Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s18e15 Episode Script

The Cursed Puppet

The Cursed Puppet Hey, we have both scrolls, so let's go straight for the goal.
I wish we could, but there's a high risk of getting ambushed.
We should stick to Sakura's plan and take the detour.
Sakura…? Sakura! Sakura… Two dams… Next, I'm going to teach you the jutsu to revive all the organs, the entire system.
It's called the Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu.
Ninja Art… Mitotic Regeneration? This isn't a jutsu that revolves around healing skills.
It's the same kind of regeneration jutsu that the First Hokage used.
The First Hokage had such enormous chakra that he could activate it without weaving signs.
I don't have that kind of immense chakra.
So…there's one more jutsu I will teach you.
It's called The 100 Healings Jutsu.
The 100 Healings Jutsu? Even I don't have the kind of chakra that the First Hokage had.
So I developed this jutsu.
By using it, you can keep a huge amount of chakra in reserve.
By combining these two, the body will continue to regenerate and you will not die during that time.
A-Amazing… However, there's a problem with The 100 Healings Jutsu.
Not only does it require extremely delicate chakra control, you must amass chakra for three years.
Three years…? You have a constant amount of chakra infused.
Well, you must maintain that state for three years! I have to maintain this condition for three years?! Sakura! Due to the effect of The 100 Healings Jutsu, your normal chakra level has become extremely low.
This will only be a hindrance during healing and in battle.
At this rate, I can't allow you to perform any surgery or go out into the battlefield.
The 100 Healings Jutsu creates a smaller secondary dam in which to store the chakra reserve… If I keep two dams of chakra and make sure I use each of them for their specific purpose… I should be able to perform surgery as well as fight in battles! Ino! Choji! Is it an enemy? A doll? You're such a good girl… …for finding me some prey.
Sakura, are you holding up physically? Yes, since you let me rest… Elder Sister, let's hurry and kill them.
Don't be so hasty, Sana.
You'll get Saya mad.
I'm sure Elder Sister wants to get this over with quickly too.
Right, Elder Sister…? All right then… Saya, damn you…! L-Lady Saya! I shall take my time… and curse these victims that my doll has found.
Th-Then which one will we kill first? Let's see… They are both quite cute… They will be worth killing.
I don't want the fatso… Fatso! You're mine! I…am… pleasingly plump! Put it any way you like.
A fatso's still a fatso! This guy's dangerous! Choji! Then I'll take the blonde one.
She is mine.
Then one with the big forehead… She is mine as well.
Fatso! I said I'm pleasingly plump! Partial Expansion Jutsu! That was close! Choji! She's…a Puppet User! You have been cursed.
You can no longer… escape from her.
If she's the Puppet User, as long as we bring down the jutsu caster… Sakura, my body…! Leave it to me! Mind…! Puppet Imitation Jutsu.
Ino…? Ino?! Choji! It's up to me to do this… Ino! Sakura! This is not the time to worry about your friends.
You're in quite a bind too, you know.
Super Expansion Jutsu! I'll eat you! Ino! W-What is it? Puppet Imitation Jutsu! I realized it after I was under that jutsu.
She calls it a curse, but it's not a Puppet Jutsu.
It's closer to a Mind Transfer Jutsu.
Aw man! The Yamanaka Clan's reputation is ruined! Elder Sister, thanks for coming to my rescue! Lady Saya! Curse those guys! – There's no need to tell me that.
– There's no need to tell me that.
– I shall show no mercy.
– I shall show no mercy.
This doll is mine… Now, go! Punish your arrogant friends! I-Ino, he's coming this way! Then there's only one way.
We have to get the jutsu caster… Ino…? No one beats the Yamanaka Clan in Mind Transfer! Mind Transfer Jutsu! Choji! That's not nice.
You can't enter my doll without permission… Get out! Choji is our friend! So you get out! At this rate, I can't allow you to perform any surgery or go out into the battlefront.
