Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e11 Episode Script

Tenten's Troubles

Judging from their headbands, they belong to the Hidden Rain Which scroll do they have? Heaven or Earth? All you do is run away! Just be nice and hand over your scroll! That's not happening.
Ajisai Fire Style! Unsealing Jutsu! Confetti Storm! Our strength scared them off! Just when we almost had their scroll! Tenten's Troubles Lady Angel Lady Angel, what is our special mission? Take advantage of the Chunin Exams to find a Jinchuriki.
A Jinchuriki? Suiren, Fuyou Use your Sensory Perception skills and look for a shinobi who harbors an enormous amount of chakra.
Is that what a Jinchuriki is? Even if you don't find a Jinchuriki, bring back intel of any extraordinary shinobi from other villages.
You will follow these two, Ajisai.
I understand.
The Hidden Rain is in the midst of a reformation.
Other villages must not find out.
They must continue to believe that Hanzo of the Salamander rules the Hidden Rain.
– Yes! – Yes! What is it, Ajisai? You can so see many stars in other villages Stars, huh! So this is what a starlit sky is like Oha shooting star! It's the first time I've seen one We'll see them too, someday, in Hidden Rain Village.
Now then There's no other shinobi in the area.
Okay, we can relax and have a meal.
We're having okonomiyaki pancakes for dinner! Okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki in the desert… Who would have expected that? We all need to eat well and maintain our strength.
It's convenient having you around, Tenten.
What do you mean by "convenient"? It's so great that you're so convenient! Excuse me? I may have convenient tools, but I am not a convenient toolokay? No, no! You're absolutely convenient! Come on! I am not convenient! You can prepare your own meal.
Hey, Tenten Don't follow me! I wonder what happened? I don't know either.
What do we do? Don't look at me.
That was just me venting, wasn't it? Third Gate of Life Open! You've improved greatly, Tenten.
Thank you.
You've perfected your skills.
But it's not good enough, Guy Sensei.
Oh? What's wrong? Mastery with weapons in one-on-one combat is fundamental for a ninja, correct? Fundamentals are important.
I know that.
But the issue is going beyond the fundamentals Neji honed his Gentle Fist and developed a new jutsu.
So I understand.
He's brilliant! Lee only has fundamental taijutsu skills, but he can open the Eight Inner Gates.
It's the fruits of his labor! But all I have is the basics.
I want to apply my skills too.
At this rate, all I'll ever do is stand behind them and support them.
You know, Tenten, such a role is crucial in teamwork.
I realize that both Neji and Lee are taijutsu users who are close-contact fighters We're able to fight aggressively because we know that you have our back.
We're grateful that you're here for us.
Rather than gratitude, I'd like to have my own special ninjutsu.
Isn't there something, Guy Sensei? How about the Sansetsukon? That's no different from this! That's right, Tenten! You have a trait no one else on this team has.
You should polish that.
A skill no one else has? You're really convenient to have around.
Please don't talk about me like I'm some tool, Sensei! Oh no, I didn't mean it like that at all.
I'm asking you after giving this a lot of thought, you know.
Tenten The okonomiyaki pancakes are done.
Let's eat! How do they taste? I'm not too confident about them, but Looks like it's going to be another hot day.
It's the complete opposite of Hidden Rain Village.
A little dampness would be nice.
I see a little bit of green over there.
Byakugan! What do you see, Neji? There's no one around here.
Let's keep moving.
As we approach the finish line, others are bound to appear.
It's better than lying in wait.
If we're going to wait, I see a good spot.
Where? Want to go and check it out? This place is eerie.
I see caves all around us.
It seems to be a ruin.
A ruin? Yeahof the Land of Wind.
Just as I expected.
They're Hidden Leaf shinobi.
They look different from yesterday's bunch.
Yesterday's trio was totally unimpressive.
I wonder what these guys are like? They're heading right for us.
They have a Sensory Perception type too.
We'll ambush them.
They're lying in wait.
What about their scroll? We'll fight and snatch it away.
Looks like they plan to do the same thing.
They're coming straight for us! Let's not waste time on senseless fighting.
I'll be blunt.
