Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e01 Episode Script

A New Chunin Exam

Sakura… I leave Naruto in your hands! He has always been our village's symbol of hope.
Ever since that time, everyone has always… What did Lord Jiraiya say? It seems the training is going well.
Shadow Clone Jutsu! Giant Rasengan! The force of your Rasengan has grown in just two years of training.
Perhaps it's about time we move on to the next level.
Next level? Yes… What're you gonna do? Perhaps the time has come to utilize your inner power.
Is that? Yes… You may have to put your life on the line for this training.
All right, I'm ready for it! It's been two years already… The day that brat returns may soon be upon us.
LEAF HOSPITAL Naruto is a mysterious being… He's been away from the village for two whole years and yet… Inuzuka Style! Man Beast Transformation Combo! Two-Headed Wolf! Wolf Fang Over Fang! …his presence keeps on growing.
Are you all right? I'm at my limit! Just ten more laps! If you stop now, Naruto will laugh at you! Everyone seems to keep Naruto in their thoughts as they train! A messenger hawk! Where?! Lord Kazekage! A Shinobi Hawk has brought a message from the Hidden Leaf's Fifth Hokage.
The New Chunin Exams I was getting tired of waiting.
You're our welcoming party? Thank you for coming to meet us.
Well, it's a drag, but seeing as it's Lord Kazekage… Welcome.
Here is the data from the Chunin Exams two years ago.
A total of 153 entrants.
Information about the entrant's village, the three rounds of exams, and the qualifying statistics have been compiled for easy reading.
But you would know more about the reason behind the interruption of the final round and its chronology.
Due to the suspension of the last Chunin Exams, the Hidden Leaf would like to sponsor a combined Chunin Exam.
Thanks in part to the Hidden Leaf's cooperation, the situation in our village has stabilized In particular, our training curriculum has been very successful and we have developed more genin who are qualified to take the Chunin Exams.
Then you have no objection to our sponsoring an event? Before that, Lady Hokage… What's your true motive? "True motive?" I mean the timing of this thing.
Why hold the Chunin Exams now? If the reason is lack of personnel… you could have done this sooner.
All right.
I'll be honest.
The first reason is to gauge the reactions of each of the villages within the Five Great Nations.
Each, who on the surface, purport to be at peace.
Their response to having the combined Chunin Exams will reveal their true feelings.
The second reason is to investigate Akatsuki's movements.
It's said that they seek the Tailed Beasts from each village, but they've been awfully quiet these past two years.
You want to use the Chunin Exams to open the village to create an opportunity to lure the Akatsuki out? Yes.
The Akatsuki have probably grown impatient and are ready to make a move.
This is a risky— Hold on.
These Chunin Exams… The Hidden Sand would like to host it, in conjunction with my introduction as Kazekage.
That will not do.
The Hidden Leaf must sponsor these Chunin Exams.
It's so that we may finish what we started previously.
Yes, absolutely.
Lord Kazekage cannot decide this all by himself.
He must consult the village elders.
We need time to contact them.
Let's come back to this again at the next meeting.
We'll settle this during the next meeting.
This is becoming a drag.
I didn't expect Gaara to make such an announcement.
He really didn't tell you anything? That came out of nowhere.
Well, he probably has his own ideas.
I leave it to you.
If the Hokage is right and the Akatsuki make their move, you're going to be their target, right? If the enemy wants the Tailed Beasts, they'll come for me sooner or later.
Then I'll just be the bait and take them down.
What are you saying?! The village has welcomed you as their new Kazekage but things are still unstable! I'm aware of that.
I know that some are not happy that I have become the Kazekage… and would welcome an opportunity to kill me.
Then why would you even consider hosting the event in our village?! It is precisely why I want the Chunin Exams in Hidden Sand Village.
You can't be serious! It's not the Akatsuki you want to lure out… But the rebels in the village? That's just too dangerous.
Regarding the combined Chunin Exams under discussion… It is Lord Kazekage's desire to host the event in Hidden Sand Village.
He intends to introduce himself to the other nations.
Is that wise? While things have been quiet for a while now, it does not change the fact that Gaara is "a military weapon to be feared.
" As long as Gaara lives, this village can never be truly at peace.
For the second round of the exam, Lord Gaara intends to suggest the Demon Desert as a suitable arena.
And we, the Hidden Sand, will do our utmost to support him! Yura is on to us.
No…everyone is uneasy about Gaara.
But that's not enough to plan a coup d'état.
Well, well…my elders… Of all places to find you.
What do you want? We said we are in favor of Lord Gaara's plan.
Nothing, I just forgot to tell you… Lord Gaara plans to personally supervise the exam site.
We'll have to be very careful with preparations.
