Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e11 Episode Script

Naruto's Rival

Naruto's Rival This is so annoying.
Orochimaru gets away when he was almost within our grasp; the Akatsuki's movements are as suspicious as ever… There's been no good news at all lately.
Isn't there anything fun going on? Well… Oh, Konohamaru came to the hospital yesterday.
What's fun about that? His fists were terribly bruised from his own chakra.
It seems Naruto is teaching him the Rasengan.
Oh… That's interesting.
What's your pick? Huh? Will he master it? Or not? Lady Tsunade! Come on… It's just a diversion.
Hold it in, GUUUH it, and… BAM! – That's it! – That's it! I-I did it! All right! I did it! That was awesome, Konohamaru.
I can't just stand around here.
We have to find Big Bro Naruto! Speaking of Naruto… We haven't seen him around lately.
Oh, I heard he just returned a little bit ago.
I overheard… His last mission didn't go well.
Huh? Really? If that's true… We shouldn't bother him now.
No worries! I know Big Bro Naruto! He's not like that.
Kakashi Sensei, have you seen Naruto? Oh, he's over there.
Hey, you guys! You were right.
He's more cheerful than I expected.
See! I told you so! Sorry I didn't come around.
Lots of things happened… I heard.
You weren't able to catch the spy.
Turned out, there was something bigger lying in wait.
Are you talking about Orochimaru?! We found one of their hideouts, and we also found Sasuke.
But… I wasn't strong enough to bring him back.
So, I have no choice but to get stronger, right? That's why you're training? Yeah.
I'm just about to move on to the next step.
This time… I'll surpass Sasuke with my Wind Chakra! Awesome! As expected, you're so cool Naruto! That's why you're my rival! And what about you, Konohamaru? How're you doing? Well, just watch me! Here I go! Hold it in, GUUUH it, and… BAM! S-Sir, what in the world going on?! Hmm…I wonder… How was that?! Uh…yeah… You did well… I sense doubt in your voice! Hey, I did it properly.
Yeah, you did, but… Why are you using a Sexy Jutsu? I'm just honoring what you taught me… and keeping it at the utmost sexiness that I can.
What else?! Sexiness? The sensation of rotating chakra can only be learned with your body… And I already showed you the importance of perseverance… …and stuff like that, right? I didn't understand one little bit! Tell me in easy words! Now I feel like I polished an unnecessary skill! Now, now… Everything turned out okay.
Anyways, can I go on to the next step in training? Yes! It's the final leg from here on… For the third step… Use this.
Wait a minute.
What now? Just listen! I can't do Shadow Clones… Damn it… Okay then, we'll do Shadow Clones first.
Watch closely… With Shadow Clones, you go DOWAAH with your body… …like so! Okay? Think you can do it? Not again.
So that's the entire explanation… You have to master this in order to go on with the training.
Do your best, Konohamaru! I wouldn't take it easy if I were you, Bro.
What do you mean? We're both rivals, working on a new jutsu.
So who's gonna master it first? I challenge you! How fun.
I accept your challenge! Okay then… Let's go, Moegi, Udon! All right! I'm not gonna lose! Go for it, Konohamaru! Shadow Clone Jutsu! I couldn't do it.
I need more chakra… Hah! Okay, next one! Let's go! Hah! All right! What is this? Oh, octopus tentacles? How about calling it a day? Not yet! I just need a little break.
– Konohamaru… – Konohamaru… Konohamaru… He fell asleep.
Coming! Oh, what's up? We heard that you were making food pills for Big Bro Naruto… Please! Can you teach us the recipe? Sure.
All right! I was just making some.
If you help, you can have some.
– Yes! – Yes! Okay, I need you to mash up this and this.
– Okay! – Okay! I hear Konohamaru is training hard.
Yes… He wants to beat Big Bro Naruto.
He's really working hard.
Almost too hard.
Then he'll probably stay out there… Naruto's not going home either.
It's no wonder you want to help.
Uh-huh! But… But… At the same time, it makes me uneasy… Maybe more like anxious… Konohamaru is chasing after Naruto… and he's getting farther and farther away from us.
You're afraid of being left behind? – Huh? – Huh? I was like that when I was your age.
I really wanted to catch up.
That's why I became Lady Tsunade's apprentice.
I'm sure you'll find it too… Your goals, your mentors… And your rivals.
– Uh-huh! – Uh-huh! So gross! Don't give up, Konohamaru! Suck it up! All right! Here I go! All right! I did it! – Yay! – Yay! Congratulations, Konohamaru! You made it! – Yay! – Yay! Huh? It disappeared?! You're still having a hard time sustaining them.
