Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e14 Episode Script

The Yamanaka Clan's Secret Ninjutsu

We have to reach the oasis sometime today, or else our provisions will be in trouble! We have water that I extracted out of that giant scorpion, so we can still get by! Well, I refuse to "get by" with scorpion water for the rest of the Chunin Exam! It's just like you planned.
I didn't account for this.
You are The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu You are Please hand over your scroll.
Then we will allow you access to the water in the oasis up ahead.
And if you wish, medical treatment.
What?! We don't need to be treated by you! We have our own medical specialist! Ino… Yeah.
Besides, no one told us the oasis's water belonged to anyone.
You tell 'em Choji! Sakura, you tell 'em too! We don't need treatment, but we definitely need water.
Hey, we'll lose even before we fight, if you get weak like that! Sand Formation: Shisa! So she was a pawn? Jumping within my range of attack without taking any precautions… I heard this team had two Medical Ninja and was curious… But she doesn't have the cool-headed judgment required of a Medical Ninja.
How disappointing that my expectations were unwarranted.
Which means… No more negotiating.
Seems that way.
You just fired us up! Choji and I will break through this! Medical Water Style! Water Praying Mantis! Don't worry.
Once we get your scroll, I'll treat your wound.
It's not an ordinary Water Style blade.
It's as sharp as a Chakra Scalpel.
She's very strong! Saganken: Sand Stone Fist! Damn! I missed! Partial Expansion Jutsu! This sand fist…is equal to my size and power… But… …it's ridiculously hard.
And it must be pretty heavy… But he easily… Let's see who's stronger! Amazing… To see through successive attacks… Your attack is boring! He just took a blind swing! You seem to be having a hard time.
Not as hard as you.
You two… are fooling around too much.
Did you finish infusing chakra? Here I go! Polarized Sand Formation.
Burning Sand Camouflage! They disappeared! This is not the time… to worry about the others.
Now, how will you fight a foe you can't see? Choji… If we scatter, we'll be at a disadvantage.
You got my back? U-Uh-huh! Sakura… Choji… At 8 o'clock, distance 10… At 3 o'clock, distance 5… Two of them.
At 6 o'clock, distance 30.
It's no good! My chakra's disrupted… I can't tell! If my concentration lapses even a little, my Sensory Perception doesn't work.
I can't use this in actual battle… I'm sorry, Choji.
I wanted to get this down by the Chunin Exams, but… It's okay.
The fact that you can even do Sensory Perception is amazing to me.
You can't use it in real battle, that's for sure.
However… It's these little tricks you think you can't use that somehow work in an unexpected surprise attack.
Not yet …we can't let it end yet.
Nah… Let's finish things up here.
Choji, watch out! How do I watch out for a foe I can't see? Figure it out yourself! In the direction of six o'clock! All right! Thank you, Shikamaru! Found them! The three of them are on the move.
I sense their chakra… The enemy should be heading this way.
Since when do you have sensory powers? That's amazing! "Right?!" …is what I want to say, but in actual combat, it's still difficult for me.
If I have the time to concentrate I can do it.
I see… Well, no enemy will give us the luxury of time… If there's no time to spare, you just have to steal it! I pretended to be a pawn to buy time and use Sensory Perception.
Don't be so proud of yourself for fooling us.
We thought he got you.
Now, now… We're taking this.
You can't buy time for damage this small.
What? What the hell is going on?! I never expected a Sensory Perception user to be among you.
That counter attack was perfectly executed… I'm shocked it didn't work… But the speed with which she undid the damage… I had kneaded chakra earlier for this Medical Water Style Water Jellyfish .
If it weren't for this self-healing We would have been in trouble.
Kouji, Shishio… I'm out of Water Jellyfish, but can you still continue? Sure… This time, I won't allow any sensing! Choji, Sakura! I'll track them with… Th-This is a sensory barrier?! Blinding Sand Formation: Noise! I won't let you sense us anymore! Ino! Be grateful to Ameno.
She gets really upset if I do too much damage.
What? What is it? You're so antsy.
Are you so worried about your daughter's Chunin Exam? I won't make any excuses, but… my daughter's what you call a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
Before I knew it, she turned her back on training in our Secret Jutsu… and took up Medical Ninjutsu training.
I mean… She's been such a burden to you, Lady Tsunade… Don't worry about it.
Besides, I don't intend to make her a Medical Ninja.
Huh? I just thought it would come in handy someday.
Since she skipped out training for the Secret Jutsu to come learn under me If I can't sense them, I can't get into Mind Transfer mode.