I need much…much more chakra… I need much…more chakra… Back then, I was… always being protected by those two… and watching from behind.
But times have changed.
If I have chakra, I can fight.
Isn't that magnificent? I guess you're just about ready.
Not yet.
I need more power in order to take down Itachi.
The aforementioned reagent has just been completed.
Oh… The one to test on Suigetsu? Who is overseeing the experiment? I'll have Karin do it.
Aren't they both in the east hideout? Yes, I'm dispatching a subordinate right away to bring them.
I'll go get them.
What brought this on? I'm bored, that's all.
Wonders never cease.
I can't believe you're here.
Don't worry.
I'm leaving the minute I'm done here.
I-I'm not worried! Anyway, you're late bringing the medicine! I'm so disappointed that Orochimaru's lackey is you.
I sure hope you don't plan on becoming Orochimaru's pet like this one.
Who did you call a pet?! I'm going to get ready for the experiment.
Sasuke, don't bother with this guy! Sasuke, seriously… Will you help me? I'm sick and tired of this place.
That all depends on your strength.
Sheesh… Hey… Aw man, what kind of horrible experiment is it gonna be this time? Hey, you…! You fool, what are you doing?! Lucky me! You let Suigetsu escape…?! When I came to, everything was like this.
Damn it! If Lord Orochimaru finds out about this, he'll take it out on me! We're going after him now! Round up everyone! And what good will that do against him? Sasuke! You're still here?! I figured it might be interesting to watch the experiment.
Anyway, what will you do? Since I'm here, I'll lend you a hand.
Over that way… Towards 1 o'clock! Sensory Perception? Yeah, if it's someone I know, I can go after their chakra.
That's convenient.
But I don't get it.
With that kind of power, I'd think you could get away from Orochimaru.
That's because… Help! I'll bet this redhead is a remnant of a clan from the Hidden Eddies… You were right that she'd be worth something.
Let me go! Let me go! She's a pretty feisty kid.
I hear you have an unusual power.
We'll get a good price for you underground.
A shinobi without a homeland is quite tragic.
No matter where you end up, you're treated like a outcast.
And if you possess attributes that are unusual, they come after you… as long as you're living.
Well… I speak as one of the hunted too.
But, you know… You must decide for yourself.
If you come with me, no one will ever touch you again.
If I have to follow someone… I'd rather it be someone strong.
So if I'm stronger than Orochimaru, you'd follow me? Damn, a river… What a nuisance.
Watch out, Sasuke.
We may not see him, but he's here.
I guess I can't fool you.
But… I didn't expect you to be with her.
Sasuke follows Lord Orochimaru! What did you expect?! You be quiet.
Hey, Sasuke… If you're willing to follow her, why not come with me instead? Huh?! What're you saying, idiot?! I have no reason to argue with you.
Don't ignore me! I already answered that question.
Oh yeah… you did say it all depends on my strength? A Water Clone! Physical attacks don't work on him! Use Lightning Style…! I won't let you weave any signs… Sasuke! I'm so sorry, Sasuke… Just kidding! Hey, that's a nice blade.
Well then… You're next… Just obey and return with me.
Or you'll regret it.
What? Is that a threat? What was that just now? As expected… It even worked on you.
Lord Orochimaru said… that this chain can even bind a mass of chakra.
But I had never used it before.
That's enough, Karin.
Put that away.
Huh? Sasuke… Put it away.
In time, I'll get these two on my side.
Their powers will be worth it.
Ino's Mind Transfer failed? Not yet…I don't have enough chakra yet… Choji and Ino are using up their chakra due to all these successive battles.
Their strength and willpower are at their limits! Back then, all I ever did was have Sasuke and Naruto protect me.
Now, I should be able to protect them… Like Naruto and Sasuke did back then! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Their Backs" I can't be whining about my weaknesses here! THEIR BACKS Tune in again!