After all, the second round is a survival test and there are always fatalities.
Why who's to say nothing will happen to the supervisor himself, Lord Gaara… Excuse me… So this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the Kazekage and make it look purely accidental… But he is a Jinchuriki.
There's a way.
The first Jinchuriki, Bunpuku, was able to temporarily seal Shukaku into a teapot.
We can use that… What is your decision, Lady Tsunade? Two years ago, Jiraiya had intel that said the Akatsuki would target Naruto in three or four years.
And two years have passed… I'm sure they're itching to make a move.
You're not going to use Naruto as bait are you? No… As the Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village, I cannot do such a thing.
Don't tell me…Lord Kazekage will assume that role? As luck would have it, he was the one who proposed it.
But will the advisors agree? I'll placate them by suggesting a joint-sponsorship.
We can't negotiate any further.
I looked over the plans you submitted… What do you think about a joint-sponsorship with the Hidden Leaf? We'll hold round one, the written exam, at the Hidden Leaf… And the Hidden Sand will host the site of the second round survival test.
The Forest of Death has become too familiar as a test site.
I was just thinking a new site would be necessary.
Hmm… I agree.
We have no objections.
All right then… We'll meet again at the Chunin Exams.
Yeah… Come to us if any trouble arises.
We'll take care of it, Mr.
Damn it.
She doesn't change.
The Hidden Sound probably won't take part this time around… So should we just send invitations to everyone else from the last time? Yes.
In addition, send invitations for the introduction of the new Kazekage to every village within the Five Great Nations.
I see… Then we can monitor each village's response.
Aside from Akatsuki, this is the other reason for reopening the combined Chunin Exams.
Yes, I understand.
Deliver this to every village.
It's the invitation to the Chunin Exams.
– Right! – Right! We've put out the bait… Now, let's see how they react.
Lady Tsunade.
The Hidden Sand replied right away… Oh… They'll be sending nine teams… Last time, they sent 30 in ten teams… Although that's one team short, considering the Hidden Sand's current situation, one has to commend them for nurturing this many genin.
Yes… Any word from the other villages? No, not yet.
How will the other Kage respond? Chunin Exams, you say?! Damn that Princess Tsunade! She's getting carried away! She probably coaxed the Kazekage into cooperating… …and plans to get the jump on us within the Five Great Nations.
What will you do? Ignore her! Just ignore her! Do not mention of word of this, or the past, to anyone! Especially Bee! Do not let him find out! Whenever there are events like this, he gets excited about live concerts and what not.
Actually, I already told him.
What?! He kept asking questions… I'm sorry.
Bee! Where is Bee?! Don't tell me… Find Bee immediately and bring him here! Understood.
This is so dull… A concert at Hidden Leaf Village… Tuning up at the Chunin Exams… Take a lesson from Kin-chan Sensei! Yay! Bee! Lord Raikage wants to see you! Please return! Fool, ya fool! What did Lord Raikage say? Unfortunately, they are swamped with village business and don't have enough time to prepare.
Now why would the Hokage and Kazekage send a letter? Seems they're resuming the Chunin Exams… What shall we do? We must consider the matter with Lord Yagura the Fourth… I believe we should concentrate on rebuilding the village… You may have a point.
Yes! We can't be wasting our time participating in a ceremony announcing the new Kazekage… CEREMONY Ceremony… CAN'T WASTE TIME FOR A CEREMONY FOR ME Can't waste time for a ceremony for me? Shut up or I'll kill you.
What?! Perhaps we should forego the Chunin Exams this time.
Let's do that.
It seems the Hidden Mist are tied up as well.
The Hidden Leaf has delivered an invitation to the combined Chunin Exams! Their ulterior motive is crystal clear! They want to test the strength of the villages and prepare for the next battle! Just throw it back in their face! I intend to do so! This is what I'll do to their invitation! WIND NATION FIRE NATION I want you to go here.
To Hidden Rain Village.
Yes, the most troublesome spot.
As expected, every person who enters is investigated, and they're kept under strict surveillance during their stay.
Hanzo of the Salamander rules it… Yes, so I've heard.
Even if I'm carrying an invitation to the combined Chunin Exams, I doubt if they'll let me in easily.
There's domestic instability and even rumors of a coup d'état.
It's so closed off, no one knows the true state of things.
While I'm at it, shall I look into their internal affairs then? Yes, but don't take any chances.
Are you actually going to supervise? Yes.
I'm going to participate among frontlines of the Second Round by supervising.
What will you achieve by smoking out the rebels? No… Then why? Why would you go so far as to face danger head on? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: The Chunin Exams Begin! Naruto is working hard to forge bonds with others… THE CHUNIN EXAMS BEGIN! Tune in again!