Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e07 Episode Script

As a Taijutsu User

As a Taijutsu User Shira has almost no skill for ninjutsu or genjutsu… Shira and I are alike… We're shinobi who can only perform taijutsu.
So you knew.
I realized it yesterday when we exchanged punches.
Those who are skilled in ninjutsu and genjutsu may not notice that slight, yet unique difference.
I sensed that he was like me.
Since you know that much, let me explain.
In Hidden Sand Village, not even the previous Kazekage would allow people like Shira to become shinobi.
But that's—! Even a great taijutsu user like Shira?! That's right.
That's why until just recently… SHINOBI ACADEMY Shira wasn't allowed to attend the Academy and was treated like an outsider.
Hey! What're you staring at? You can't even use ninjutsu! Go away! Your uselessness is contagious! But Shira refused to give up and believed in himself.
He kept training all by himself and honed his taijutsu.
Then, the times changed… The seat was empty for a while after the Fourth Kazekage passed away… but eventually Lord Gaara became the Fifth Kazekage.
Those who knew Lord Gaara's past spread rumors that our village was doomed, but that wasn't the case.
Lord Gaara was receptive to other people's opinions… and one by one, he did away with the previous Kazekage's practices and instituted reforms.
That's Lord Gaara? Yeah.
He's the younger brother of Temari, the girl we used to play with when we were kids.
What happened to the huge boulder that was used to prevent sand erosion? Well… Bring me the one who destroyed this.
Are you Shira? You knew that boulder was placed there to protect Hidden Sand Village.
Why did you destroy it? I am very sorry.
I had no intention of destroying it.
To me, that boulder was an invaluable training partner.
Are you saying you destroyed it during training? I was told you are not a student at the Academy.
I don't have any skills in ninjutsu or genjutsu.
According to the village rules, someone like me is unfit to be a shinobi.
So you trained all by yourself? Interesting… I want to see which is more valuable… That boulder or you! Your fist is splendid! Please forgive me! I can't begin to imagine the effort it took for you, banned from the Academy, to hone your skills to this level.
I hereby abolish the rule established by my predecessor.
Shira, you will be a shinobi.
I once met someone just like you in Hidden Leaf Village.
Over here! Through sheer perseverance, he has become a fine shinobi.
Shira, I predict you will become as good a shinobi as he.
That's how Shira finally became a shinobi.
Not only that… Lord Gaara recognized Shira's character and chose him to be his personal taijutsu coach.
To be named the Kazekage's taijutsu coach is a huge advancement! But this displeased many.
When someone who until just recently was below your rank attains great success, people become jealous… I understand now.
Changing people's perceptions takes time.
I see, so that's why Shira said that to me… I don't know what it is you sensed, but dwelling on the misfortunes of birth is meaningless.
Because, for all one's flaws and suffering, we have just one life.
Shira, you persevered so much, and yet… I'll never forgive the ones who did this to you! Lee! That idiot… Don't tell me he's going to… I wasn't good at using my chakra… so everyone belittled me… Stupid! There's no way you'll become a ninja! There's no way a chump who can't even use ninjutsu can become a ninja! Yes, I will! Whatever… The fact that you're even in the academy is nonsense.
You don’t have ninjutsu or genjutsu skills, and your taijutsu is below average! Do you know what everyone calls you here? All right, as of today, you're all genin.
So I'd like to know what it is you're all aiming for! I don't want to answer… Sensei! I'd like to prove that I can become a respectable shinobi even though I can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu! That would mean everything to me! Hey! What's so funny?! If you can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu, you're already out as a ninja.
Lee, you just won't learn your lesson, will you? There's no way you can win.
Unlike you, Neji is… …a genius.
It’s useless, Lee… No matter how much effort you make, there's no way you can take me down.
That’s just fact.
Yes! Yes! Yes! If I can't do 500 push-ups, I'll jump rope and do 1200 double unders! If I can't do that, I'll log kick 2000 times! Lee! Are you taking a break already? What is it, Guy Sensei? If it's about my blunder during the recent mission, I believe I have already apologized! Lee, it's true you're different from Neji.
You have no ninjutsu or genjutsu skills, and you're no taijutsu expert either… But Lee… You have powers that can exceed Neji's… You're a genius with hidden potential.
If you're trying to make me feel better, please stop.
I'm not trying to make you feel better or anything! The reason is that you are… a genius of hard work! There's no point in working hard if you don't believe in yourself! I hung in there because I believe in myself.
Shira… You're just like me! In fact, since you weren't able to attend the Academy, you must have trained much harder than me! I won't forgive the ones who were contemptuous of your efforts! This is—! Damn it… If you guys hadn't run off, we could've obtained a scroll.
That team with the Byakugan user is the one Shira warned us about.
Better safe than sorry.
