Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s20e07 Episode Script

Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Deploy: The Search Mission

This…can't be.
What is happening?! Right around then, the young shinobi who just became genin, made their way to a village that had lost their jonin.
Amongst them was the Child of Prophecy…Naruto.
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls: The Tale of Naruto the Hero The Search Mission What happened? If there's something that you know, please tell me…whatever it is.
I'm sorry.
Izumo and Kotetsu suddenly disappeared and I just got out of there as fast as I could… To be honest, I don't even remember how I made it here.
I understand.
I'm sorry to put you through all that.
But even if you remember something minor, please tell me.
Ageha… An Ageha butterfly… He's probably talking about the Shinobi Ageha… During this season, it's not unusual to see them in the forest near that village.
Is it a poisonous butterfly? No.
Its powdery scales stimulate chakra flow and it's even a main ingredient in food pills.
I can't believe Izumo and Kotetsu were beaten so easily… Looks like we're all set.
No, Team 7 is still… Sorry, Team 7 is late.
We're all here now.
I know it's sudden, but let me go over the mission.
I hope its way more exciting than looking for a lost cat.
This mission is very important.
Three teams of shinobi that were dispatched on secret missions have all gone missing.
Your mission is to search and find them.
Yahoo! However, you are to contact the Hidden Leaf the moment they are found.
Any attempts at rescue are forbidden.
Why?! Considering who's been chosen, the answer should be pretty obvious to everyone.
Is it because we're all elite ninja overflowing with talent?! Nearly all the shinobi who went missing are capable jonin… But the only one who was able to make it back to the village, was a genin.
So it could mean, experience and maturity are being targeted.
Which means? In other words, we were picked because we're newbies who just became genin.
Well, you could put it that way… What? Is that all? Naruto, you will most likely be the one who— Everyone, stop! What is it? Isn't our target village further ahead? Look.
What's that? Shinobi Ageha? All right! I'm gonna go catch 'em! Hey! You! That's really not necessary… I'll bring him back! Oh really? Come on! Oh boy… Eight Trigrams Grid Palm! This is… Kakashi Sensei! Naruto! Get back here right now! What the hell? I almost had it! Don't go off on your own during a mission.
What did you just say? I don't take orders from you! What? This isn't an order! I'm telling you to act more like a shinobi! Going off on your own puts others in— Sasuke! Kakashi Sensei's in trouble! – What happened? – Kakashi Sensei's… When I noticed, he… He was dragged underground, huh? No way! What—! Asuma! Damn it… They got him.
What? What happened? Where's Asuma Sensei? I-I don't know… Is this… …sensation, chakra?! What happened, Akamaru?! Akamaru's barking not because of something happening.
It's because he lost track of Kurenai Sensei who should be present.
What is this? Byakugan! There's a current of chakra underground… Where is it coming from? Neji! Where are you going? I want to check something! Stay with Guy! Guy Sensei! Does your chest hurt?! It's nothing that a little perseverance can't… Guy Sensei! Don't push yourself! I'll go get some water.
Tenten, stay and watch Guy Sensei.
All right! What happened? Guy Sensei felt sick and… Where's Guy Sensei?! Black vine-like things sprang up, wrapped around Sensei, and pulled him underground.
What? The current of chakra is gone.
Hey! Kakashi Sensei is probably in enemy hands.
What are we supposed to do? What else is there to do?! We're gonna find him no matter what and get him back! Damn it.
I'm never giving up! Hey, what are we going to do? What's going to happen? First, we should contact the other teams, then contact the Leaf Village like Lord Hokage ordered, right? Wait.
Don't move! What? Damn it.
What the Fourth Hokage feared would happen just happened… Huh?! It's probably safe to assume that the same thing has happened to the other team captains.
The other teams? So it's not only us… But Sasuke and Kiba and… Everyone's been left behind? Yeah… I just hope Kakashi's team isn't arguing with each other right now… Since they have someone who can be a real drag.
Why you—! Wait, you loser! I already told you! I'm not giving up! But where are you going? Well, I don't know, but… Are you really the son of the Fourth Hokage? What did you say?! Do you really think the Hokage would send us out without making any preventive measures beforehand? I saw the Hokage pass out special kunai to the captains, back then.
Special kunai? Yeah… The one he marks when he uses the Transportation Ninjutsu to teleport.
As long as the mark is there, he can track anyone, anywhere.
Transportation Ninjutsu? You know what the Summoning Jutsu is, right? Uh…yeah! Think of it as a type of that jutsu.
The special kunai is the target and no matter how far away you are… you can transport to the kunai in an instant… Lord Fourth is the only one who can use that jutsu right now.
I see.
I gotta admit… My Dad's pretty awesome! Wait! I don't think… that's going to happen.
Huh? That's… I found it at the spot right now.
This is the worst situation we can be in… I think I can visualize Lee making a big fuss over Guy Sensei.
Guy Sensei! Guy Sensei! Guy Sensei! Guy Sensei! Wait, Lee! Calm down! That's impossible for me! Is the Shinobi Code more important to you two than Guy Sensei's life?! Don't get the wrong idea! You blockhead! Guy…Sensei.
What are you doing? Just listen! Just before Guy went missing, there was an unusual current of chakra underground.
You saw it with your Byakugan? Yeah.
But it's disappeared now.
So, I'd like to check in on the status of the other teams.
Linking up with the other teams is our priority right now.
So, the key players will be Kurenai's team.
How so? Kiba's sense of smell, Hinata's Byakugan and Shino's Parasitic Insects… With their sensory skills, it will be easy to find the current locations of the other three teams.
And they can probably find the location where the team captains are being held.
You're right! That would make it way faster than just proceeding blindly.
In situations like this, panic and proceeding without thinking is our worst enemy.
It makes more work for everybody.
So until we join up with Kurenai's team… …we'll just sit tight.
Choji must've had barbeque last night… – Kiba! – Kiba! – How is it going? – Hey! Asuma's team is over that way.
Those guys aren't moving at all.
They know we're looking for them.
They're just sitting back and resting.
In any case, let's join up with Shikamaru quickly.
Then we'll pass on his ideas to the other teams, and come up with a unified plan.
That's because I have a feeling there's someone who's going to act without thinking through things… And that's where our abilities come in.
Exactly! Shikamaru's acclaimed intellect still needs us! According to the plan, Kurenai's team should be over here.
Blood?! I have already cursed you.
Huh? Preparations for the ritual are complete! Now! Let's experience the ultimate pain together! What's with this guy? He keeps talking about curses and rituals? He's dangerous! – Naruto! – Naruto?! Doesn't it hurt? It's gonna be excruciating so prepare yourself… It's god's commandment! Tremble in fear! He's fast asleep.
He may seem so, but he wakes up sharp and alert.
Besides, it helps replenish his energy.
You're too easy on Choji.
And you're too tough.
I knew something was up.
I totally thought it would happen later though.
I should have known they weren't going to let us rest so easily.
It's coming! Paper Shuriken! Wind Style: Gale Palm! Damn it… We have to get out of this Paper Storm… Choji! Can you break it apart?! I've had enough rest! Expansion Jutsu! Human Boulder! Roll, roll, roll, roll! Roll, roll, roll, roll! – Roll, roll, roll, roll! – Water Style: Raging Waves! You're the ones! You guys took Asuma Sensei, right? Bring Asuma Sensei back! Just who the hell… …are you? Don't think you can escape my curse! The shinobi world is cursed! Just give up! When the man in the strange cloak, impaled himself with his pointed scythe Naruto felt an excruciating pain… Seems like this guy is more than you can handle.
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