Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e10 Episode Script

The Ones Who Will Inherit

There, all done! Everything is all nice and shiny! Wow, you cleaned Naruto's room.
That's right.
Naruto's been away for three years.
Everything is spotless and ready to welcome him home! Naruto? Is that you, Naruto?! Long time no see… Sakura.
Big Brother Naruto! Sexy Jutsu! Well? Not too bad in the curves department, huh? Konohamaru, I'm not a kid anymore… And you shouldn't be doing that kind of jutsu either… That jutsu is weak.
Now watch my new Pervy Ninjutsu that I just developed! You idiot! Haven't you matured at all inside, have you? The Ones Who Will Inherit Oh man, I thought you'd be a little impressed.
Well, my training involved way more awesome jutsu.
Just as I anticipated from you! It's all going according to plan! Plan? What happened here?! As you can see, I cleaned your house until it sparkled.
Konohamaru, you're such a great guy! Yup! And I don't even expect you to teach me a new jutsu in return either! I have absolutely no ulterior motives! You are so obvious.
All right then.
I'm gonna teach you an amazing jutsu.
All right! First, let me put my things way.
Isn't that the outfit you used to wear? Yeah, it doesn't fit anymore.
But I just can't part with it… So in other words, it's your treasure! It's sort of embarrassing when you put it that way… What I'm going to teach you isn't your run-of-the-mill jutsu.
Just what kind of Pervy Ninjutsu is it going to be? Just hurry up and show me! The first step is rotation.
Whoa! We're going to add motion, eh?! Next up is power.
Attack with the risqué, eh?! And then finally, there's… There's more! Containment! The most points go to the best-expressed final pose, eh?! What are you talking about? I mean, it's a Pervy Ninjutsu, right? It's more awesome than that.
The jutsu I'm about to teach you is A-rank in it's degree of difficulty to master.
An ultimate ninjutsu that hones chakra rotation, power and containment… It's called the Rasengan! Awesome! But I don't understand what's going on at all! Don't worry about that, because I'm gonna teach you.
Besides, you can do this jutsu even if you're stupid! No kidding! Huh? Stupid? This training consists of three steps, total.
First step, the water balloon.
A water balloon? You have to GAAAH it, then BAM it, to burst it! Wow! So… How did you do that?! I just explained it.
You have to GAAAH it, then BAM it, to burst it! I said… You have to GAAAH it, then BAM it! Simple, right?! Okay, do your best, Konohamaru.
What? That's it? You're already leaving?! I have to train with Sakura now.
But! Don't be a baby, Konohamaru.
In anything you do, you've got to learn by doing and feeling.
Besides…I have absolute faith… that you can do it! Big Brother Naruto… All right… I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna surprise you the next time you see me! GAAAH then BAM! GAAAH then BAM! GAAAH then BAM! GAAAH then BAM! GAAAH then BAM! GAAAH then BAM! Th-There's an emergency, Lady Fifth! What's all the fuss about? We've just gotten word that the Hidden Sand's Kazekage has been abducted by an organization known as the Akatsuki.
Gaara was—?! Team Kakashi, I'm assigning you a new mission.
You're to go to the Sand Village at once, find out what's going on there, and keep us informed.
You're to remain there and follow their orders.
Give them any backup they need.
Right! GAAAH then BAM! The inside is rotating, but… Oh, there he is! Konohamaru! What's going on? It's terrible! Some guys called the Akatsuki kidnapped the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand! The Kazekage? Isn't he Big Bro's friend? Yeah… Naruto just left as part of the Hidden Leaf support team! Huh?! Awesome, eh? The minute he gets back, he gets picked for no less than an S-rank mission! Even though he's a genin just like us! I can't figure it out with just GAAAH and BAM! Hey! What are you doing, Konohamaru? How long have you guys been watching?! So that's the reason for those weird yells.
Don't call them weird! Even I was a bit embarrassed… I mean what does GAAAH and BAM mean anyway? Why don't you try distancing yourself a bit? What do you mean? Well, Naruto does things intuitively, by feeling.
Not everyone's like that.
Yeah… Isn't there something else you can do? Well… The first step is rotation… He said I have to learn it through feeling.
That's it.
Konohamaru! Let's practice that first! O-Okay! Anyway, that's how it is.
So please help! I don't really get it… But are you sure about this? Yes, please! It's absolutely necessary for the new jutsu.
All right! I got it! You sold me with your determination.
Come on! Fang Over Fang! Well, Konohamaru? Well… Everything just… Okay, then… On to the next thing! Please help! Well, if that's the case… Come on! Human Boulder! All right! Next! Okay, Konohamaru! Go! Hold on a minute! But Hinata! This is for Konohamaru! It's not that.
I can't use rotation.
Then… I understand.
Understand what? This doesn't make sense! Idiot…idiot… KIBA INUZUKA CHOJI AKIMICHI HINATA HYUGA Next up… Wait! I can't keep doing this! You're right.
Did you figure out something? No.
Did Big Bro Naruto tell you anything else? He said he taught me everything that was necessary.
But all he taught me was the Sexy Jutsu… Wait a minute… What is it? He dissed my Sexy Jutsu and said it was weak.
