Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e09 Episode Script

The Sage of the Six Paths

The younger brother, Ashura, has been reincarnated in you.
My eyes can clearly see Ashura's chakra clinging about you.
I wonder if… You don't seem too surprised.
Perhaps, you have sensed Ashura's presence inside you already? I thought as much.
Then you must know already… who is the reincarnate of the older one, Indra… Sasuke… Sasuke did that? Yes, it's an unbelievable situation.
That's why I want you to let me handle Sasuke.
You want to take on Sasuke alone? How can you expect us to agree to that? Tenten is right, Naruto.
We can't just give in to your stubbornness.
The reason is… this is a big problem for the village.
I'm not being stubborn.
You said you'd give us the details when we got home, but I never thought this is what you'd say! We've all made up our minds to kill Sasuke! Hey, Naruto, I hope you're not saying you'll get Sasuke all by yourself, when you're actually planning to protect him.
No, I have no intention of protecting Sasuke.
After all the fighting at the Five Kage Summit, and fighting Danzo… If Sasuke was so weakened at that time, why didn't you take him out right then? Madara was there too! It didn't seem like it would be an easy task.
Besides… That's no reason to let him get away so easily! Hey, Naruto… You're strong.
You're the hero who took down Pain, aren't you?! Hero? Yeah.
You could take Sasuke down like you did back then.
That's not true.
I wouldn't be able to beat Sasuke with something like that now.
That's what I found out.
Inside him too, is… Isn't that right? The Sage of Six Paths The older brother, Indra, has been reincarnated in you.
My eyes can clearly see Indra's chakra clinging about you.
You don't seem too surprised.
Perhaps, you have sensed Indra's presence inside you already? I thought as much.
Then you must know already… who is the reincarnate of the younger one, Ashura… Naruto… Isn't that right? Yes.
You sensed it, after all.
It seems that there were other reincarnates besides Sasuke and me… Who were the others? The first generation of reincarnates were Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha.
Hashirama was Ashura.
Madara was Indra.
You know how they ended up.
However, before Madara could end his life as a reincarnate, he created a certain problem.
Madara was so obsessed with power that he stole some of Hashirama's.
Which, in short, caused the merging of a portion of Ashura's chakra with Indra's chakra… And the result was that it became essentially, my own chakra.
That's right, he awakened the Rinnegan.
I always thought that someone like that would appear among either Indra or his reincarnates.
Hence, I left behind the stone tablet that contained my writings on how to deal with this.
Although, it seems no one could understand its meaning… So, Super Sage Gramps, you've been watching your kids' sibling rivalry all this time? Yes, I suppose you could say that.
I see… Through Ninshu, I preached that chakra is the power that links individuals.
I strongly believe that chakra should not be something that amplifies the strength of one person alone.
Even after my mother, Kaguya, put an end to chaotic times, she ruled with her power alone.
However, my mother's power bred arrogance within her.
And mankind began to dread the existence of that power.
That is why my mother, once known as the Rabbit Goddess, became feared as a demon.
When power is concentrated in one person, that power runs rampant and in time, it possesses the person.
The current Madara is a prime example of that… He's become just like my mother, Kaguya.
Now, he's no longer Indra's incarnate.
He's obtained Ten Tails' power and is getting close to me.
And he is trying to obtain even my mother Kaguya's power.
The Infinite Tsukuyomi doesn't just cast genjutsu over you.
It keeps you trapped inside genjutsu dreams, so that the caster can use your individual power while keeping you alive.
You're attached to the roots of the Divine Tree, and turned into living slaves.
Mother possessed the power of Sharingan as well as Byakugan.
She used her Visual Prowess to cast that jutsu upon the populace.
It was a ghastly jutsu.
If all chakra were to be reunited into one again, a new Chakra Fruit would take shape.
That must be prevented at all costs… or this world will end.
I would like you to stop Madara.
Unlike the previous reincarnates, you tend to be a little bit of a fool.
But there may be potential in your unpredictability.
Even long after you died, you tried to protect the world… And even when it's turned out like this, you still have faith in us.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
I don't deserve it.
If the current world desires Indra's, or rather, my mother's way… and if that's the natural flow… then I'm the one who's selfishly trying to go against it and stop it.
Even in terms of how the Tailed Beasts are being used, not for maintaining peace and balance, but only as weapons… Perhaps my way is naïve.
No! You're not wrong, Super Gramps! You're absolutely right, old man! Oh, aren't you Gaara's? Why are you inside of me? You see, Obito… Octopops! He extracted a portion of Shukaku's and my chakra from Madara.
