Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e05 Episode Script

You're My Backup

You'll Be My Backup Rin, get out of here! You're going to get in my way! Earth Style! Damn, they got away! From inside the Earth Style?! Rin! I'll start treatment immediately! What happened, Kakashi?! Minato Sensei! Obito… Kakashi? Rin? What am I doing here? I'll explain later.
First, Kakashi… What happened here? We escorted them safely to this point, but the other two were traitors… Two of them? Please, I'm not going to make it.
The contents of the secret missive… But we can't look at its contents… Please, just confirm that it's the real one.
What does this mean? My superior told me that another teammate and I would both be handed secret missives.
And only one of them would be the real one.
Why?! There was intel that there could be a traitor among us.
So who has the real missive? If the traitor had it, he wouldn't have attacked me.
So… It was him.
Kakashi, where's the other guy? Well, on our way here… Please, you must get the secret missive! There's nothing I can do.
Damn it, did they hear us? Kakashi.
You didn't leave someone to die, did you? I only prioritized the mission.
I followed the rules.
The rules? Those who don't follow the rules are scum.
But look at the result! If you hadn't turned your back on your comrade, this wouldn't have happened! Stop, Obito! This was an unexpected incident.
Kakashi is not to blame.
Damn it! I'm going! Go where? Isn't it obvious?! I'm going to save that guy! But he's right in the unexpected incident.
He's right.
It's too dangerous.
I'm not about to fail my first mission! We didn't fail.
This was an unforeseen occurrence! Kakashi, for an honor student, you're pretty dumb.
What did you say? Think about it.
The four guys we were supposed to guard have all disappeared.
Who's gonna support our claim that this was all unexpected? If the village who requested this mission pretends to not have known about the traitors… Minato Sensei will be forced to take responsibility! Never mind me.
Our mission is over, Obito.
All I want to say is… Sensei, you can keep dragging me back to the village, but I won't give up searching for the guy.
I never turn my back on a comrade! – Obito! – Obito! Damn it.
I guess it's useless to try and stop you.
Then I'll go back to where he fell.
Kakashi, you check downstream.
And Obito, check beyond that.
Rin, you go with Kakashi.
Listen up.
Report to me the minute you find him.
He's here! We found him.
Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! There are too many enemies.
Lighting Style! Chidori! Are you all right?! Rin! Take care of him! Got it! Wait! The scroll! Withdraw! Obito! Rin! Guard him! What about you, Kakashi?! I'm getting the scroll back! That's reckless! You saw how many there were! I won't let you complain! If saving him is your Ninja Way, completing the mission is mine.
Obito, we have to contact Minato Sensei! Yeah! Obito! You bastard, do think you can take us all on by yourself? I will complete my mission.
Kill him.
Obito! Did you find him? Kakashi went after the enemy to get the scroll back! Kakashi did what? I hope I make it in time! Come on! Don't let him…get away! Rasen-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Stage Three! Minato Sensei.
So, were you able to uphold the principles you believe in? This completes the mission.
Yes… Thank you for saving my life.
The Yellow Flash of the Leaf… I hope we meet again someday.
All right then, let's go everyone.
Sensei, missions are really difficult, aren't they? You're right.
Things don't always go the way you envision them.
But I'm glad the secret missive was delivered safely.
Yes… So we successfully completed the mission.
"Probably"? What do you mean? Back there, he said… Thank you for saving my life.
If the mission was successful, he would be more concerned about the secret missive and not his life.
What do you mean?! The missive he had was also a fake.
We were probably decoys.
Another team delivered the real missive.
That's the real reason they requested Minato Sensei for a C-rank mission.
With Minato Sensei as the escort, it would seem that we were really guarding the real thing.
When did you figure that out? I thought it was a possibility when we discovered the first missive was a fake.
And you risked your life to go after a missive that could have been a fake? That was the mission.
That's my Ninja Way.
I thought I understood a little about you.
But I didn't understand a thing… I finally understood… on our last mission together.
Kakashi is the son of the genius Ninja, Sakumo Hatake, feared as the "White Fang" of the Leaf.
The White Fang? Then that incident? But… Kakashi's never said a word about him.
He was a great man… Someone respected by everyone in the village, and naturally, by Kakashi himself.
That is, until that incident… Incident? Perhaps, I shouldn't be telling you something like this… But since you're on the same team as Kakashi, I want you to know.
