd come back to life for? Our era, our time ended… ages ago! I just want to build the nation that Hashirama couldn't.
But this world belongs to Hashirama, my predecessor who failed.
Drastic measures are needed to save the dying patient.
I'm going on ahead! So this thing called the Infinite Tsukuyomi was your idea? This is your idea of a cure? Yes.
Hashirama's nation-building bore a paradox.
People desire peace And yet, on the other hand, crave conflict as well.
That duality is mankind.
To only want peace and to discard conflict would cause people to stop being people.
And those two things stand together side by side.
Be they a friendsibling or even my own child I will not forgive anyone who threatens the village.
People will sacrifice something in order to protect something else.
Except in a true dream world.
You've got a point.
But…it's not a dream that you should interfere with! Now.
You could say that this world is Hashirama's paradox world.
Damn it! What is this?! In order to protect something… one must sacrifice something else.
Stop, Madara! Don't go any further… "Be they a friendsibling" "or even my own child…" I gave you plenty of time.
And I warned you… that there wasn't much time left.
How unfortunate.
Madara! What kind of a man are you?! It's coming again! My jutsu won't activate! My chakra is—! I can't believe we've been stopped by the likes of him This strange thing It's blocking our way! It's using the Wood Style… What is it? I told you, I wouldn't let you pass so easily.
By the way, isn't there anyone who can give me a serious answer to my question? I asked you, what does it feel like to poo? Well… I'm thinking it's like the refreshing feeling you get after killing someone.
All five elements at once?! How do we counter that? I know! Impressive… Using the same jutsu simultaneously as a counterbalance… We're saved.
Don't underestimate Lord Third! That said, everyone's exhausted most of their chakra.
Which leaves only a reanimated Lord Third to fight back.
If Lord Third should fall, we're done for Forget Madara.
We need to do something about him.
To be honest Everyone needs to start fighting as if Lady Tsunade, Shizune and I aren't able to use Medical Ninjutsu anymore.
This large-scale battle using big attacks is taking too long! And we haven't had a chance to regroup.
We'll just have trust young Naruto to take care of Madara.
This is our chance, Lord Orochimaru! Not yet.
This foe… No way! Shh! Be quiet! No way! This is—! What is it? S-Sa… Did something happen to Sasuke? It seems I should do it sooner than later, after all What is it, Ino? What? What is that?! That's Lord Gaara's…! Over there! Naruto! There's no time to explain.
Hokage! Come with me! Heal Naruto as much you can while we're en route.
I've depleted my chakra.
I can't use Medical Ninjutsu anymore.
Take Sakura.
She can still help a little.
How did Naruto end up like this?! What happened over there?! Just come! Don't waste time! I'll explain later! Quickly, Sakura, get on the sand! Right! How could this happen?! Is Naruto there? Yeah! Over there! Can't you use your Byakugan? Did he bring down Madara? Naruto's heartbeat… is getting weaker and weaker! Naruto! Neji, please protect Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki… We're talking about the Uzumaki Clan, so I'm sure he's going to be stubborn… But trying to do anything for him is useless.
A Jinchuriki dies when the Tailed Beast is extracted.
– That's an absolute rule! – That's an absolute rule! The fact that you possess such eyes proves that you've continued to seek something despite many great losses.
But it all ends here.
You will lose your very self.
It's what they call a true ending.
I always lied to you and asked you to forgive me.
Deliberately keeping you at a distance by my own hand.
All because I didn't want you to get caught up in any of this.
But now, I believe… That perhaps you could have changed Father, Mother, and the rest of the Uchiha.
I will love you always.
I'm not dying.
I can't let Itachi's lifebe in vain! No matter what darkness or contradictions lie within the village I am still Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf! Not yet…not here… Until I build a true village… and become a true Kage.
I'm not gonna die! Hang in there! Don't give up! You are strong! You will make it! My chakra's almost all! S-Sasuke is—! What's wrong, Karin? Sasuke is really going to—! At this rate At this rate, Naruto's going to… – …die! – die! To think Naruto would end up like this! Sakura, I leave Naruto in your hands! Naruto, you have always been our village's symbol of hope.
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