Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e07 Episode Script

Papa's Springtime of Youth

Papa's Youth Guy, why did you do such a thing?! Papa… Papa… How can you stay so positive and optimistic? When does one's youth come to an end? As long as you never turn your back against youth, it never ends.
Then are you saying your youth won't come to an end when you die, Papa?! What are you saying, Guy?! That is when youth climaxes! When it burns the brightest! There's something wrong with you, Papa! Youth doesn't matter a bit when you die! You can believe in it until you die, but there's no guarantee you'll win against someone strong! Just like me… True victory isn't about winning against someone strong.
It's about defending what's important to you! I just wanted… to protect this youth that you always talk about! THE FOLLOWING HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AS ACADEMY ALTERNATES: FURUSUGI TOSUI HII TOGAKURE Deciding someone's future is something one never gets used to.
Someone should report them soon.
Oh! My son's efforts have been rewarded! I've been accepted as an alternate! – Thank you for your support! – Thank you for your support! Clone Jutsu! Well, that's a start.
Kakashi Hatake, let's see your clone! What's wrong? Step up to the front and—! Awesome! You are Sakumo's son, after all… To be able to do a Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Papa… There really are people who can be considered geniuses! Next, Might Guy.
Step up to the front.
Y-Yes! All right, let's see your Clone Jutsu.
Y-Yes… He can't even do ninjutsu… Aw man, looks like he's gonna pee in his pants! Hurry up and do it! All right! Clone Jutsu! Who wants to wear that?! Who'd wear something that ugly! As Papa said, I do have something that shines brilliantly! Yes… My taijutsu is already shining brilliantly.
That's right.
What they say doesn't matter! I'm my own self! I'll follow Papa, and do my best according to my self-rule! If I can't do 500 laps, I'll do 500 handstands! If I can't do 500 laps on my hands, I'll do 500 push-ups! If I can't do push-ups… I'll do them on my fingers… F-Fifteen… He couldn't do any of them! He can't even do taijutsu! Papa told me… Effort always…always pays off! You fool! I have no doubt that boy will become your lifelong rival! So why don't you challenge him?! That's crazy… He's a genius.
It's obvious I'd lose… And so what if you do? I'll go with you, so let's go find this Kakashi boy.
W-Wait! B-But… O-Okay, I'll follow my self-rule.
Oh? Your self-rule! If I can't do 500 laps around the school, I'll challenge Kakashi! Well said, Guy! That's more like my son! – Thank you for your support! – Thank you for your support! I can't do it…after all… Huh? I'm not that exhausted…? Huh? I can keep going? The 500th lap! I did it! I don't have to challenge him… If I can't do 500 laps… I'll challenge…Kakashi… I did it again! He's making it look easy.
He's totally doing it… I see… So you haven't been able to challenge Kakashi yet.
But you're following your self-rules, so that's that.
You realize it's because you're doing such a good job honing your strong points? And now, I'm going to challenge myself by going up and down this mountain 500 times! That was cold! If the genius trains just as hard… what chance do I have to beat him? But…I just don't want to lose in hard work and perseverance.
Is that boy Kakashi? Yes.
I was wrong.
There's nothing wrong with wishing… or praying for success… as a self-rule.
That boy intimidates you, doesn't he? When I can do 5000 laps around the schoolyard… I'll challenge Kakashi! Well said, my son! Do your best, my son! The road of your youth stretches out before you! Go! Run and keep on running! Guy… Keep on going! The springtime of youth still chases after you! I want to challenge you! I will not lose! Congratulations, Guy! Papa… So this is youth.
So? How about we lay our youth on the line for a hot-blooded battle? If it's taijutsu, I won't lose to you! It's heavy! Leaf Hurricane! Here I go! Come on! Rock, Paper, Scissors! – Again! Again! Again! Again! – Again! Again! Again! Again! Guy! Congratulations on graduating from the Academy! But you cannot graduate from youth! Of course! I don't care if I die as a remnant of youth! I will stay forever in the academy we call youth! – Thank you for your support! – Thank you for your support! Operation Cat Rescue…successful! Lord Hokage praised me as the master of finding cats! Oh… Isn't that wonderful? But, is this the climax of your youth, Papa? Depending on how things go with the Third Great Ninja War, there may be changes in team formations.
But for now, I'm your team captain, Choza Akimichi.
Since fate has brought us all together as a team… Please forgive me! I'll never make this mistake again! You say that, but you keep making the same mistake over and over again.
– I have no choice but to drop you.
– Please, not that! You keep asking me… But I'm tired of hearing that from you.
Please, give me another chance! I'll take any mission.
I'll work harder than ever before! I beg you! Please! Please! How can he humiliate himself like that? That's not youth.
Isn't that how he raised you though? I don't think there's a cooler shinobi out there… …than your dad.
True victory isn't about winning against someone strong.
It's about defending what's important to you! Guy, you've grown into a fine young man… There's only one thing left that I'm able to do for you.
Now pay close attention, Guy.
Father… What is this?! The Eight Inner Gates… A type of Forbidden Jutsu! Father mastered such a technique? When did he…? As a genin, I practiced every day, and finally grasped this unique jutsu after twenty years.
Twenty years! To put it plainly, this is the one and only jutsu that I can pass on to you as your father.
And it shall become a most special technique to you! Special? You have become a splendid shinobi! But I shall impose one strict condition upon the use of this technique.
A self-rule! A self-rule… Father… His chakra is spreading toward the Death Gate's Chakra Point.
Father… The Eighth Gate…of Death! It's no good… We're surrounded.
There's no way we can escape.
No way… Aren't they the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist?! So even brats from other villages know who we are? We've gotten pretty famous.
What's this? It's slight, but the blade's gotten chipped! I have to let it suck some blood… …and restore it with iron.
What'll we do? We can't take them on by ourselves! I made it just in time! Father! You're a genin, Father! What're doing here?! Never mind, just run away! I'll buy you some time! Run away?! Father! They are jonin, plus, they're the Seven Ninja Swordsmen! You're no match for them! I have the Gate of Death… the Eight Inner Gates Formation! But that's—! I'm going by my self-rule! Now is the time… Open! Eight Inner Gates Formation! …to protect something precious enough to give your life for! Guy, are you really going to—! I can't believe this.
Red vapor… The unique vapor of blood… from the opening of all eight gates… But actually seeing it with my own eyes… It's almost like the color of dead autumn leaves that have fallen off their tree… You're right.
But they're not falling for any reason or purpose… They become the nutrients… for fresh green leaves! And the period they bridge, until the new spring when fresh leaves bud… …is the climax of youth! When it burns most crimson! Sekizo, Evening Elephant! What has Might Guy done? The Eight Inner Gates Formation.
A move that allows one to draw out one's maximum power by releasing the limiters placed on it.
The release of all Eight Limiters results in power tens of times greater than that of the Five Kage.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Eight Inner Gates Formation" You're the first since Hashirama to make me feel this excited! THE EIGHT INNER GATES FORMATION Tune in again!