Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e08 Episode Script

The Eight Inner Gates Formation

Red vapor… The unique vapor of blood from the opening of all eight gates.
But actually seeing it with my own eyes, it's almost like the color of dead autumn leaves that have fallen off their tree.
You're right.
But they're not falling without reason or purpose.
They become the nutrients… for fresh green leaves! And the period they bridge, until the new spring when fresh leaves bud… is the climax of youth! When it burns most crimson! The Eight Inner Gates Formation First Step! Go for it, Guy Sensei! no longer… Guy, is that your—?! That is Sensei's Sekizo, the Evening Elephant! Second Step! He stopped midway?! The Evening Elephant is supposed to be a continuous attack that can be shifted up in speed from one to five times… I see, what unbelievable pain.
But I've acclimated.
Next time, I can keep it going without giving him any openings.
Great stress is placed on the body even through the Fifth Gate, the Gate of Closing… I bet the Gate of Death's level of pain is something that exceeds my imagination! A taijutsu move that bombards with blows of punched air… An air cannon, so to speak… Taking four or five of those would be bad.
I should definitely avoid getting hit by the fists creating them too.
Did he succeed?! One rarely gets to fight the Eight Inner Gates Formation! I'm game! I'll play with you! I figured as much… He didn't bring him down yet.
What has Might Guy done? The Eight Inner Gates Formation… A technique that allows one to draw out their maximum power by releasing the limiters placed on it.
It's the final stage of the jutsu Lee used against you in the Chunin Exams long ago.
Releasing all eight limiters results in power tens of times greater than that of the Five Kage.
But it's only temporary.
After using this technique, the user will… inevitably die.
He's coming towards me by kicking air! He is… my precious student whom I love.
Lee, are you—? I am not sad! Showing any pity or sorrow to someone who has resolved himself would be an insult! We must assist Guy.
Listen up.
Sensei… Those black weapons of his are troublesome… They're not the activating-from -nothing type, but an always-on-standby type that undergo Change in Form.
Their impact points disappear, but there is clear sensation if they make contact with you.
Also, he can only send them about 70 meters out.
Any further than that, and he'll lose control over them.
Since they actually exist and can be seen with the eye, your Kamui should work on them.
By sending them away, we can prevent Madara from controlling them.
To be honest, I'm beginning to lose sight in my left eye.
I'll have to get pretty close to target my Kamui accurately.
Gaara, can you prepare some sand? You want me to transport Kakashi with my sand, right? But my sand isn't fast enough to avoid his attacks.
Don't worry.
That's where I come in.
I'll have Kakashi carry one of my kunai.
Eight Inner Gates: The Six Gate of Joy! Open! Lee! You've mastered the Eight Inner Gates too?! I can only open up to the Sixth Gate… I've never cursed my own lack of power as I do now! No… That's enough, Lee.
Because you're still… …a fresh new leaf Guy wants to risk his life to protect! Lee, I want you to stay here to support and guard Gaara.
And one more thing… Take one of my kunai.
Second Step! Third Step! Fourth Step! I can't move! Fifth Step! Just keep forging on, Guy! No matter what! Here he comes! Great timing, Lee! You're the first since Hashirama to make me feel this excited! Can you still dance? Do you have any other techniques? Give me some more fun! He got up from a barrage of Sekizo? Where am I? Did I die? What makes thee think that thou art dead? Thine ethical viewpoint on death differs much from that which prevailed in my time… To so easily replace oneself with the term "death"… Thou must gain mettle, oh fledgling.
Who are you? 'Tis quite a precise query for this place, but… I am quite uneasy over whether thou shalt be able to connect my name with my actions as a herald… I am he who shall achieve peace and order… My name is Hagoromo.
On the other hand… I had foreseen that thou wouldst end up in such a state as that.
Uh…I don't understand what the hell he's saying.
He seems to be one of those annoying geezers! Hey, gramps, sorry.
But, I… Hey! Those eyes! Rinnegan! Thou dost appear to possess observant eyes.
All that remains is for thee to pragmatically comprehend thy circumstances.
Thou hast not died yet… This place is thine inner mind.
I understand thine haste, – This geezer's not an enemy? – but at this moment, – This geezer's not an enemy? – rushing will accomplish naught.
Can't you speak a little more smoothly, using easy, normal words? I am an anachronism.
Over the passage of much time, cultural traditions and notions, and ethics have brought about significant change.
Each occurrence where I cross time and meet a reincarnate, I have come to sense greatly the differences between the other and myself… I was also able to formalistically regulate and learn new mores and words, however… Shut up already! I don't have the time to be sitting around and listening to some weird geezer! Not just searching for words… But there is ambiguity in scholarship.
If communication of wills cannot be achieved in addition to difficulty of definition… I see that I must speak simply… taking into account current idealistic and materialistic thinking.
Are you an alien or something? I mean, you seem super dignified, but… Uh, that's a bit much, doncha think? An alien? Seriously? Well, maybe that ain't too far off.
So anyway… Do you still fail to understand me? To think that conversation would pose such a complex challenge… No! Keep talking like just now.
