Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e03 Episode Script

The Two Mangeky?

The Two Mangekyo Zetsu… How long are you going to cling to Obito? Sorry… But that allowed me to steal Nine Tails' other half from these guys.
Now bring it, and my left eye, to me.
I sense Sage Power… And it's much stronger than what Obito possessed.
So the Fourth Hokage's Nine Tails is inside that black thing! Madara?! How did he get Six Paths' power? Since Lord Madara is here, you can't do anything to me… even if I separate myself from Obito.
Now, Kakashi! Why you—! You're still—! Not yet… I need to ask you something, Madara.
We need the Nine Tails inside that thing for Naruto.
We cannot afford to miss.
We have to wait for the right moment.
Just what am I…to you? You're kidding, right? What kind of a stupid question is that, at this point in time? You are only one thing to me… You are Madara.
Now go… Until the time when I am revived… You shall be Madara Uchiha.
Madara is he who rejects the world.
All who hold that in their heart… and strive toward achieving the Infinite Tsukuyomi are Madara.
That… That was once my path too.
I left you in charge of everything… And let you walk in my shoes, while I slept, waiting to return.
It's the path I guided you towards.
You were supposed to live out your life as Madara in order to achieve our goal.
As the savior who rescued this world.
This world laid out by the Sage of the Six Paths… has failed.
Now listen… The chakra dispersed by the Six Paths was originally… meant to be a linking power.
The mental energies of people would connect and feelings would be understood without the need for words… That would lead to peace and stability.
NINSHU The one who preached this as Ninshu, the Ninja Creed and sought to guide the people, was the Sage of the Six Paths.
However… But before long, people used chakra not to connect with others but only to link the mental and physical energies within themselves.
Through a method of infusing one's own chakra and increasing it multifold… they changed chakra into ninjutsu that could be used as weapons in battle.
Ironically reverting to the way Six Paths' mother, Kaguya, had originally used chakra.
Just what the hell is he talking about?! I know.
All the Sage of the Six Paths did was to further the human paradox.
And even if bonds were established… All they learned was that true understanding was not possible.
In any case, chakra only gives rise to conflict and false hope.
We all know the reality all too well… Even as we seek peace, we seek war.
And this reality compels infinite suffering through the power known as chakra.
Power leads to the desire for war.
And the lack of power leads to losing everything.
I will build a new world that overcomes that! Through the Infinite Tsukuyomi, I will create a dream world without any abominable chakra! I, who possess the most powerful chakra, shall lead it! And you are not Obito, but me…Madara himself.
Obito Uchiha with his Uchiha Chakra, challenged Kakashi Hatake, desired the title of Hokage, and yearned for Rin Nohara! But because his power was false, he ended up losing everything! This is hell! Have you forgotten?! Come over here.
Yes, come, Madara! From this day forth, you are a savior.
You are still the savior, even now.
Sand Wave! Kamui! Sage Jutsu! Rasengan! No way… Their combined attack… Now… You damned… What are you doing?! No… What I'm doing is no different than a Hokage's actions.
In fact, it's greater.
Because I can truly bring about peace.
There's no need to voluntarily walk down a path you know to be dangerous.
You'll have to step over the corpses of your friends.
It's the path I guided you to.
I don't want to know the easy path.
I left you in charge of everything… And let you walk in my shoes… The Hokage is the one who walks ahead of everyone else, who endures the pain.
One who leads others… is one who never steps over his friends' corpses… even if his own ends up being stepped on.
Then in order to confirm that, you'll have to become a corpse.
You won't be stepping on me anymore.
I realize now that letting someone handle everything in your name isn't the same as truly entrusting them with the task.
I am not you.
Go for it, Obito! Become the Hokage and save the world! That's a promise too! The current me… is the one who wanted to be Hokage…Obito Uchiha! Obito… Obito…You've finally found yourself! I passed through you.
That's your original right eye's power.
Are you trying to weaken me by taking away the Tailed Beasts? Do you think you can challenge me and win?! So weak… Is that all? You only tore off a mere sliver of the One and Eight Tails? Kakashi! Take Naruto into the Time-Space! Obito plans to hand him the Nine Tails there! I know that when you teleport your body materializes… If I try to teleport carelessly, he'll come after me.
