Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e13 Episode Script

The Infinite Dream

Now, hurry! Oh no, you don't! Kamui! The Infinite Dream Sakura! Kakashi Sensei.
Sasuke?! Why did you pop up here, Sakura? She was in the Time-Space plane… Sakura, what's going on over there? Kakashi Sensei, your left eye! It all happened so quickly.
But I think Madara stole my Sharingan.
Let me take a look, Sensei! Thanks.
In any case, what happened to Obito? I'm sure Madara used the Kamui to teleport himself there! In a flash, I was back out here, so… Madara… I want you to destroy my left eye, the one that has the Rinnegan.
I can't even move now… If I let down my guard, even just a little bit… Black Zetsu will take over my body, Rinnegan and all.
Then he'll use my right eye's Visual Prowess to get back outside… …and the Rinnegan will fall into Madara's hands.
If he ends up with both eyes, terrible things will happen.
Terrible things? How much worse can it get? Hasn't he done enough? I wasn't able to implant both Rinnegan myself.
Even with just this left eye, its chakra and Visual Prowess are so strong that I started losing myself.
I'm not even its original owner, yet I was able to accomplish this much with just one.
If both Rinnegan are restored to their true owner, I fear no one will be able to stand against him… But that's—! With Visual Prowess, only with both eyes together can their full power be unleashed.
We can't waste any time.
Please destroy this left eye! What's wrong, Sakura?! We're in trouble! Obito had reached his limit and couldn't move… Which means Madara's going to get Obito's Rinnegan! The Cursed Seal Tag I placed on your heart has disappeared.
How did you remove it? You shouldn't have been able to damage it yourself.
I had Kakashi stab me and remove it.
This is all I can do right now.
Since it was in the way of me making myself into the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki… I gambled my life on it… But I wasn't going to keep doing what you wanted! Actually, you did exactly what I wanted you to do.
In fact, you exceeded my hopes.
What's so funny? A Curse Seal Tag meant to turn you into a puppet… One that would restrict your movements, should you try to remove it from inside the body it's implanted in.
It seems you knew about it, Obito.
Regarding these Cursed Tags I implanted in the two of you… Naturally, you couldn't have killed yourselves either.
Since you both were my precious pawns.
"You both"…? As fate would have it… It's ironic that both of you ended up getting rid of them through the exact same method.
Rin! Yes.
That plot to make that girl into the Three Tails' Jinchuriki and have her rampage through the Leaf Village was mine.
Not the Hidden Mist's! That girl took advantage of Kakashi's attack against the enemy to avert the plot, at the cost of her life.
But that was also part of my plan… In order to pitch you into darkness and make you into my pawn.
You bastard, you deliberately had me see all that! I waited for the opportunity, when Minato was away on another mission.
And manipulated the Mist Shinobi into kidnapping Rin, leaving Kakashi so he would come after her.
The other purpose of that was so I could see the extent of your unleashed power.
Did you really think that White Zetsu goading you on, and you being able to get out from underground right at that moment was all a big coincidence? I was just outside! Your friends Rin and stupid Kakashi are in trouble! What happened?! They're alone and completely surrounded by Hidden Mist Shinobi! How are Rin and Kakashi doing right now? According to the others, it looks pretty bad.
They're talking about some Hidden Mist test subjects… but I don't really understand.
Test subjects? Anyway, it seems Rin and Kakashi are totally surrounded.
And they're saying they all appear to be jonin or Black Ops.
What's Minato Sensei doing? Who is that? I'm asking you what the Yellow Flash is doing! Seems he's on a different mission.
At a time like this?! That the girl dying by Kakashi's hand was more than I could have hoped for.
Either way, I would have had my Puppet Shinobi kill her.
I taught you to use the darkness in people's hearts… to manipulate them, didn't I, Obito? If there isn't any darkness, you can create some.
Don't you think it's presumptuous to consider yourself any different? Why? Why me?! You were kind and cared about people from the bottom of your heart.
Remember how great you were at taking care of the elderly? Your deep love for Rin… for your comrades and friends… for the Hokage and all other shinobi… Once you fell into darkness, it would conversely transform into an equally profound hatred for this world.
That's the kind of guy you are.
For my plan to work completely, I just need one more thing… I'll be taking back that left eye.
This should do it! You can't move anymore.
I'm leaving him to you! Right! You can count on me! It seems Madara appeared there.
