Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e04 Episode Script

The Formation of Team Minato

The Formation of Team Minato I wish he'd stop messing around! Who wants to be together with him?! Don't be so upset.
Kakashi is already leaving the team.
Still… Um, excuse me.
By "Kakashi," are you talking about Kakashi Hatake? Who are you? Kakashi and I were at the Academy together.
Oh, so you're friends? No, I wouldn't call us "friends.
" He's pretty nasty, right? We can't complete a mission with a guy like that.
Mission? Oh, right… Kakashi is already going on missions.
Did something happen? That guy always prioritizes the mission over everything.
Even if his teammate is hurt, or is left behind in enemy territory.
There's no way we can work with him.
If you ever have to team up with him, be careful.
Prioritizesthe mission? I'll save my friends, no matter what.
That's my Ninja Way.
Him? He'd do that? Say, Rin… Do you see Kakashi these days? No, I only catch glimpses of him in town.
I think he's away on missions most of the time.
Why? I heard some rumors about Kakashi yesterday.
They weren't good rumors.
Last time I saw him, he seemed to have changed a lot too.
Could it be something to do with his father? Do you know something? Well, no… Oh, I see.
Okay, Obito.
See you tomorrow! Yeah.
Kakashi… Hey, Kakashi! How's it going? I've been hearing a lot about you.
Looks like you've been seeing a lot of action.
Hey, did something happen? If something's on your mind… I'm not so desperate that I need you to worry about me.
Hey…you… Leave me alone.
Kakashi… I found you, Obito! Are you all right?! I just slipped.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
You're training in this rain? Yeah I figured I have to try harder if I'm going to catch up to that guy.
"That guy"? I mean, Kakashi.
One day, I'll surprise him.
Otherwise, I can't become the Hokage.
Besides, he's already going on missions.
I have to work harder or the gap between us will get bigger! That's the spirit! Go for it, Obito! Yeah! Excuse me.
I want to ask you a favor.
Kakashi Hatake is an extremely talented shinobi.
However, he fusses too much about sticking to the rules and clashes with his superiors and teammates.
He may excel in technique, but as a human, he has much to learn.
His father broke the rules to protect his comrades, and then took his own life… His death has cast a shadow over Kakashi.
And you want to place him under my supervision Oh no, oh no! GRADUATION CEREMONY I can't believe you were late for both your entrance and graduation ceremonies! Graduation is over! But there was this old lady… You have an awfully high rate of encounters with old people, don't you? Lately…I've been getting ambushed by a lot of them.
That sounds premeditated! Really… Come on… This way! Here is the graduation certificate for Obito Uchiha! "This certifies that you have graduated "from the Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy.
"You are commended for persevering "through the rain and wind to reach this milestone!" Here! Congratulations! Rin… Thank you, Rin.
No one's here to watch… But this makes me happier than receiving it from that old-man Hokage! We're genin now, so you have shape up.
Yeah, I know.
We'll now be part of a 3-man squad and go on missions, right? Have the teams already been announced? Yes, they have.
So, are you and me… Well… Don't tell me… we're on different… Unfortunately, we're on the same team! No way! Yup.
I'm stuck looking after you again… Yes! Yes! And who's the third member? About that You're late, Obito! You're finally here.
You must be Obito.
We've been waiting for you.
Barely made it… You're really late.
I'm Minato, your leader from today.
Glad to meet you.
Yeah! Anyway, let's have our first training session together.
R-Right! In this session, I want to see your teamwork.
Teamwork? And the exercise will be…this.
You all pass! All right We'll start our first mission tomorrow.
That's more like it! I'll show what I've got in a real battle! Actually, this first mission is inside the village.
Like finding a lost pet or a lost item.
Those are just odd jobs! A mission is a mission.
If you succeed, then I'll assign more important missions.
Kakashi, you've been on many missions already and this may seem boring, but do your best anyway.
Okay! Kakashi, I challenge you! Let's see who can complete more missions.
That's stupid.
Do as you please.
You chicken? What did you say? It's not here.
It's not here.
Found it? No.
It's not here either.
Looking for a lost pet isn't easy, is it? But if we can't succeed at something like this, our team will never be sent on real missions.
By the way, where's Obito? He was determined to do everything alone, and went off somewhere.
Is he serious about beating me? Oh, Obito… That cat was on the rooftop up ahead basking in the sun.
Obito, I saw that thing on a park bench.
Oh right, by the way, I have some yummy sweets you can take with you.
Finding a lost pet, and a lost item! Solved them both, thanks to the grannies.
And I even got treats! You're so popular with the old ladies, Obito.
You really weren't lying all those times were you late.
"One good deed deserves another.
" This time, Obito's kindness was returned.
How's that, Kakashi?! All the odd jobs in the village were taken care of in one day.
