Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e06 Episode Script

The Green Wild Beast vs. Six Paths Madara

There's someone else where Sasuke is.
Do you recognize the chakra? No! But… But what? This chakra… …has a real nasty feel to it! Then we need to hurry even more.
We don't know what this stranger might do to Sasuke.
Is this the end for him? Damn it… Karin! If you up the pace too much, you're going to collapse soon.
Let's head to the others with youth power to the max! Lee! Tenten! The Blue Beast vs.
Six Paths Madara Sasuke! Who is that guy?! Hey you! I don't know who the hell you are, but what are you doing to Sasuke? Oh, so that's what's going on… Huh? So it was you… …Kabuto.
I sensed a group rushing this way… It was you, after all, Lord Orochimaru.
That's Kabuto?! His chakra is different! Even his appearance.
He has taken in the chakra of many people, even Sage Jutsu chakra.
It's no wonder even you thought he was someone else, Karin… I wonder if his chakra had a nasty feel to it because he still has some of mine inside him? – Or… – Get away from Sasuke, you brainy jerk! What brings you here, Lord Orochimaru? I should ask you the same thing.
What are you planning, Orochimaru? Mister Kabuto… Don't tell me you're going to absorb Sasuke? And would that make you Kabuke or Sasuto? You're the one who did this to Sasuke?! You bastard! Suigetsu… I don't desire to do that anymore.
Nor am I going to steal Sasuke, Karin.
Sasuke's chakra! I can faintly sense it! No way! Kabuto… You're helping Sasuke? With my Medical ninjutsu and much-tinkered cells of Hashirama, along with a certain someone's suggestion, I managed to stop him from dying.
He's right.
Well, well… if it isn't the man I most respect… the Second Hokage, Lord Tobirama Senju.
However, Kabuto… You being here means that you were able to slip out of the infinite loop set up by Itachi's Izanami? You're right.
I was unable to acknowledge myself, I didn't even know who I was.
That allowed you to give me easy answers and use me.
Making me lose myself even more.
If you're not satisfied with what you've had so far… Just find other things and add them onto yourself… one by one.
It's still… It's still not enough… This is…still not me! But with that jutsu, Itachi made me realize… that I am none other…than Kabuto… …and where my home is.
Does it seem like the person inside has changed too? That is the jutsu known as Izanami.
The jutsu is set up so that you cannot undo it until you reflect upon yourself and accept who you are.
Sasuke Now I wish from the bottom of my heart to not lose my home.
And Itachi, who wanted to protect Sasuke even unto death… His feelings have pierced through my heart strongly.
Hey! Isn't it a little too late to say things like that? You teamed up with that fake Madara! You guys started this war! You're right.
Both Obito and I… …thought we'd lost our place in this world.
And dragged everyone else into this.
But, I now know who I am.
And what I must do! You may be reinforcements, but you're nothing more than pebbles.
You won't make any difference at this point.
That's Madara?! Yes, that's him.
Kakashi, are you all right? Yes, thanks to Guy.
I don't mean that.
I'm talking about my Sage Art Rasengan hitting you earlier.
That was okay too.
I diverted it with my Kamui just as it was making contact.
I'm glad… Sage Art? You mean, senjutsu? Yes.
Only senjutsu works against him… As well as… physical attacks such as taijutsu.
Which means our only hope is the Fourth Hokage's senjutsu and your taijutsu, Guy.
If I recall, Sensei, senjutsu isn't your forte… Yes.
In all honesty, I'm weak in senjutsu.
It takes me too long to infuse the chakra and I can't maintain it very long.
I haven't used it very much in combat either.
Furthermore, in this state, I can't weave signs, so I don't think I can even fight effectively.
So, it's showtime for the wild blue beast, eh? Eight Inner Gates! Seventh Gate of Shock! Open! Blue vapor? Guy! Eight Inner Gates… One gate before the Gate of Death… He insults me, not bringing out the Red Vapor.
Don't let the black spheres or rod touch you! Who could've imagined Guy mastering the Eight Gates! Those are not human movements! Take this! Hirudora! Afternoon Tiger! I have to use the Flying Raijin once more to throw myself into the Black Sphere's path! Kakashi, take the kunai! Rock Lee! Guy Sensei! Are you all right? Yes.
Thanks, Lee.
How is Tenten? She wanted to check something out, and made me go on ahead.
Just when I was about to catch up all of a sudden the Hirudora appeared.
Are you all right, Guy? Only my right arm and a few ribs are hurt.
What are we going to do if our last ray of hope, your taijutsu… is no good? He's…too strong.
Wait, Kakashi… It's too soon to decide my taijutsu won't work! But… Our youth hasn't faded yet! Do not lose hope! Guy Sensei… It's true that everything we wish for will not come to be But things that we must do must always begin with a wish.
Just like the times I challenged you.
I challenge you, Kakashi! And this is not a bluff.
