Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e06 Episode Script

Survival in the Desert of Evil

Demon Desert Survival For the next three days, I'm going to give it everything I've got… for Lord Gaara.
Lord Gaara, putting up your Sand Guard won't help you train! Sorry… My Sand Guard is an automatic response and I'm not conscious of it.
Your Sand is like armor.
Even if your armor is solid, you'll sustain damage if your taijutsu within you is weak.
You must stay on the offensive and maintain your breathing.
Then your body will move naturally.
Now try defending yourself even before your Sand Guard activates.
I am impressed, Lord Gaara.
You've progressed so much in such a short time.
Once you master taijutsu, you will be able to combine it with your Sand Guard and make it even more formidable.
It's only because I have such a fine teacher.
Shira, are you going to take the Chunin Exams? Yes.
I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity you have given me.
It's only natural since you have the skills.
In time, you will become a great shinobi of the Sand.
It's finally here! The Chunin Exams! I'm getting antsy.
It's too soon to get nervous.
Our goal isn't simply to pass the Chunin Exams… But to have as many Sand entrants as possible pass.
It's my way of repaying Lord Gaara.
I think you're more stressed out than we are.
I want to live up to Lord Gaara's expectations.
By the way, this year's Chunin Exams are shorter than last time.
It's three days this time as opposed to five days.
Which simply means this place is that much more dangerous.
When the sun rises, the temperatures soar in the desert.
And getting around will become much more difficult.
I see… We might have barely enough time to make it to the goal.
So we can't stop for anything.
Anyway, our priority is to acquire the other scroll.
To do that, we'll have to battle a team for it… But we can't just pick any team.
I came up with something.
When did you…? Yesterday's brawl in the cafeteria was a fortunate turn of events.
I was able to get a rough idea of the other teams' strengths.
The teams to watch are… the one with Shira, the guy who stopped your kick, Lee.
And The team from the Hidden Waterfall.
With our skills, we should have no problem with the rest of the teams.
You're amazing, Neji! You analyzed all that already?! So we'll avoid the strong teams and aim for the weaker ones, right? I do not like doing things in that way I figured you'd say that.
But we've waited two and a half years for these Chunin Exams.
You don't want to fail, do you? Of course not… But I… Determination never betrays you.
I… I want to fight that guy! There's the signal to start.
Let's go! So, what do we do? We were told not to enter the Demon Desert I have a message from Lady Tsunade.
What is it? I'll read it.
"According to intel from agents who just returned," "opposition forces have been on the move recently" "in the Land of Wind.
" In other words, they are the anti-Gaara faction.
An assassination attempt has already occurred.
In spite of this, supervisors from other villages are prohibited from entering the Demon Desert… and Gaara himself intends to supervise the Second Exam as a proctor.
Needless to say, the danger is enormous if Gaara plans to set himself up as a decoy.
Not only to Gaara, but to the Hidden Leaf.
If anything happens to Gaara, our alliance with the Hidden Sand will become rocky.
Guy… Asuma… Kurenai… Sneak into the Demon Desert and investigate the Hidden Sand.
"If Gaara's safety is threatened, protect him!" Gaara's assassination…? Gaara himself is the decoy…? The Hidden Sand must be at their wit's end… Whatever happens, let's protect the Kazekage! – Right.
– Yes.
Your eyesight is amazing.
Imagine being able to see what's being reflected on a water droplet dozens of kilometers away.
Once she gets a fix on the relay point, she can see several dozen kilometers out.
But when the sun is out, the water droplets evaporate, so I can't use it for too long.
That's the team from the Hidden Leaf! The Hidden Sand is close by too! Tell them to keep their distance.
It's a signal from Shira.
Well? Do you see anyone? Nope, there's no one.
There has to be.
We've run quite far.
What's going on? Why can't I find anyone with my Byakugan? Neji, Tenten… Come here! What is it, Lee? I'm positive this is my kunai.
What?! Just in case we got lost, I stuck a few kunai into the rocks.
Finding this means… We've been running around in circles… Could this be a genjutsu? No way! We haven't even confronted the enemy! – Release! – Release! I knew it… What's going on?! There! I found them! Let's hurry! According to Shira, there are some pesky Leaf shinobi nearby! Why should we listen to a guy like that?! He's useful to us now.
We can thank him later… to our heart's content! Damn… They found us! We don't need to be nice to these guys, right? We'll take their scroll! Here I go! Leaf… Whirlwind! Datsuji! Goji! You're already within my range.
And I'm going to deal with you swiftly.
Eight Trigrams… Two Palms! What?! He blocked every hit?! Shira! We'll handle them.
Leave while you can.
