Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e02 Episode Script

The Brink of Death

Good… Naruto! Stop, Madara! I already told you that you had little time left.
Obito… He's reluctant to give up the Rinnegan to Madara… You stubborn fool… You're almost dead anyway! Hang in there! Don't give up! You're strong! You'll pull through! My chakra's almost all… Sasuke's not good, he's really gonna… At this rate, Naruto's going to… – die! – die! On the Brink of Death The Nine Tails' chakra… No heartbeat or pulse No way! Hang in there, Naruto! What's going on?! My Medical Ninjutsu isn't working on him! It's probably because the Nine Tails has been extracted from him! That's impossible! Madara got him.
But there's a way to save him! That's why we're hurrying! To where?! To where the Fourth Hokage is.
Hey, kid! Kazekage! Do me a favor! His father… One-half of me is sealed inside the Fourth Hokage, Minato.
So transplant that other half into Naruto.
That will save him.
Hurry to the Fourth Hokage! He has the Teleportation Jutsu.
Can't we just contact him over there somehow and have him come here? That won't work! His Teleportation Jutsu is written into my Sealing Formula.
Once I'm extracted, it will disappear… Just rush Naruto over to the Fourth Hokage.
Got that, Gaara?! Kid Kazekage… I'm counting on you! That's what Nine Tails told me.
Right now, there's no other way to save Naruto! How much longer 'til we get there? Several kilometers! I'll do whatever it takes with what little chakra I have left! All right! As long as I'm here, I am not going to let you die! I'm going to go at full speed! Right! If I could just…save his soul with my Forbidden Jutsu… I can't sense any chakra in him anymore.
I can't even move my body… let alone use Teleportation.
Damn you, Madara! Karin just went charging ahead! Let's go back up Karin! Shouldn't we wait for an opening, or have some sort of plan? Whoa, you're not getting past me.
No one's answered my question yet.
Don't get in my way! I'm going to Sasuke! Move, you bastard! You've got to be kidding! Karin is amazing.
What is this?! The same power as Kushina Uzumaki's.
After all this time, she's finally attained it… Oh no… You just broke my little toy! Do not…underestimate me! Double Blast! Not bad.
I can't move… A Curse Mark! Too bad! A-Amazing… Orochimaru…They got past it! It's no big deal.
It's too late even if you go over there anyway.
But as for you guys… I'm going to take you down.
Stop your ogling! We must go too.
Still…who is he? Are you all right, Karin? Yeah… But never mind me.
Sasuke! I can't sense Sasuke! So this is Six Paths power… Now, for that left eye.
I'm a super elite ninja who's gonna be the Hokage someday… Remember my name… Naruto Uzumaki! I'm gonna become the Hokage! The Hokage that surpasses all previous Hokage, ya know! That silly dream you once had… no longer seems silly.
I will not let you die! You're not going to die, no matter what! Your dream… is right before your eyes now! Who's there?! Depending on the situation, Orochimaru might try to steal Sasuke's body.
It's what Kimimaro had wanted, but I doubt Karin would allow it.
There's someone else where Sasuke is.
Do you recognize the chakra? No! But… But what? This chakra… has a real nasty feel to it! Then we need to hurry even more.
We don't know what this stranger might do to Sasuke.
Is this the end for him? Damn it… Yikes! Karin! If you up the pace too much, you're going to collapse soon.
Let's head to the others with youth power to the max! Lee! Tenten! Yes, sir! But you're falling over, Guy Sensei! Your body isn't keeping up with your spirit! That's Gaara's sand… I think I saw Sakura too… Why are they retreating? Kakashi hasn't overtaken and passed us yet, has he? No.
The Nine Tails' chakra we got from Naruto has disappeared.
And Sakura, a Medical Ninja, is on the move… I have a feeling something is going down on Kakashi's side.
We're heading back, Lee! Tenten! My red-hot blood is boiling! It must be a super premonition! Nothing good can come out of being stuck with this hot-blooded, airhead duo! Neji, why did you leave me? Okay, let's head back.
You want to go back, right? Fine, let's do that.
Neji… I'm never going to forgive you.
Wait for me! I'll be there as fast as I can, Kakashi.
Hurry, Kakashi…the left eye.
Obito's conscience is clear.
Now's our chance.
The problem is how to tear Obito away from that guy.
And we can't hand over that left eye to the enemy… I feel a little heavy.
There's something catching in my chest.
The Sage of Six Paths' Ninja Tools, eh? Useless.
But now I'm lighter.
What will we accomplish by returning now? Tenten, don't grumble! I just have this gut feeling that some unknown horror is approaching.
Yes, sir.
Are you two all right?! Yes…! No way… These are definitely the—! You guys are stubborn too! Obito's consciousness is no longer stable.
Let's go, Kakashi.
Hold on, Minato! Switch your chakra to Sensory Mode! No way! We were distracted by what was happening here.
There's no mistake.
My other half has already been extracted! Sensei? Kakashi Sensei! What happened? The Nine Tails was extracted from Naruto! At this rate he'll—! Naruto… Fourth Hokage, I bring a message from Naruto's Nine Tails! He said to transplant the other half of Nine Tails that you have within you, into Naruto! That will save him! Oh… Kakashi, he's yours.
I understand.
I'll help! I'm going.
Be careful.
Of course! I'm not dying until I see my child's face.
Once this baby is born… I'll have two things to worry about.
Don't worry! I'll protect the kid! No matter what happens, and no matter what it takes! But you're busy being Hokage, and I get the feeling he's going to be mischievous and unreasonable and say he wants to be the Hokage… – He'll be clueless about girls… – Hey, wait! – And he'll defy his teachers! And… – Hold on! The child's not even born yet… You're worrying too much! Besides, how do you know it's a boy? Or that he'll want to be the Hokage even before it's born? Because… I'm his mother.
In any case, I'm the Hokage.
And I'm not going to die easily.
And no matter what happens to me, I, the Hokage, will protect the child.
Don't worry! You're quite confident when it comes to this baby! Well, of course… I'm his father.
The current me can… This time for sure! What? That's—! Nine Tails… You're finally mine! What happened?! How's Naruto?! What was that? No way… Lord Madara… You're late, Black Zetsu… I decided to come to you! Madara, I need to ask you something.
What am I to you? You're kidding, right? What kind of stupid question is that, to ask at this point in time? You are only one thing to me.
You are he who rejects this world, who holds that thought in his heart and strives toward a goal.
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