He knew exactly which Tailed Beast powers you were lacking, that guy! Obito did that? A lot of things happened.
He even put me inside of you.
Now you've got the chakra of all nine Tailed Beasts within you, Naruto! Even you? The other half of Kurama? The promised time has finally come, old man Six Paths! You're right, my dear Kurama… Just as Gamamaru prophesied… a blue-eyed youth who can name all nine beasts and frolic among them.
Prophesied? You mean the prophecy Giant Gramps Sage passed on to the Pervy Sage? Gamamaru is his real name? You're pretty awesome because you know that, Super Gramps! Hey, Naruto! You truly have the ability to win other's cooperation.
You managed to summon my soul.
And accepted that Ashura has reincarnated inside of you.
Son Goku.
It seems the time has come… for the child of prophecy to change the world.
My dear Naruto… What do you want to do? What do you seek for the aftermath of this war? I would like to hear your honest thoughts and opinions.
Maybe I'm really like this Ashura guy.
Only…unlike him, I'm just a stupid kid who doesn't know much about a lot of things.
But, I do know what friends are.
And I want to protect them all.
That's it.
Is that your answer? Yeah… Long ago, I entrusted everything to Ashura and cast my attention away from Indra.
That proved to be the source of calamity.
Put out your dominant arm.
This time, I am also entrusting my power to you, Indra's reincarnate.
From this point on, Naruto and Sasuke… What you both shall do, and what shall transpire, will be up to the two of you.
Naruto and I… Sasuke and I… …may not be real brothers, but I really believe that we can make peace.
Because we're pretty good friends.
Now then… Hey, Kabuto! Sasuke's… Sasuke's going to be okay, right? Hey, say something, you—! Obito! Is Naruto all right? Naruto the Jinchuriki will die if his Tailed Beast is extracted… But I put the Tailed Beast back inside him.
He should be okay now.
Sasuke! Naruto! – Time to go.
– Time to go.
You're the first since Hashirama to make me feel this excited! Can you still dance? Do you have any other techniques? Give me some more fun! This guy…even after a barrage of Sekizo…! Guy Sensei! Even that…didn't work… Sekizo…isn't enough! This is great! Keep on dancing! All that's left…is Night Guy! Given the state of his heart's Chakra Point, this will be his final attack… Charge! That stance is not the Sekizo! Don't tell me he has something even greater! Guy! Come on, Dad, hurry! There's no need to rush.
The Academy isn't going to run away, is it? There's a set time for entrance applications.
Oh, nice to meet you! My son will be attending the Academy.
Dad… I hope those two will get along okay.
I'm afraid that will be impossible! Huh? What a thing to say! Are you one of those monster parents?! No, Dad… You're wrong.
He failed the Academy entrance exam.
Oh, pardon me! I just assumed since you were in front of the Academy.
Don't worry about it! Uh, I don't think it's anything to be laughing about.
Hey, Kakashi, don't be rude.
But Dad, you were a lot ruder just a minute ago.
I mean, this guy is trying to get in to the Academy even though he can't use ninjutsu.
Oops, we should get going, or we're going to be late.
Excuse me.
Your name's Kakashi Hatake, right? Thank you for your support! Kakashi… Don't slack off just because you got into the Academy.
At the rate he's training, that boy will become stronger than you.
He will? They haven't announced the alternates yet, have they? The Academy isn't dumb.
You should ask what his name is and remember it.
What…? He'll be a good rival for you.
Hey, you! What's your name? Might Guy! I'm going to become stronger than anyone around! You actually had perfect timing for once… Are you all right, Kakashi?! Dad, it ended up exactly as you predicted.
Guy! I'll acknowledge this chakra of yours! Of all those who have fought me over the years, there's no one who surpasses you at taijutsu! I, Madara, declare you the strongest! Flow! He's fast! What?! He's bending space? Night Guy! Guy Sensei? That was Guy's final move! What happened? I almost died, you bastard! Your flame is about to go out… But in gratitude for such a great time, I'll finish you off… before you turn to ash on your own! He kicked away my Truthseeker Orb?! Bushier Brow Sensei… Naruto…? You seem a little different from before.
What did Obito do? Yeah… I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
But I think I can change everything now! I know I just came back, but the next episode's an extra! It's been three years since I was back in the village, and Konohamaru's pestering me to teach him a new jutsu! I guess I have no choice! Well, I'll just have to teach him one amazing jutsu! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Ones Who Will Inherit" Konohamaru, just GAAH it and BAM it! THE ONES WHO WILL INHERIT Tune in again!