I see… So that's what Obito said.
We don't know when Madara might emerge.
Stay alert.
What about his shadow? I stopped him cold with my Shadow Clones and Six Paths' Rods! Naruto? Hey, Sakura… Let me do it! What are you trying to do, Naruto? Hey! It's okay, it's okay.
Kakashi Sensei, try opening your eye.
No way! How did you do that? It's really hard to explain in words… But I took a part of Kakashi Sensei, and then I kinda…um…uhh… Hey, Naruto… I told everyone to stay alert! What? But it's the first time I'm hearing of it! Quit talking back for once, Naruto! Anyway, you'll have to explain about the eye later! Madara stole Kakashi's eye and went to where Obito is.
The next time he appears, he'll have both Rinnegan! What? Really? Let's see, we'll start with the introductions.
I'll go! I'll go! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! I love instant cup ramen.
But I really love the ramen at Ichiraku that Iruka Sensei treats me to even more! I hate having to wait three minutes after pouring the hot water into the cup.
My future dream is… to surpass the Hokage! And that's why I'm going to make everyone in the village… acknowledge me! My name is Sasuke Uchiha.
There are lots of things I hate.
And not many things I like.
Also…I have no intention of saying I have a dream, but I do have an ambition.
That is… to kill a certain man one day.
I'm Sakura Haruno.
What I like…I mean, who I like is…um… My future dream is… You've already surpassed the Hokage, Naruto.
You're a hero and everyone has acknowledged you.
But becoming Hokage is still your dream.
And Sakura… I bet your feelings for Sasuke have changed from what they were back then.
You still love him, but on a totally different level.
He tried to kill you, yet you still care for him.
You won't cut him off, no matter what.
And you think it's your duty to save him from the darkness.
That's how kind you are.
Your dream was to kill Itachi.
Now that he's gone, what do you desire? What are you heading towards? I was your teacher, but it turned out that I didn't understand you at all.
Even now… Sasuke… What is your dream now? What's the true meaning behind you saying you'll become the Hokage? It might be fate that reunited the old Team Seven like this, Sasuke.
If you don't want to say what you're thinking right now, that's fine.
But the fact that we were once Team 7 is undisputable… Right? In front! He's coming! You haven't forgotten the lesson from the very first mission to steal the bells, have you? Yes! Of course not! The answer is teamwork! Then dying together can also be considered teamwork, eh? Madara…you have both Rinnegan.
His lower body has completely healed.
Obito! Unfortunately, Obito is gone.
I've taken over his body now.
Seems he was hoping to right his wrongs.
He was praying like a child, deep inside… so that he could leave the future to you all.
How convenient that would have been for him, right? Just like a spoiled brat.
I can't blame her.
Given the power of those eyes.
Lady Tsunade, it looks like I finally caught up to them.
I'm not retreating anymore.
I'll be the diversion.
So follow me! Wait! Sakura! Rule Four! A Medic Ninja who masters the Ninja Art of Mitotic Regeneration, the 100 Healings, may break the first three rules! The same Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu as Hashirama's granddaughter.
What?! An invisible wall?! I can't reach him! What's happening?! Sakura… Don't worry about me, Naruto.
Sasuke isn't even concerned about me… I'm all right, so… Naruto! Yeah, I know! There are more of them, right? That left eye is a Rinnegan! Madara's got four shadows now.
Enough with this sideshow.
What is he up to? Catastrophic Planetary Devastation! Retreat for the time being! What about Naruto and the others?! They will pull through, no matter what! This is Six Paths' power? He's way bigger than before and there's more of ‘em… Stop getting distracted by what's above! His shadows are on the ground with us! They're a bit more solid and larger than raindrops, but… Here they come! The shadows as well! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Leave them to me! I guess I'll just record their final moments! Kurama… Yeah! Susano'o! Tailed Beast Bomb Rasen Shuriken! Damn it! There's no end to them! Unbelievable… Damn you! According to that stone tablet.
When the one who possesses the power of the Rinne, should draw near the moon… the eye that can reflect off of the moon, and grant the infinite dream, shall open.
Shine upon the world… Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Where am I? What happened? Are you all right, Yamato? Lord Third! That's right! Kabuto captured me… That's happening in the war? What's going on? Is Naruto all right? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Infinite Tsukuyomi.
" Pull yourself together, Yamato! THE INFINITE TSUKUYOMI Tune in again!