Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e10 Episode Script

The Guts to Never Give Up

I just caught a whiff… You finally notice what you smell like? Not me.
When you deal with things that smell, your nose becomes sensitive to all kinds of scents.
What do you smell? The loud-mouthed guy.
I'd recognize his mongrel smell anywhere.
Them…?! Are you telling me they managed to climb out of the sand?! It's more fun this way.
We're back to the chase! We can play tag! It's no fun for me at all.
– No matter how hard they try, – This place is so hot and open.
– they can't catch up to us.
– Give me a nice corner to snuggle up in.
Then let's do this.
Poor Hidden Leaf.
Bu…rami! All right… Let's cheer for Burami! Hip hip hurray! Burami! Hip hip hooray! Burami! Hip hip hooray! Burami! I hate this so much! This will neutralize our smell.
We're odorless.
Their scent is gone! You too? Damn it! What'll we do? There's no reason to despair.
That's because if we lose our sense of smell, we still have the sense of sight.
But they're outside the range of the Byakugan! Then we have to get within range.
We're counting on you, insects! Looks like they found those guys up ahead.
All right, just watch! We're getting back the scroll… I mean, both the Heaven and Earth scrolls! Unwavering Gutsiness There they are.
Now it's their turn to sink into sand! Wait… I don't see their chakra.
What? What do you mean? It's a mirage… Damn it… So they're fakes? The tower… Use your insects again, Shino… But there's no guarantee we'll find the real guys.
There's a chance they'll reach the tower while we wait for my insects to respond.
Damn it! Why does his face keep popping up? We can't give up.
Let's go after them.
Even if we have no clue where they are? Sure we have a clue! It's guaranteed they're heading for the tower.
And they're going to avoid that bottomless swamp! It's a huge perimeter, I know… But it's still a set range! Well, Hinata? Can you at least try to get a direction? Okay, I'll try.
Looks like there's lots of quicksand in the northeast.
The northwest is… even more restricted.
In comparison, the north-northeast route looks safer… I'm in favor of heading for the tower.
There's also the chance of finding others with the Heaven and Earth scrolls.
We don't have to target the Hidden Grass trio.
Yes, we do! Those guys stole our scroll.
I would… Naruto would absolutely take it back from them! I mean, never mind Naruto.
You're right.
Naruto wouldn't give up.
He would pursue them to the ends of the earth… Forget Naruto! I'm not going to give up! Right, Naruto wouldn't give up.
I said I'm not…! No, we won't.
Shino… That's because Team 8 with its sensory perception powers must never be beaten.
All right! Let's show them what we're made of! We're not letting them… get away! I think we gave them the slip.
What's wrong? It's those pesky guys again.
I thought you erased our smell? I did… But it seems like they can track by instinct.
Then let's just take a detour.
No, we can't underestimate them.
Their persistence isn't ordinary.
They must be really confident about their tracking skills.
So, what'll we do? You have me, so relax.
Hip hip hooray, Burami! Here we…go! You too, Akamaru?! What is it, Kiba? It's that blubber man's smell! This way! You can try, but you can't hide your smell! I'll be there… You just wait.
Kiba… As expected, a trap.
The whole place reeks with his smell.
Which smell… is that bastard's smell? His smell? They're on to us.
Damn it! Damn it! Why was I able to keep laughing? Why was I able to get back up again? What enabled me to do that back then? Naruto… Just when I thought I caught up to him… He takes off to train with Master Jiraiya… Damn it… Even I want… Listen, Akamaru… We're going to surpass the Two-Headed Wolf.
We're going to increase the number of heads by a lot! And we'll call it the… Multi-Headed Wolf! To do that… Shadow Clone Jutsu! W-What…? I don't have… enough chakra! Okay, I get it.
You're right… The more Shadow Clones, the more chakra you use up.
I wonder how much chakra Naruto has? Damn it… It's no use.
I've got to start with one, then steadily increase it.
Shadow Clone Jutsu! Let's do it, Akamaru! Counting you, we'll have three bodies! Three-Headed Wolf! – Inuzuka Style… – Inuzuka Style… – Man Beast Transformation Combo! – Man Beast Transformation Combo! – Three-Headed Wolf! – Three-Headed Wolf! I can't even sustain my jutsu when my chakra goes down by half… Steadily increase it? Who am I kidding? Can I even do a Three-Headed Wolf…? I have to do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! If I don't have enough chakra, I'll increase it! I'll work on my stamina and taijutsu to build up my basic strength! Naruto! Blood, sweat… This place reeks with Naruto's scent… Can you tell by this scent? Me too.
I can tell just how hard Naruto trained in here.
I'm going to cover this place… with our scent! Shadow Clone Jutsu! One more time, Akamaru! I won't give up! I'm never giving up! No way am I going to lose… to that bastard! Three-Headed Wolf! Yeah, it's my… It's our scent! Damn… I can feel Naruto.
He's laughing at us again… Asking if we're gonna give up… We're not giving up.
It's okay… Just give up! Y-You guys… How…did…? Nothing wrong with prey turning into the predator, right? They totally caught us by surprise… At this rate… Hip hip hooray… Burami! Hip hip hooray, Muyami! Hip hip hooray, Burami! Is it over…for us? That's…! Hey, he stopped moving… We did it! We beat them! And it's all 'cuz of me! No, Burami.
It was our teamwork.
It doesn't matter.
Let's hurry and finish this.
It's all 'cuz of me! There's the tower! We did it! You guys! How…?! We fooled you real good! Did you think we were dead?! Too bad… We're still alive! I used the insects inside me to mimic a death-like state.
Kiba and Hinata switched places with insect clones.
We've been had! Even so? How were you able to track us?! Didn't you catch their scent? Our scent didn't leak.
The reason is… You made airtight suits made with your insects?! How do you like that?! But, but…we erased our scent too! So how come they were able to track us?! We didn't follow your scent! I followed this scent! There's a guy named Naruto! Never heard of him.
Who is he?! I'm just saying he exists! And he kept popping into my head.
I thought it was strange… Then I remembered.
Different scents stir up your memory.
Back at that training ground, some grass got rubbed into my elbow.
The scent of that reminded me of that training… and even brought back memories I didn't want to remember…like Naruto! Telling me not to give up, no matter what.
That's got nothing to do with us… But it does! The stain on my elbow… I rubbed it on Blubber Man's belly earlier.
You were able to erase the scent of your flesh… but you didn't think as far as erasing the smell of the grass.
It's your fault.
No, it's the entire team's fault! Anyway, we caught up to you, so return it… No… We'll take it back from you! Our Heaven scroll! Summoning Jutsu! Moguranmaru! Infestation successful! Fang Over Fang! Devour them! Parasitic Gigantic Beetle! I'll take down all three of you at once! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Inuzuka Style… Man Beast Transformation Combo! Three-Headed Wolf! Burami! I'm okay! I'm…! H-Hip… Tail Chasing! Hooray!! Rotating Fang! Naruto saved us… That's because… That's because Naruto reminded us to never give up! You think?! Don't kid yourself! I'm the one who remembered Naruto, then tracked that guy with his scent! It was all 'cuz of me! I still think Naruto… It was me! You did great too, Akamaru! It's convenient having you around, Tenten! What do you mean by "convenient"? I have convenient tools, but I am not a convenient tool…okay? No, no! You are absolutely convenient! Please! – Umm, Tenten? – Don't follow me! I wonder what happened? I don't know either.
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