Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s19e14 Episode Script

The Infinite Tsukuyomi

When one who possesses the power of Rinne, should draw near the moon… the eye that can reflect off of the moon, and grant the infinite dream shall open.
Shine upon the world… Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Infinite Tsukuyomi I've used up my chakra and can't release my jutsu! Wha—?! What is this? It's finally started… I'm done with this! Then we don't need these insides anymore either.
Again?! What's all this shaking? Over at 4 o'clock! Meteorites! There are so many! Brace for impact! What's happening over there?! That's not normal! The chakra Naruto gave everyone has disappeared… And so has that giant tree.
Something big is happening over there, that's for sure.
Most likely, it's something bad.
What?! What's the matter, Kiba?! Shino… The moon! Look at the moon! This can't be! What is happening? This is really bad.
I'll pulverize all the meteorites with these next, so don't worry.
You two stick close to me and stay still! Okay! I have to make sure I don't hit Sasuke! Go! Sasuke, don't head down here so suddenly! I could've hit you with a Rasen Shuriken—! Hey! Land more softly too! Just shut up and stay still! Not again! Now! Become one! Those eyes… Don't tell me Madara's launched his jutsu already! My lord, this is terrible! Please wake up! My lord! What is it? We are much fatigued from playing mahjong all night.
Up all night? Then why were you asleep?! Oh, never mind! Something terrible is happening outside! It's night, yet it's bright as day—! This light can penetrate and see through even shadows… No one can hide from it.
And now… Divine…Deep Forest Emergence! Get ahold of yourself, Tsunade! What is going on? I can't move! Naruto! Naruto, don't do it right now! The light can't penetrate that Susano'o? His Rinnegan can counter even this jutsu? Don't go outside right now.
Without this Susano'o that my eye made, you'd get bound up in his genjutsu as well! Also his shadows are outside… If you and I fall, it's all over! We need to bide our time.
This is the Deep Forest Emergence! He's binding people using the Divine Tree's life energy! Why am I not affected?! Yamato! Yamato… H-Hey? Where am I? What happened…to me? Are you all right, Yamato?! Lord Third? Well… Motoi! Get away from here! Yamato! That's right! Kabuto captured me… What's happening in the war? What's going on? And Naruto! Is Naruto all right?! Get yourself together! This is—! Let the world of dreams now begin… A world without abysmal chakra! I was Orochimaru's guinea pig and I was all alone… I had no family, nothing… Tenzo…Tenzo! Where am I? Tenzo! Hurry! Hurry! Yukimi? Tadah! How's does this look? Tenzo? I met Yukimi and got to know Kakashi Senpai… And then, the place where I belonged became the ANBU Black Ops.
Hey, Tenzo.
Kakashi Senpai? Hurry up and get ready.
We have a mission.
R-Right! I'm sorry! If I stayed in the ANBU, I wouldn't be alone.
All the missions were harsh… I had no family, so for someone like me, it was the best place.
No, that's not right! The place where I belong, changed.
Where I belong is… But that place belongs to Kakashi… Tenzo, what's the matter? Huh? Oh…Kakashi Senpai? What's happening? Did you finally realize? That this is where you belong.
What's going on? Why are you suddenly saying that? You're—! It's been a while, Yamato.
I'll be taking Kakashi's Sharingan.
Wait! Captain Yamato! Let's go after him! Only Team 7 can save Kakashi Sensei! You guys! Preparations are already set! Let's hurry! Captain! Captain Yamato! Captain! Yes, we'll pursue them immediately! Yes… This is where I… Damn—! Captain Yamato! Captain Yamato… You're—! Sasuke! Sasuke?! Chidori Stream! Why are you—? It's none of your business.
Watch out! Damn it! I was careless.
Are you all right?! Yeah, I'm okay.
Kakashi Senpai! Kakashi Sensei! Are you okay? Yeah…I'm fine.
You saving me, imagine that.
No, it wasn't just me.
I had help from Naruto and Sasuke… Now, I can rest assured and leave things to you.
You are the only one among my juniors that I acknowledge… From here on, you are officially the captain of Team 7.
N-No way! Team 7 is your… No, Kakashi is right.
You performed admirably.
There's no one else I can entrust Team 7 to… Lady Fifth… Way to go, Captain Yamato! You give me peace of mind, Captain Yamato! To me, you were my first friend, Captain Yamato.
Anyone else just won't do! Thank you…everyone! On top of that, Sasuke is back.
I'm so happy for you… Naruto…Sakura… A team approved by Kakashi… Not bad.
Sasuke… That's right… I can stay here.
From now on, this is where I belong… From now on, this is where I belong… Is this the Infinite Tsukuyomi? What in the world happened? What's going on?! Any way you look at it, this is my room.
Why is the Leaf Village—? Does this mean we were transported here all the way from the battlefield? But, what's this feeling I'm feeling? Even if we are away from the battlefield, this is just way too peaceful! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The World of Dreams" What?! What is going on?! THE WORLD OF DREAMS Tune in again!