I cannot believe I get to fight you so soon! Hey! What are you so happy about?! Lee! Don't take him on carelessly! Oh, my… The Cactus Genjutsu was broken already? Cactus Genjutsu? Back then, I did catch the faint scent of plants That was the genjutsu? We knew the second round would take place in the Demon Desert.
So we set up several jutsu in advance.
Don't hold it against us… that we have an advantage.
But not this time! I don't know about that.
I'm very cautious.
So I wonder what it means… that I appeared before you? Huh?! What?! I can't move… Not again?! This time, I'll release it for you.
Sorry, but I don't have time to deal with you guys now.
Please wait! Shira! Why won't you fight me? You're strong.
I knew that the moment I took your hit.
That's why I won't fight.
If we fight, one of us will get hurt.
A shinobi fights regardless of the risk! I have an important goal right now.
That goal is to make sure Hidden Sand entrants make it through the Exams.
You're helping… …other entrants? you should worry about yourselves.
Let's go, Sen, Yome.
Shira! This sand…is moving! Help me, Lee! Wait… I can't get loose…! Don't struggle! You'll get buried even deeper! It seems I miscalculated our strategy.
What do you mean? Last night… He was also analyzing the Hidden Leaf's strengths.
They've had us under surveillance from the start! Not only that, he took command over the other Hidden Sand entrants, and ordered them not to confront us.
That's why we didn't come across anyone! That Shira is not only skilled he's smart! This is not the time to be impressed! Can't you hear this noise? Damn, so this is what he was talking about! We're going to fall! We're going to die! We're going to die! Eight Inner Gates! The Gate of Rest! Open! Is everyone okay? Yeah, we made it.
But where are we? There's no way out of this waterfall.
What?! So we have to wait until someone comes to rescue us?! No way! Does that mean we're disqualified?! Is everyone safe? What about them? We took care of them.
They fell into the Sand Waterfall Pit.
They won't be able to get out until after the Exams are over.
I see.
That's a relief.
Now's our chance.
Get scrolls from the other teams.
Yeah, and we're taking one right now.
What's the big idea? Like we said.
We're going to get one from you guys.
Why?! That's easy to answer, Shira.
Because we don't like you.
What did you want to talk about? We want to help to make sure everyone passes.
Your team and ours will start out close to each other for the Second Exam.
However, a Hidden Leaf team that includes a Byakugan user will also be near.
They are strong.
So what? The chances are high that one of our teams will confront the Hidden Leaf team in the beginning.
This team is not to be taken lightly.
We'll impede them.
During this time, I want you to get as far away from them as possible.
Oh… In other words, you're going order us around? I just want the Sand to pass.
As many as possible.
That's all.
That's my way of repaying Lord Gaara! Lord Gaara, huh…? That just doesn't sit well with us.
That a guy like you who wasn't a shinobi until just recently… caught Lord Gaara's eye and has the nerve, to act all high and mighty towards us! Do you realize Shira saved you earlier?! Well, we don't owe him… a damn thing! Wait! I have no intention of fighting you! Maybe not you…but we sure do! You're just too good with the fan… Using it even in combat to control your Genjutsu Powder.
But without it, you're no match for me.
You squirmy little—! I learned from Shira too! I can use this Evasion Jutsu better than anybody! I know your moves like the back of my hand! However… Your weakness is your eyes that see too well! IDIOT I-idiot? Idiot! My eyes… My eyes! Yome! Sen! Yome! Don't move! If you do, we'll shoot! Shira! It's over, Shira! Don't ever show your face again! Die! LeafHurricane! Rotation! You guys are—! Shira and his team are useless.
But with the six of us… Sorry, but we're out of here.
What?! Let's retreat! Shira! Are you all right?! You… Why…? I thought you fell into the Sand Waterfall Pit? Oh, that was nothing.
Y-You're pretty good.
But why did you save us? We're not so shameless as to torment opponents who have been weakened.
Anyway, thank you.
Can you explain something? Why would your own comrades do this to Shira, who protected them? Well… Shira wasn't a shinobi until just recently.
Wasn't a shinobi? Someone of his skill? Perhaps that's due to his circumstances.
Do you know something, Lee? Shira has almost no skill in ninjutsu or genjutsu.
Shira and I are alike… We're shinobi who can only perform taijutsu.
I am raging with anger! Shira has been through way more than I have.
Why do you all insult him? You are comrades from the same village! Please apologize to Shira.
Until you apologize, I'll never…! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "As a Taijutsu User" I'll never forgive you! IN NARUTO'S FOOTSTEPS ~ THE PATH TRAVELED AS A TAIJUTSU USER Tune in again!