Don't tell me you're going to—! The end has come for the Leaf's Blue Beast… It's time for the Red Beast to emerge! No way… Not the final Gate of Death! Guy! Don't do that! Think it over hard! No one here wishes for that! Not even you father would No! But I wish it.
Guy Sensei! Do you really think it's that time? Lee, don't look at me like that.
This time, you sit back and enjoy the show! You remind me of myself back then, when I was a complete failure.
Now, in matches against that elite genius Kakashi, we're nearly even.
"Even if I cannot do ninjutsu or genjutsu… I want to prove that can still become a splendid ninja?" Isn't that your Ninja Way? That's a fine goal.
It's a goal worth fighting for.
So you must believe in your path and run hard toward it! Become strong so I can just sit back and enjoy the show! Father… Congratulations! Not there… not there… not there! ACADEMY ACCEPTANCE RESULTS Not there… not there… not there… We did it! Congratulations! Yes! I got in! My son, search to your heart's content! It's not there… My name is nowhere on the list, Papa! Then keep on looking, Guy! You have worked hard and done everything you possibly could.
There is no way all that effort will not be rewarded.
Those tears are blurring your vision.
You will see your name soon.
Yes! Might Guy… Might Guy… Might Guy He just won't give up, will he? It's very unsightly.
KAKASHI HATAKE Papa, I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… Do not give up, Guy! Don't turn away! You will find it! You will! ACADEMY ORIENTATION IF I RUN 500 LAPS, I'LL BE ACCEPTED AS AN ALTERNATE Isn't that the kid who was making such a fuss about failing the test? This is for my papa who never gave up on me too… I'll definitely get in! What does he mean by "self rule"? He can't just decide something like that! I know about it… He cannot perform ninjutsu or genjutsu at all.
The only thing he has going for him is to move his body around.
That may be so, but he looks ready to drop.
Guy, don't give up.
But you've got it all wrong! T-Two hundred thirty-fivelaps… He's not even half way done! Papa Guy! You fool! I'm sorry, Papa… I'm already five years old, but I can't even run 500 laps… Do not apologize! I'm not scolding you because of that! Never apologize for trying hard! It's an insult to your determination, Guy! Then why? You're applying your self-rule in the wrong manner! Doing 500 laps will qualify you for the vacant place in the academy? That's not a self-rule! That's just a wish! The kind you go on a pilgrimage for! You see, you impose a self-rule on yourself to spur you on and help you overcome a challenge or difficult situation.
You apply a self-rule on yourself only.
Because of that rule, you are able to gather your strength and focus on your efforts… So even if you fail, applying that rule keeps you extremely disciplined and focused.
That is the way a self-rule works.
I'm sorry, Papa… However, no one can find fault in your determination.
Even if you can only make it half way, effort is effort.
And for that, you deserve a big hug! Papa! Oh…there they go again, that father and son.
Isn't that abuse? Anyway, what's with those bodysuits? Gross! Thank you for your support! Papa, I don't think that was support Then, encouragement.
I guess…I can't do ninjutsu or genjutsu… so that's why I failed the test… Listen, Guy! Your youth has just begun! Do not turn your back on your youth! Just like me! As your father, I'm happy that ninjutsu and genjutsu aren't your strong points! Knowing your shortcomings will highlight your strengths! Your taijutsu is already shining brilliantly! I'm very happy! I've discovered my own child's strengths when he's still so young! Papa, you're just saying that, aren't you? Shortcomings can become strengths! Being repetitious is just being polite! To be loud is simply to be lively! Obstinacy is merely earnestness! Those who are selfish are like cats! What about hairy people? Mmm Th-They're like cats too! What about people with long torsos…? Th-They're like cats! Hey, Might Dai… Are you playing "training" with your son again? You sure work hard for a perennial genin! Yeah! Thanks for your support! Damn it! Still trying to act young at his age.
Right? What?! Aren't you Dai's kid?! What's the big idea? Don't you ever say anything stupid about my papa ever again! Stupid is as stupid does.
I just spoke the truth.
If you say one bad word about Papa, I'll punch you five times! That's my self-rule! Your self-rule? Interesting.
So I'll say it.
Your dad is a good-for-nothing who can't do ninjutsu or genjutsu, and can't even do taijutsu that well.
You know what they say? He's more a comedian than a genin.
Yeah, a comedian who only tells jokes about youth isn't funny! You said two bad things! That's ten punches! And we'll punch you 20 times! I can't believe you couldn't return a single punch after what they said about your father.
Why did you do such a thing? Papa, how can you stay so positive and optimistic? When does one's youth come to an end? As long as you never turn your back against youth it never ends.
Then are you saying your youth won't come to an end when you die, Papa? What are you saying, Guy? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Papa's Youth" That is when youth climaxes! When it burns the brightest! PAPA'S YOUTH Tune in again!