So I'll contact those two with Mind Transmission Sakura, Choji… Can you hear me? I-I hear you.
Ino! Can you do something to sense the enemy?! My Sensory Perception is being blocked.
But…I think the enemy's attack follows a pattern.
That's pretty obvious! The enemy attacks from your blind side.
Like just now, I can see Choji's opponent.
Except, it's already too late when I see one coming.
I knew it… You can communicate with several people at once.
This is the Mind Transmission Jutsu.
Transmission of intel is a basic part of battle strategy.
As long as the enemy doesn't find out, it's a huge military asset.
You learned an awesome jutsu, Ino! I-I guess… The more useful the jutsu, the riskier it is.
That goes for the Mind Transmission Jutsu as well.
If you misjudge your level of skill and carelessly increase the jutsu's intensity, in the worst case you could die.
By increasing the intensity, do you mean widening the scope or increasing the number of people involved? I guess that would change how we strategize… Yes… There are levels within the Mind Transmission Jutsu that correlates to the user's skill.
Transmission speed, the scope, the number of people in the conversation… These change according to the user's level.
And when truly mastered, you are able to transmit what is most precious.
What is most precious? The Mind Transmission Jutsu… In other words, using your body to communicate what is in someone's heart.
On the battlefield, when you can feel the intensity of your teammates thoughts for you… that gives you more courage than anything.
I've only scratched the surface of this jutsu… If only I had spent more time training… If only I had spent the time I used training in Medical Ninjutsu, training with Dad… That happens because your chakra control is too rough.
Control your chakra more delicately! Lady Tsunade… Sakura, Choji, listen up! Huh?! You can do that?! It doesn't matter… I have to do it.
I have to raise my level much, much more.
Mind Transmission Jutsu! Send Sakura's thoughts to Choji! It worked! Send these thoughts to Choji.
I did it! I saw something, but at this rate, I won't make it in time.
Transmitting takes too long.
I have to send Sakura's thoughts straight to Choji.
I won't give up! More! More! I will raise the level of my Mind Transmission! More…more… More…more! My thoughts this time! Cha… How? How could you Impossible! Intense feelings decided the outcome of this fight.
Ino, are you still up to it? Of course! Then let's finish this.
W-Wait! – No excuses! – No excuses! All right, that should do it.
We're in the middle of the Chunin Exams and we're on opposite sides, so thank you.
I'm a Medical Kunoichi.
This is what we do.
Is it any wonder guys love Medical Kunoichi?! Why are you saying that nonsense again?! Moe, moe! Well, let's get going.
But are you sure about this? Yes.
We have our scrolls.
Just the water itself is appreciated.
But… Talk about complete defeat… Well, we'll get both scrolls and get our revenge in the Third Exam.
I don't consider this a victory either.
So let's settle it next time we meet.
The barrier you put up against my Sensory Perception was really tough.
No, we underestimated your skill.
That was our downfall.
He's right! When did you learn to do that anyway?! Huh? Well… What's the saying? "He who knows, speaks least.
" I just wanted to prove that I'm Lady Tsunade's apprentice too.
Well said! Anyway, we'll be going this way.
And we'll go this way.
SENSORY PERCEPTION DIVISION Extreme delicacy is required to perform the Secret Ninjutsu of the Yamanaka Clan.
I have no doubt that the chakra control skill required in Medical Ninjutsu will come in handy.
Lady Tsunade…! It may seem she's taking a detour, but she's learning what she must.
And you, as her father must be well aware of that.
In time, you will surpass me… In fact, I have faith that you will become the foremost shinobi of the Yamanaka Clan! Those guys were pretty formidable.
Who knows what would have happened if you weren't here Ino.
Don't say that.
You two bought me time, that's why.
If you two didn't give it your all, who knows…? I'm sorry, Dad, for skipping out on my training.
Please forgive me, Lady Tsunade… For thinking that Medical Ninjutsu was an easy way out.
Your guidance and training in Medical Ninjutsu helped me to grow.
Calm decision-making, delicate chakra control… Everything is pushing me in the direction that I'm destined to go.
All right, let's do our best and reach our goal! What? A doll? An enemy? Sakura! How are you doing physically? You guys made it possible for me to rest so I'm okay.
He's a puppet user! Ino, he's coming this way! If our enemy is a puppet user, if we get the jutsu user then we'll Sakura, use my body! Leave it to me! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Cursed Puppet" This guy's dangerous! IN NARUTO'S FOOTSTEPS ~ THE PATH TRAVELED THE CURSED PUPPET Tune in again!