My teleportation speed is too slow.
Since he'd been in Sage mode once, he was able to steal some Sage Power from me too… Madara… could have killed me at any time… I was so scared I forgot to breathe! Of all the people, he's in a different class! All right, I transported Naruto.
All that's left is for you to teleport yourself there and Naruto will be saved, right, Obito? Damn it.
You always talk down to me… And act so superior… Just like old times.
Obito! Rin is here to pick you up.
Sorry, sorry, Rin! I can't wait to see my great-grandchild's face, Obito.
Grandma, I'm only five years old.
Come on, hurry, it's going to start! YOUTH NINJUTSU COMPETITION Wow! This is the kunai prize! It's so cool! Okay, thank you very much! I wonder what kind of ninjutsu is next? If these are the opponents, this is going to be a piece of cake.
Number seven, Obito Uchiha! That's me! Go for it, Obito! What are you going to show us, Obito? I'm going to be doing the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! Wow, impressive! All right, let's get right to it! Here I go! Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Six points! Seven points! Seven points! These are great numbers! Obito Uchiha is in the lead right now! That was great, Obito! I wasn't in top form today, but I think it's a sure win for me.
All right, here's our final challenger! Kakashi Hatake! What are you doing to do for us, Kakashi? Well, how about the Earth Style: Mud Wave? Really? That jutsu requires a considerable amount of chakra.
Are you sure about this? Mud Wave? At our age? Earth Style! Mud Wave Jutsu! The judges all agree! Perfect 10s! The winner is Kakashi Hatake! Too bad, Obito.
Kakashi…Hatake! You're late, Obito! Everyone's been waiting! Sorry, sorry! On the way, an old man was… Kakashi! Kakashi's joining us from today! Let's play kick-the-can today! Sure! Let's play! Kakashi's the only one left.
Obito's such a fast runner.
Save us, Kakashi! I'll catch him instantly! What—?! Saving my friends, no matter what… That's my Ninja Way.
Want me to be "it"? As if! Obito was "it" the whole time.
But he couldn't catch Kakashi, not even once… Kakashi is amazing.
Oh, Mom! Obito, I have to leave.
Me too! Mom! I won again.
But I'll praise you for one thing… You're the only one until now who never chickened out.
You show off! Hey, I was praising you.
There's my dad! So long! Yeah… See you! Say, Grandma… Am I like my dad? Or my mom? Well, let's see… I think both of them.
You are alive because of your parents.
So you must honor them both and work for the sake of others.
Oh man, oh man, oh man! This is the one day I can't be late! ENTRANCE CEREMONY It's the entrance ceremony and you're already late.
Someone like you has no business being in the Academy.
You'll never make it.
It's okay.
I got this for you.
For me? Yes! Just submit this and you'll be able to enroll.
Thank you! You're a lifesaver! Keep pampering him and he'll never be cured of his tardiness.
Shut up! Do you wanna fight? Say that again! – What? – It's your fault! What did you say, stupid Kakashi? Kakashi Hatake! I'll take him down and become the Hokage, no matter what! That's the spirit! Kakashi is different from us, isn't he? What a dummy! He challenged Kakashi again and got his butt kicked.
As if the class loser can beat the head of the class! Rin?! Someday, I'll awaken my Sharingan, and I won't lose to him… Kakashi hasn't been coming to class at all lately.
I heard something unfortunate happened to his father.
I think it's a difficult time for him right now… After that, you skipped a grade and quickly left the Academy.
Back then, if I had noticed the huge emptiness in your heart… maybe our present destiny might have been a little different.
I didn't realize how much the death of your father Sakumo had changed you… Hey Rin, have you seen Kakashi lately? Why do you ask? I heard a rumor about him yesterday.
It wasn't good, but he seemed different.
Could it be…? Do you know something? Well, no… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Formation of Team Minato" Well, see you tomorrow, Obito! THE FORMATION OF TEAM MINATO Tune in again!