What happened? Kakashi's father, Sakumo, took his own life after being slandered.
Five years ago, he was the leader of a top-secret mission to infiltrate enemy territory.
He was forced to make a choice.
To execute the mission or save his comrades' lives… Of course, according to the rules of the village, completing the mission was the right thing to do.
However, in order to save the lives of his comrades, he suspended the mission.
That resulted in grave losses to the Land of Fire and the village, and he was blamed for it.
What's more, the very comrades he saved also criticized him.
The whole ordeal took its toll on Sakumo, both physically and mentally.
And finally, he took his own life.
From then on, Kakashi never uttered a word about his father, and he strictly began to adhere to every rule and regulation.
Obito… Try to understand, even if it's just a little.
Kakashi means well.
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! We're taking this one.
Wait! Damn it! Obito, don't go after them! What did you say? The two of us will continue this mission.
Do you realize what you just said?! Yeah… A shinobi must sacrifice a comrade if the mission is at stake.
That's the rule.
You're willing to simply abandon a comrade who's been through life and death with you, for something like that?! You don't understand anything… about what happens to people who break the rules.
I believe the White Fang was a true hero.
It's true.
In the Shinobi World, someone who breaks the rules and regulations is regarded as scum… But… those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum! I found them… Kakashi… Why are you—?! That silver-white hair and White Chakra Blade! Don't tell me you're… the "White Fang" of the Leaf?! This is a memento of my father's.
I see.
You're the White Fang's kid.
Then there's no need to be afraid of you.
Where is he? Obito, behind you! My eye! A shinobi shouldn't cry… I'm not dead yet.
Don't lose focus.
I'm always just talk… Other people are always saving me… But… Those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum! I don't want them to be empty words.
Die! H-How? There's no way you can see me! Obito…You—! W-What is that eye? This time, I'll take point and you'll be my backup, Kakashi.
It's been a while since we were a two-man squad.
Don't stumble, Obito.
Are you prepared for this? Yeah… I'm glad my final op will have been with you.
Obito, I'm taking back everything I loaned you.
Especially that left eye… Are you worried, Madara? You told me once that only with both together could the Sharingan's true power be unleashed.
And so… You're wrong.
Those are Rinnegan, not just Sharingan.
You're wrong.
I was talking about these eyes.
We're finally all together! You're late again! A lot happened on my way here and I got lost… How come every path you take is a roundabout route? Just walk a straight line! I told you, a lot of stuff happened along the way! A shinobi must follow the rules! Your carelessness could end up putting your comrades in danger! Then I'll just protect you guys! Instead of obeying the rules! Do you know what you're even saying?! Eyes speak louder than words! Once my Sharingan are awakened, they won't be silent! Your Sharingan won't amount to anything! Besides, they're not awakened yet, so shut up! You shut up! Obviously, you must talk too much since you have to keep your mouth covered with a mask! So you shut up! They're not falling into line at all, are they? That's for sure.
I challenge you, Kakashi! Not you again, Beast Face! Leave us alone! How did I end up with classmates like these? In order to resurrect Naruto, they need the Rinnegan and the Nine Tails.
Obito has them both, so as long as I don't allow him to teleport away to his time-space… And I've already discovered that my attacks are faster than their Kamui's transfer speed.
There's no doubt one of them will try to distract me while the other performs the Kamui.
Obito will teleport himself or have Kakashi teleport him.
This time, I'll take point and you'll be my backup, Kakashi.
Whatever they decide, I'll be able to stop Obito again.
I should keep it fast and simple with Limbo… No… I shouldn't use that as long as Obito still has the Rinnegan.
Then I'll attack them both simultaneously! But you know, Sensei… Let me handle this.
I'll make the two of them—! Let's go…you guys! Kamui! They both released their Kamui at the same time! And doubled the speed of the jutsu! Obito! Don't worry.
I'm here to help Naruto… Ever since I was a kid, I've never been able to walk a straight path.
But I've finally gotten to where I needed to go.
You actually had perfect timing for once.
Thanks for saving Kakashi… Guy! Are you all right, Kakashi?! I've seen you before.
Who is that? You maybe reinforcements, but you're nothing more than pebbles.
You won't make any difference at this point.
That's Madara? Only Senjutsu works against him… and one more thing: physical attacks such as Taijutsu.
So, it's show time for the wild blue beast, eh? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Blue Beast vs.
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