Right? It's because I'm the man who will become the Hokage! This is nothing! Lord Hokage, I believe this team is far more skilled than we thought.
You're right.
Kakashi already has lots of field experience.
Perhaps I shall send them along with you on your mission tomorrow.
On Minato Sensei's mission?! Is this a real mission?! Yes.
And the client specifically requested Minato.
It's a C-rank mission.
Although the risk is low, I'd be lying if I said there's absolutely none.
I was planning to assign you to more odd jobs in the village while Minato was away.
But there are no more requests.
And, I can't let you just wait around.
Yes! This means we're going on our first real mission.
Okay then… I'm counting on you all from tomorrow.
– Yes, sir! – Yes, sir! Well, Kakashi?! You should be grateful to me.
I'm the only reason why there are no more odd jobs to do.
Kakashi, don't get upset with Obito.
Obito's been worried about you for a long time.
He thinks you've changed… W-What're you saying, Rin?! Well, it's true.
And you always said that Kakashi was better than you… So you trained hard to catch up! Did not! I never said that! You're imagining things! Come on, let's all shake hands.
We're on the same team now.
I'm not shaking hands with this guy! Really… You're both hopeless! Then… I'll connect the both of you.
Okay guys, for this mission, we will be escorting shinobi from another village.
One of them is carrying a secret missive.
CONFIDENTIAL Namely, that's what we are guarding.
There will also be three other escorts from the requesting village.
If fighting breaks out… First and foremost, I want you three to make sure you're safe.
Understood? All right! I'm gonna show my stuff big-time and make it to Hokage! It's not going to be that easy.
Obito, were you even listening to Minato Sensei? We are not to engage in any kind of battle.
Besides, we'd only get in Minato Sensei's way.
Is he really that amazing? Haven't you ever heard of the Yellow Flash of the Leaf? I have.
He's an incredible shinobi whose fame has spread to other villages too.
And he's our teacher, Minato Namikaze, the man touted to become the next Hokage.
Seriously?! Someone that great is teaching us? I feel my blood rushing! Man, I wish someone would attack us.
Hey, I wonder who's stronger, the Yellow Flash of the Leaf or the White Fang of the Leaf? O-Obito! The Hidden Leaf had a hero named the White Fang.
But I heard he died protecting the village.
Haven't you heard of him? No, I haven't.
Kakashi? What's with him? This is strange.
We're surrounded… There are quite a few of them.
What's going on? This is far more dangerous than the rank assigned to this mission.
I have to stop them here before I'm completely surrounded.
Bringing along the team might have been a mistake.
Who can I depend on? He can guard one person.
I'll have to guard the other one.
Everyone, listen up.
Looks like the enemy is on our tail.
Seriously?! We're gonna fight?! Obito! This is not a game! Uh, yes sir There are quite a few of them.
Obito and I will track back to confront them.
In the meantime, Kakashi and Rin will complete the mission.
It's imperative that you two escape.
– Yes, sir! – Yes, sir! All right… Let's go, Obito! Roger! Oh man, Minato Sensei! To have you pick me instead of Kakashi This just means you depend on me! Obito, we're going to lure the enemy without a fight and separate them from the main group.
I know that! Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Oh, not bad.
I wasn't kidding about practicing every day! I'll take down every single one of them! Don't get carried away! I said no fighting! Obito! You're in the way! He's strong! You're just a kid! You can't beat me with that! Damn it! I'm not going to lose here! I'm… …gonna become the Hokage! I did it! A shadow clone?! You're mine! Not good! Are you all right? Minato Sensei! This is not good… They're here.
Rin! Go on ahead! Got it.
Damn—! Kakashi! We have to save him! Minato Sensei is still nearby right now! If we turn back and let him know… No! A shinobi's duty is to carry out his mission! Kakashi… Run! Getting away is imperative! Once we're in the forest, the village will be near! They won't pursue us that far! Understood! We've come this far.
We should be safe.
What about Obito? Sensei is with him.
I'm sure they're fine.
Thank you.
I must hand it to the Yellow Flash's team.
Thanks to you, the secret missive will be delivered safely.
Don't mention it.
Unfortunately, one man had to be sacrificed.
That could not be helped.
However…he won't be… the only sacrifice! What the—?! What's going on? S-So you're…the traitors! Since you were just so focused on completing the mission, you made our mission easy.
Even someone like the Yellow Flash can't span this distance quickly.
Sorry, but you're going to have to die too.
No way… Kakashi, you didn't You didn't leave someone to die, did you? I only prioritized the mission.
I followed the rules.
But the result of doing that, is all this! Stop, Obito.
What happened is something that could not be foreseen.
It's not Kakashi's fault.
Damn it.
I'm going.
Where are you going? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "You'll Be My Backup" Isn't it obvious?! I'm going to go save those guys! YOU'LL BE MY BACKUP Tune in again!