We have the Heaven scroll.
HEAVEN If this is what you're after, let's fight.
Unsealing Jutsu: Shuriken! That jutsu! Rotation! Summoning Jutsu, Gate of Rainwater! You're not the only one who can use Transportation Ninjutsu.
Those guys are pretty good.
Yeah, however None of them are oozing with large amounts of chakra.
Unsealing Jutsu! Confetti Storm! FIRE They ran away! Byakugan! Let's go after them! They're coming after us.
They definitely have a Sensory type with them.
Hidden Drizzle Jutsu! What happened? There's little moisture around here.
My Water style doesn't work well.
I know we don't have ground advantage.
It's an impossible battle, but we have no choice but to fight.
Leaf Hurricane! Above you, Lee! – Senbon Rainstorm! – Senbon Rainstorm! You're pretty good! Gentle Fist! Leaf Drop! ROPE Tenten! Ajisai! I sense their chakra underground but it's deep down.
The sand and gravel are in the way.
We can't waste time fighting senselessly.
We're going to save our teammate, so we request that you not interfere.
Same here.
Yes, let's call a truce for now.
We're not at war.
This is just the Chunin Exams.
Our teammate's safety is more important than passing or failing.
We agree to your plan.
But we'll conduct our own search.
This looks like a ruin of the Land of Wind.
Ajisai and the other shinobi fell into an underground corridor.
If it's a corridor, it has to connect from somewhere.
Should we just use brute strength and dig from above? There's a risk of collapse.
We should search for a passageway into the ruin and follow them underground.
Yikes What's wrong? Burn with the passion of youth! Let your youthful energy seethe! Fill up with burning chakra! But Guy Sensei I thought this is just strength training! You're too easygoing, Tenten.
Somewhere along this cliff, your physical strength will reach its limits.
Then you will fall and die.
Die? To prevent yourself from dying, you must overcome the limits of your physical strength.
Overcoming the limits of physical strength requires a strong will.
Yes sir! Hi there.
Are you guys cliff-climbing too? Hang in there.
Kakashi?! Why is your arm behind your back? It's a little habit of mine.
Well, see you later! "See you later"? Wait up! This is a contest! I'm finishing first! Don't get so worked up.
This is only training.
What's wrong with a little rivalry during training! Hey, please wait, Guy Sensei! You can take it easy! Jeez! Damn, damn it Damn it Good job, Tenten.
You made it.
Well? Did you overcome your limits? I'm not quite sure But I think I overcame something.
Here you go.
You're convenient, after all.
Please stop saying that already.
I mean, your jutsu is convenient.
Storing items in a scroll, or using a scroll to pull things from a distance The Transportation Technique, which is a type of Summoning Jutsu.
You either have the skill for it or you don't.
You're saying that I have the skill for it? Seems that way.
Honing that skill is the path to gaining the strength and usefulness you desire.
Hone my skill? Isn't that only going to increase my physical strength? Your spiritual strength too.
You know that chakra is the combination of physical energy and spiritual energy, right? Each individual can increase chakra simply by training.
Simply put, if you increase your physical and spiritual power, your chakra will increase too.
Increasing my chakra is good for me? With Summoning Jutsu, the caster's chakra is directly proportionate to the quantity and size of what is summoned.
This is the amount of water you just summoned.
By increasing your chakra, you can summon enough water to fill a bathtub, or a lake, or even an ocean.
An ocean OCEAN And that is why we will continue to train to increase our chakra, Tenten.
Right! We just climbed up, so why are we climbing down?! This is training too! Burn with the passion of youth! Let your youthful energy seethe! Fill up with burning chakra! Huh? Where am I? Hey, are you all right? Heycome on! Lee, did you find something? No, I thought it was an entrance into the ruins, but it was just a boulder.
I see We have to find the entrance quickly.
We don't know how long we have until everything caves in, due to that previous shockwave Oh no! Can't you find them with your Byakugan, Neji? Well, it seems they fell down a considerable distance Tenten Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Imprisoned Pair" I hope you are safe! IN NARUTO'S FOOTSTEPS ~ THE PATH TRAVELED THE IMPRISONED PAIR Tune in again!