So maybe… If I heat up the sexiness, it will connect nicely! That's gotta be it, Konohamaru! I wonder about that… The problem is… how do you make it sexier? The one who holds the key… is that man! So anyway, that's how it is.
I see… so you're practicing a new jutsu… But I've hit a wall… And in order to get over it, I need your help, Sensei.
It's so unlike Konohamaru to be so determined… Well, I have no choice but to do my best to help him! I'll be happy to help you! So, what do you want to know? Sexiness! I want you to teach me all about sexiness! I see, all about sexiness… Wh-What? D-Did you say sexiness?! Big Bro Naruto used to say… If Old Man Jiraiya was the all-out open pervert… You're the closet pervert, Ebisu Sensei! Naruto…and his big mouth! You're the only one I can turn to, Sensei! I need that secret side of you, Sensei! But… We found it, Konohamaru! The secret textbook! Nooo! There's one here too! Nooo! Here too! Oh, and over here! Wow, so many… Talk about a secret fortress! There are stacks of textbooks in the attic! We gotta look under the floorboards too! Thank you, Ebisu Sensei! This is way more than we ever imagined! Now you can continue your training! Huh?! That look… In the eyes of an innocent girl… The feeling she expressed was… …contempt.
Awesome! Look at how many different kinds there are! Closet perverts don't fool around, do they? I think I'm starting to see Sensei in a different light… The problem now is, that there are too many to choose from.
How about this one? Well, the rotation is there… All right, here goes! You're really bad at that.
Th-The real jutsu happens now! Here we go! No! This time I'll get it! Idiot…idiot! H-How's this?! This time, it's for real! Just now, something just went BLOOP.
Yeah, it was different from the other times! That's right, when Big Bro Naruto shattered it… The surface went BLOOP like just now.
Then try it again with more finesse! Okay! I'm gonna do this! How was that?! You did it, Konohamaru.
It's sorta different, but… Okay, on to step two! It was worth it, training hard while while you were away at the Hidden Sand Village, Big Bro! Okay, this is the next step in training.
For the second step… Use this! A rubber ball? Exactly.
And you… …have to GUUUH it, then DOOON it, and burst it! – That's all! – Not that again! I had a hunch… But that's it for step two as well?! Don't say that, Konohamaru.
This jutsu… …has to be learned by doing…right? See, you know what to do.
I really wish I could supervise your training a little… You just got back and you're off on another mission?! We learned from this last mission that Orochimaru had a spy imbedded with Sasori.
Orochimaru?! That means… If things go well, we may find a clue about Sasuke.
We're gonna lure the spy out and make him talk! He's so casual about it, but this mission has to be an A-rank or higher… Big Bro really is amazing.
I'm talented and I don't need your help, Big Bro! Good luck on your mission! Right! I'm going to get better too! I'm gonna do it! It's really hard, isn't it? The only thing you got right is power… The rubber ball is much harder and since there's no water inside, I can't grasp the feeling of it.
So what'll we refer to next? I'm positive this one's better! No, it's this one for sure! My mom says guys have a weakness for extremes like this! It's gotta be this for power! I think this person looks strong.
We can't seem to agree on this one.
I see… So you lost some respect due to some occurrence… Yes… And I don't know what to do now… It's okay… Everyone makes mistakes.
There are always opportunities to make it up.
Iruka Sensei… So for now, let's just calmly support Konohamaru and his progress.
There you are! I've been looking for you! Perfect timing.
We were just talking about you.
There's something you have to teach us, Ebisu Sensei! Me? Isn't this wonderful Ebisu Sensei? You now have an opportunity to regain their trust.
You guys! Don't tell me! I won't hold back… Which girl… …is number one.
Please tell us! W-What?! D-Doing that in public! I will not tolerate such immoral behavior! What in the world are you fools doing?! But… To master my new jutsu, I had to make it way sexier… Is that true, Ebisu Sensei? I don't know.
But a jutsu is a ninja's secret weapon! It's not something you activate recklessly, not even a Sexy Jutsu! You keep it hidden until the very last minute, and then release it… That's how you get the maximum result you desire! Keep it hidden until the very last minute, and then release it? Ebisu Sensei! What's the matter? Is this what you mean? Huh? Hide it, GUUUUH it, then… That definitely looked powerful! Awesome! Leave it to Ebisu Sensei the closet perv! I can do it! Hide it GUUUUH it, then… BAM! It expanded instantly that time! That had an effect! But it still didn't burst! Big Bro Naruto is so far ahead of me.
Even now, he's trying to progress.
And I must too! Ouch! Are you okay, Konohamaru?! This is bad.
Your hand is a mess from all that compressed chakra… I'll take care of it right now.
It was bound to take its toll on you… You've been training for days on end.
Damn it! I wasn't strong enough to bring him back.
This time, I'll surpass Sasuke with my Wind Chakra! As expected, you're so cool Naruto! That's why you're my rival! And what about you, Konohamaru? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Naruto's Rival.
" Here I go! Hold it in, GUUUH it, and… BAM! NARUTO'S RIVAL Tune in again!