Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e12 Episode Script

Stand Up

Guy Sensei! That was Guy's final move! I almost died, you bastard! Your flame is about to go out.
But in gratitude for such a great time, I'll finish you off before you turn to ash on your own! He kicked away my Truthseeker Orb?! Bushier Brow Sensei… Naruto… You seem a little different from before.
What did Obito do? Yeah… I'm still trying to figure it out myself.
But I think I can change everything now! To Rise Up That node's chakra hasn't gone out.
What's going on? What did he do? Don't tell me he stopped the end result of the Eight Gates?! He touched the Truthseeker Orb, so how can he—? Is it because I haven't finished healing yet? No! His power is suddenly growing?! Lend me some of your chakra, okay? Sage Art: Lava Style Rasen Shuriken! Th-This is bad! Limbo! What?! He dodged…my Limbo?! All right! Burst! The tree's been severed! Take me within you.
Who is that?! Take the Divine Tree… Ten Tails… …everything, into you.
Did Naruto do it? Guy Sensei is over there too! The tree disappeared! Bushier Brow Sensei is gonna be okay! He's not gonna die! Naruto, you healed him? But I thought he had activated all Eight Gates… I feel like I can do all sorts of things… the way I am right now! He touched Madara's rods, but he wasn't affected… What happened to him while he was dying? Can you teleport, Lord Second? I see… Yeah… Since I'm linked to the Fourth's markings.
But unfortunately… At my current strength, I can only teleport one person.
That's plenty.
I alone need to go.
Sasuke! His wind… has gotten even stronger.
Sasuke… I wanted to see where your wind would take you… But I've witnessed enough.
In fact, from now on, we'll only be a burden to you.
So we're not gonna be ordered around anymore.
That sounds good to me too.
Sasuke… Why are you trying to give up, guys? I… I… Bushy Brow and Gaara, take care of Bushier Brow Sensei.
Naruto… Thank you for…Guy Sensei… Naruto… When you become Hokage, let's have a drink together.
Obito… You… You're an enemy.
You hurt and killed many of my comrades… I don't want to say this, but… I'm going to consider you an ally just this once.
Thank you for saving Naruto.
I have one final favor to ask you.
Not as an ally, but as an enemy… I understand now… The Divine Tree itself… The time has come for all to become one.
Is it because I met Super Gramps Sage and got more power from him? I can feel it clearly even from here… The other half of Super Gramps' power.
You cannot take me down.
Essentially, I am completely immortal now.
I have obtained eternity! You idiot! I'm not taking you down… We're gonna take you down! Your time has come, Madara.
One has awakened the Six Paths' Senjutsu… and the other awakened the Rinnegan, huh? However…I possess both of those powers! This is the final battle! My powers versus yours… Let's settle who is superior, once and for all! Sage Art: Shadow Style Thunder Blast! Sasuke's gone?! This left eye… So that's what it can do… Teleportation? This distance? No, he didn't teleport! You should pay attention! Limbo! What is that?! He did it again! Sage Art! Gale Style: Fang of Light! It's coming again! Over there! It didn't hit.
Sasuke, it's headed your way! Something I can't see is ambling around you.
Oh yeah? I can see it clearly! These guys can see my Limbo… It's…another Madara.
So he can see it with his Rinnegan… And that one, can't see it but senses it… Naruto! Looks like our physical attacks… have no effect on the other Madara.
Yeah! Normally, one shouldn't be able to sense or see it from this realm… That "me" exists in the invisible world of "Limbo.
" How did they both obtain such power so suddenly? That Sasuke Uchiha… He was the only one who awakened the straight pattern, Choku-Tomoe Sharingan just like mine.
Perhaps Sasuke and I share a bond that goes beyond blood.
Well then… That left eye should suit me perfectly! So, that's your left eye's ability as well.
Then try it.
That's not enough to kill you, is it? So the Six Paths' Sage Chakra can affect the shadow Madara too, huh? That wound on his right arm… is from blocking Naruto's first attack earlier.
It seems your shadow returns to your body after a certain amount of time.
Naruto, when his shadow emerges again, go after it.
I'll take on the visible one.
However… I used to hate it when you would order me around… Some things never change, huh? Let me finish.
This is our chance.
Madara and his shadow will probably stay merged for a little while longer.
I don't care what it is, but get a Sage Power Jutsu ready.
One that seals movement.
Then you should use my chakra to build your Sealing Jutsu.
Thanks…ummm… It's Shukaku! He's estimating the Limbo's duration, activation interval and how to counter it… He's got a sharp intuition, calm analyzing and judgment skills, and a Choku-Tomoe Sharingan just like mine.
If he had only been born before Obito… he would be my… No… There's no point in reflecting now.
No matter what's happened, I must keep in mind that these two aren't ordinary brats.
I need to get my other eye back soon.
Sage Art: Magnet Style Rasengan! And I have Six Paths Power too… Chidori! Naruto, shoot that towards me! I'll take care of the rest.
It's a bit irritating, but there's no time to argue! Why am I here? Naruto, the jutsu the Sage of Six Paths gave you… You know it, right? Yeah, the time is now! What? He moved? He substituted his shadow? Over there! Sasuke, I'll hold this one down, so go after the real one! Seems like his Rinnegan can't reach this distance.
I'm starting to understand your left eye's abilities, Sasuke.
Hurry, Sasuke! Madara is heading straight for… Kakashi Sensei! Hurry and destroy my Rinnegan… I can't hold off Black Zetsu any longer.
I must admit Sasuke sure is fast.
Kamui! Damn! Just his upper body, huh? Hurry! I know! Oh no, you don't! The Rinnegan will fall into Madara's hands.
If he ends up with both eyes, terrible things will happen.
Terrible things? How much worse can it get? If both Rinnegan are restored to their true owner… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Infinite Dream" …I fear no one will be able to stand against him.