I finally get you! I was just shocked because your speaking style changed so drastically, ya know? Oh, for real? Then I'll keep going like this.
Much pleased! Uh, yeah.
Oh but, those words don't match up with your face at all, so it's kind of super-scary… And he loses all dignity too.
You should be just a bit more formal.
Otherwise, you come off kind of dumb.
Now you're going too far, no? What do you mean by dumb?! Well, considering how I was talking before, I guess I can't blame you for that.
So how's this then? That's it! All right! That's perfect! Indeed.
I'm getting the hang of it too.
Finally, I can talk with you.
So anyway, gramps, who are you? If you know a lot about this place, tell me how to get out of here! Don't ask so many questions all at once! I am a person of the past, someone long dead.
A monk who wanders through this world as chakra, crossing generations, ascertaining the course of Ninshu, the Ninja Creed.
My name is Hagoromo, the founder of the Ninja Creed.
I'm also known as the Sage of Six Paths.
What?! The Sage of Six Paths?! The sage from the legends that Pervy Sage and Nagato talked about? Oh, so you know about me? Of course I do! You're the one who created ninjutsu, right? Not ninjutsu… Ninshu, the Ninja Creed.
My Ninja Creed was something meant to birth hope.
Do not confuse it with ninjutsu which breeds conflict! In any case, if you're the sage, I've got tons of things I wanna ask you.
But first, right now… You are my son Ashura's… Anyway, the conditions are all in place now.
There are things I must entrust you with.
Ashu…ra? Entrust? Quit talking gibberish and let me out of here! Forgive me That is something I have no influence over.
That depends on the actions of those outside.
I can only relay things to you.
I'm not getting what you're saying again! It means right now, trying to rush won't make any difference.
So I want you to listen for a bit… No, you must listen… First, about my mother and sons.
My mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki, came to this land of yours from a faraway place.
She came in search of the fruit of the Divine Tree.
The chakra fruit of that same Divine Tree, that you have seen in this war.
Kaguya consumed the fruit, attained power, and subdued this land.
Where'd Kaguya come from? Is she stronger than you, Sage of Six Paths? I guess all moms are scary when they're mad, huh? It matters not where she came from.
Mother was powerful… More powerful than any other.
Some called my mother the Rabbit Goddess and others considered her a demon… They both worshipped her and feared her.
Later, Kaguya would birth two sons.
I was one of them.
We brothers, to atone for the crimes mother left behind, battled Ten Tails, an incarnation of the Divine Tree, and sealed it inside me.
The Divine Tree, robbed of its Chakra Fruit, went on a rampage in an attempt to recover it.
Much, much later, I had two sons of my own.
I named the elder, Indra, and the younger, Ashura, and I taught them the Ninja Creed.
But there was a huge difference between the two.
One possessed genes containing my powerful chakra and the other did not.
And this difference manifested itself in an extreme manner.
It's getting complicated again, ya know? What does this all mean? In short… There was the exceptional older brother, Indra… and the dunce younger brother, Ashura.
A dunce, huh? Even though his dad's the Sage of Six Paths? Perhaps there's no need to say this to you, but… No matter how exceptional both parents may be, there's no guarantee one will inherit outright either of their abilities.
Sound familiar? Just as it seems to have been in your case, Naruto.
For some reason, I understand that completely.
And you are truly similar to Ashura, in your actions as well.
Huh? My actions? Indra and Ashura walked different paths in life.
Elder brother, Indra, possessed strong Visual Prowess and senses from birth, and was called a genius.
He always did everything alone, leaning only on his own strength and came to understand that his powers were different and special.
He perceived that power could achieve everything.
On the other hand, nothing ever went well for the younger brother, Ashura, from the time he was young.
And he couldn't do anything on his own.
In order to attain the same power as his older brother, he needed the cooperation of others in addition to his own effort.
While struggling through training, the power of bodily chakra awakened within Ashura and he attained power rivaling his brother's.
He came to understand that he was able to become strong, thanks to the cooperation and help of those around him.
He learned of the love for others that arises from thinking about others… And perceived that it was love that can achieve everything.
In the way that the younger one chose to live his life… I thought I caught a glimpse of new possibilities.
I partitioned the power of the Ten Tails inside of me, and named each of the pieces… And believed that the bond known as "cooperation" was true power.
I then named the younger brother, Ashura, the leader and guardian of the Ninja Creed, believing that his elder brother, Indra, would cooperate with his younger brother.
However… Indra did not accept my decision.
And thus from that day on, …interminable conflict began.
Even after their flesh perished, the chakra the two honed continued to reincarnate across time, without vanishing… over and over.
It kind of sounds like being haunted by a ghost.
It's creepy.
So, is it still possessing someone even know? It's you, Naruto.
The younger brother Ashura has reincarnated as you.
If all chakra were to be reunited into one again, a new Chakra Fruit would take shape.
That must be prevented at all costs, or this world would come to an end.
I would like you to stop Madara.
In your unpredictability, I feel the possibility exists.
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