By the way, they're not coming after us, are they? I used all those Paper Bombs, and that area has a lot of underground caverns… The explosions created a steeper cliff than I expected.
It'll take them a while to make their way across.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
The handsome blue beast of the Hidden Leaf, Rock Lee! You're that guy from earlier! What you did to Shira is unforgivable! Please apologize to Shira! Apologize to Shira? This guy's from the Hidden Leaf and he's siding with Shira?! When you believe in hard work and perseverance, it doesn't matter whether you're a friend or foe! That’s beside the point! How’d you get across that chasm?! I have invisible wings known as perseverance! Sometimes, perseverance… will turn into infinite wings that make the impossible possible! Until you apologize to Shira, my rage will not subside! Like hell we will! We know your weakness! Wind Style! Sandstorm Hurricane! This is genjutsu! Like Shira, you only specialize in taijutsu.
So we'll just capitalize on your weaknesses! Please fight me fair and square! What's cowardly?! It's your fault for not knowing ninjutsu! Inside the Sandstorm Hurricane, countless sand particles collide against each other and create powerful electro-magnetic waves.
Because of that, anyone caught inside it will continue to experience genjutsu.
It's about time to finish this! What?! Jeez! Are you crazy taking on six by yourself? Tenten! You two made it across too! If you made it, isn't it obvious we would too?! Damn it… We're a team! Don't go off on your own! I'm sorry! I just couldn't stand it… Well, we have no choice now.
Let's go, Tenten! That's more like it! What’s their deal? They’re ridiculously strong! I would like some payback as well! Great Leaf Whirlwind! Wait, Lee! Please forgive them.
Shira…! Why? Why would you defend them?! They betrayed you and put you through hell! Maybe they did.
But it doesn't matter.
How can you say it doesn't matter?! If they won't acknowledge me, I have only myself to blame.
That's all.
I already told you.
Whatever my flaws and misfortunes, this is the life I was born into.
I'm not bitter, and I bear no grudge.
Good or bad, this is my life.
I have only myself to blame for the bad because I didn't work hard enough.
I don't want to blame anyone for the life I have.
Shira… How can you say you didn't work hard enough? Shira! You are a man among men! The shinobi among shinobi! I've never been so moved in my life! Other than Guy Sensei, I've never met anyone so amazing! You get so carried away.
It was really touching, until you ruined the mood.
Take this.
This way, at least one of our teams will pass.
Damn it… Must you be so kind? Put yourself in our shoes, will you? Sorry.
Why are you apologizing? You're right.
But if you take this, what about you guys…? We'll figure something out.
Why would you go so far? Is it all for Lord Gaara? Until recently, he was a brutal shinobi who'd kill anyone.
People don't change so easily! I realize that.
But Lord Gaara and I are the same… That's what I believe.
I can tell from training with him.
Lord Gaara bitterly regrets his past actions.
And he knows that atonement won't come easy.
And yet, Lord Gaara keeps pushing forward.
Because despite what people think of him… he believes that persevering is the best thing to do right now.
I don't care about who I am right now… As long as I'm not ashamed of the man I am in the future.
Oh, the words that come out of your mouth! You're absolutely right! What counts is the man that you are in the future! Okay, okay… We heard you, pipe down! We…can't accept that.
Hey, give him your scroll.
Why?! We have our pride too.
We lost this battle.
So we're handing you our scroll.
But we're not about to give up just yet.
We’ll prove it by obtaining the scrolls from the other teams.
Let's go! Why did they? They realized that they don’t want to be ashamed of themselves in the future.
Shira! Um… Thank you.
Thanks to you, it looks like Shira will have a place in the Hidden Sand.
We didn't do anything.
Shira did it with his own strength and a little help from our taijutsu-idiot.
He’s very honest… He might be a little like our Shira.
Uh, I don't think so.
His weird clothes, his hair, or his eyebrows… They're not alike at all! That’s true He’s right up there with Naruto in stupidity.
Naruto? A shinobi from our village.
He’s on a journey right now.
We’ve heard of him.
Lord Gaara speaks of a shinobi who changed him.
I'm sure the name was Naruto.
I wonder what he's up to now? Neji… Tenten… This has nothing to do with the Second Exam… But I have a favor to ask.
Uh-oh… Here we go… I never want to go through something like last time! Sasuke beat Gaara of the Sand against whom I was no match… And Naruto beat Neji whom I longed to defeat… Why? Why does it always turn out like this? You wouldn't have listened to us even if we tried to stop you, right? Right! Shira! I want to fight you! Because we both seek to master taijutsu, please fight me! If I can face you in battle, I'll have no regrets from these Chunin Exams! Fine with me, Lee.
To be honest, I've wanted to fight you! Shira! I will show you how serious I am! This is my last fight.
Last? Lee, it’s all because of you, that I can be a shinobi.
I’m grateful to you.
It might have been your fists that changed Lord Gaara.
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