Big Bro Naruto! Don't tell me you—?! Too bad, Konohamaru.
I win this time.
No way! I was almost there! I won't lose next time! I swear, you'll be so surprised, you'll be speechless! Okay do your best… Anyway, I'm moving on to my next training.
I see… Contact those involved immediately.
Damn Akatsuki… I saw it… Whoa! I saw what Big Bro Naruto is training for.
He's working on an awesome jutsu that'll be his alone! Are you serious?! You're here… Konohamaru.
Huh? Asuma Sarutobi is… Asuma… Uncle Asuma… I see…Big Brother Naruto has already decided… But… But I… Hey, where are you going? I'm going to train.
Konohamaru… If you're thinking about revenge… I know! I know it's impossible for me right now.
But Big Bro Naruto intends on going.
He'll probably perfect… …his new jutsu in time.
– Wait up! – Wait up! I've got to catch up to Big Bro! Thank you for coming! Thank you, it was delicious! You're finally getting the hang of Shadow Clones.
Let's go, Big Bro Naruto! Sexy Onnanoko Tachi Jutsu! Oh! So that's what you've got! I wasn't expecting a love triangle.
See! The sexiness paid off! Hey Bro, don't rest on your laurels, eh? Maybe not.
But I'm still in the lead! And I won't lose! Are you ready? We'll start step three of the Rasengan! Okay! Why're they making Shadow Clones? Rasengan is supposed to be released by one person.
Well, Naruto is the teacher… Still, aren't you happy, Lady Tsunade? Huh? It seems you were right to bet on him not mastering it.
Don't judge people arbitrarily.
The Rasengan is a damn hard jutsu.
Well, Lord Fourth invented it after all.
And it was passed down to Jiraiya, then Naruto and now, to Konohamaru.
Life is worth living, after all.
And where will it take us next? I hope we'll be around to see it through! The next generation, huh? The passing of time is interesting, isn't it? You didn't forget anything, did you? You won't be coming home for a while.
Don't worry.
I'm packed and ready… Hey, stop it! Big Bro Naruto! Hey, Konohamaru! Did you come to see me off? I have a complaint! How can you leave on a training journey before I've mastered the Rasengan?! It's your fault for dawdling.
Okay then! I'll have it under my belt by the time you get back and I'll be real strong! And I'm gonna be strong too! By the way, I have a favor to ask.
What is it? It's going to be a long journey, so I want to entrust that thing to you while I'm gone.
You mean your treasure, Big Bro?! Shhh!! How long are you going to stand around and talk?! Okay, okay.
I'm going.
I'm counting on you, Konohamaru.
You got it! Found it! Now, I'll take this home and… No… I might as well… I wonder how Big Bro is doing now.
He's probably training with all his Shadow Clones.
Yeah, Big Bro has that option.
I have to hurry and perfect my Rasengan too.
What was that? The village is under attack… Udon! Moegi! We have to return to the village now! Everyone! Hurry to the evacuation shelter! You sure went at it, didn't you? I will not forgive a lowlife like you! Ebisu Sensei! Get away now, Konohamaru! Big Bro Naruto… We're rivals now! One day, I'll duel with you for the title of Hokage… So look forward to that day, Konohamaru! Die… Long ago I made a promise.
So I won't take the easy way out! Because Big Bro Naruto won't be waiting at the end of that road! I bear the name of the exalted Sarutobi Clan! I am the genin known as Konohamaru Sarutobi! Remember me! We did it! We did it! I heard, Konohamaru.
You took down one of the Pains! I wasn't determined to catch up to you just for fun, you know! But that was nothing compared to how you saved the entire village.
That's not true.
Besides, there were many things I couldn't protect.
Big Bro Naruto… There's something I want to show you! Hey! Where are you going? Just follow me! Here! Why'd you bring me to the evacuation shelter? We're going just up further! The valuables warehouse? And… this is my family's storage space.
Tadah! This… …it's my jacket… It's a precious treasure.
So I brought it here just in case.
I kept my promise! Konohamaru… You're a great kid! I know! One day, I'm gonna challenge you for the Hokage's seat! So, from now on, consider me your rival! All right! I can feel it clearly, even from here.
The other half of Super Gramps' power.
You cannot take me down.
I am essentially immortal now.
I have obtained eternity.
You idiot.
I ain't taking you down.
We will take you down.
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