Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e09 Episode Script

Escape vs. Pursuit

Escape vs.
Pursuit It's a good trick, eh? I want to wrap things up in a cool way for the Second Exam.
Akamaru gave it his seal of approval with his paws.
It's not bad, but… I don't see what's so cool about it.
I think it's good! It's a little slow, but it's trying hard to advance… It's kind of like something Naruto would do…or… This has nothing to do with Naruto! It's my idea, after all… You're right… But I wonder where Naruto is training with Jiraiya Sensei around now? Who knows! What was that just now? Kiba? Anyway, who cares how he's training? Let's pass these Chunin Exams and get a leg up on him! Let's go, Kurenai's Team 8! Damn scroll, damn scroll, damn scroll… How can we be so unlucky? So what, Kazami? We get to hunt… and I'm enjoying this.
It's no fun, it's no fun, it's no fun! But I have a feeling… that Lady Luck will be on our side next time! Burami, Muyami! We can do it! I know we can! We've got it! Three cheers for us! Hip, hip, hooray! Weren't you going for a cool finish? I couldn't help it.
It didn't go right.
We don't even know what kind of scroll we're fighting for, and that's not cool.
So what do you suggest? Hinata, can't you do something? You can, right? Like using your Byakugan to search for Heaven scrolls.
I can't go so far as seeing what kind of scroll it is.
Kiba! Hush! Do you think someone heard us? It's all right! You sure about that? Our hunch was right on target.
Luck has smiled upon us! Fools! Those guys are fools, fools, fools! Hidden Leaf rivals! We heard you loud and clear! Now that's good to know.
Otherwise, our little charade would've been wasted since we did it just so you'd hear us.
Since you fell for the bait and showed up, your scroll must be… We both have what the other wants.
So let's get down to business… and try to get it! Fine! We accept your challenge! You smell, don't you? You're thinking the same thing too, right, Akamaru? This guy is strong.
Ninja Art! Beast Mimicry.
Man Beast Clone! Damn it! Well then… Fang Over Fang! This guy's belly…absorbs my attack and fires it back! Byakugan! I see them… I'll make the first move! So this is the Hyuga's famed Gentle Fist… Her goal is to pierce my pressure points to manipulate my chakra… Well then, I'll just take advantage of the air! He uses that flag to change the flow and shape of the air currents… Will you cut through it? I'll crush you! Protective 8 Trigrams 64 Palms! Don't let this awkward silence bother you.
The reason is because, it's our first meeting and there's nothing I want to ask you.
I'm shy… so I'm going to excuse myself.
All right! Come at me! Akamaru! Don't slam into him! Just bite him! Ouch! I'm bleeding! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! All right! One more time! We got you! We got you! Thanks for the scroll! Damn it! Damn it! How the hell?! First thing we did was to watch you all battle and figure out who had what scroll.
It was easy… You put an unusual amount of strength on your side.
Once we knew who had the scroll, we all attacked.
They pulled a fast one on us.
No way! It's all thanks to me.
I'm the one who saw the scroll! It's because we had a good combo! I did it! I did it! Shut up! That scroll belongs to us! Ninja Art… Smell Sphere! My body…is getting numb… I can't move… This shockwave feels like it's piercing straight through my head.
Akamaru and I can identify it.
It's a scent…! It's something we've never smelled before… It's an unbelievable scent explosion! It's a special scent that I ferment inside my body.
Want some more? Why you—! Kiba, you two… With your keen sense of smell… this must be overpowering.
Are you okay, Kiba?! Damn it… I'm not okay! My nose feels like it's on fire…Oww! It's all thanks to me.
I did this, right? Burami, get this through your thick skull! It's because of our teamwork! Damn it! Akamaru! Kiba! What? You're not supposed to be standing… You're not supposed to be walking… So how? How? So they're not about to give up yet, eh? That's their teamwork… I swear I'll get it back! That's our scroll! Right! We're not giving up until we get it back! That's because we can't give up on becoming chunin! So annoying.
Summoning Jutsu! Moguranmaru! We're done with these guys! Let's get going.
I want a ride too! Don't track any mud in here.
It's so crowded…and it stinks! This is teamwork! Why you—! Trying to run away?! I won't let you! Our team specializes in snatching our target item in enemy territory and taking it home without fail.
We got what we came for.
This battle is over.
You guys can't touch us now.
Bye! You guys! Stop! Hey! Well, that's fine with us.
Brag all you want about your ability to get away.
Team Kurenai has the power of sensory perception.
We're pros at tracking! And we've got a cool guy who assesses every situation calmly and initializes action! Shino! We're already in contact.
That's because my insects are attached to that mole.
I attached female insects… and nothing will stop the males of that species from chasing their delicate scent.
My nose is still useless.
So is Akamaru's.
We're counting on your insects! Don't worry.
I've got this covered.
They're close! The mole is under there somewhere! All right! What is it, Ranmaru? Damn it! It sensed the insects! This is why I said not to track in any mud! Ranmaru has really sensitive skin and is a clean freak! They're escaping underground again! Damn! It's all right.
We're close enough that I can see them! They may be in the sand, but I won't lose them! Hinata! Byakugan! I see them! Over at 10 o'clock! Got it! They're not getting away! They're turning towards 1 o'clock! Hinata! How close am I to that mole?! Six meters! Akamaru! Man Beast Clone! Fang Over Fang! Target's changing directions! I won't let ‘em get away! This time… I won't miss! Go straight on ahead! Five meters! Four meters! I'm gonna close in just a bit more… Three meters! W-What…?! What is this? The sand is getting softer and softer… What? Is this game of tag over already? This isn't good.
The sand is like… Yes, it's like a bottomless swamp… I'm sinking quickly… This is what they were after.
And we fell for it… hook, line and sinker.
Akamaru! Sink! Sink! Sink! Hinata! So this is…it… Shino! No one will come after us now.
Our team wins.
Actually, I outshined the rest of the team.
It was all because my Moguranmaru came through for us.
You guys don't get it.
In any case, it will be smooth ride to the finish line.
We just aced the Second Exam.
Akamaru! Akamaru! Get a hold of yourself! Hey! Akamaru! Good boy, Akamaru! It was all thanks to your Marking! That was really quick thinking! If we didn't smell like urine, it would've been perfect… Don't worry, Akamaru.
It's not too smelly.
I'm fine with it.
No… It stinks.
Kiba! My nose is working again.
Hinata, can you pursue those guys with your Byakugan? They're out of range for my Byakugan… Well then… It's my turn! I smell them.
It's the big guy's intense body odor! We're not giving up! We'll chase them to the depths of hell and definitely get the scroll back! The scent's gone! Damn it! What do we do? There's no reason to despair.
That's because if we lose our sense of smell, we still have the sense of sight.
But they're outside the range of the Byakugan… Then we'll go to the outermost range! Bugs… We're depending on you! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Unwavering Gutsiness" We'll get back both the Heaven and Earth scrolls! IN NARUTO'S FOOTSTEPS ~ THE PATH TRAVELED UNWAVERING GUTSINESS Tune in again!