Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s20e08 Episode Script

Jiraiya's Shinobi Handbook ~Tale of Naruto the Gallant~ Team Jiraiya

Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls: Tale of Naruto the Hero Team Jiraiya When the man in the strange cloak, impaled himself with his pointed metal weapon, Naruto felt an excruciating pain… in the same area of his own body.
Don't think you can escape my curse! The shinobi world is cursed! Get over it! What? A Clone? Na… Ru… To… Uzumaki Barrage! Did you see that? It's my Naruto Uzumaki Barrage! An imitation of my Lions Barrage.
What did you say? This is not the time to be arguing.
Oh yeah, that's right… Where's Kakashi Sensei? Who knows? We were merely hired to help with the experiment.
Experiment? Yeah… To prove that there's no hope in a cursed shinobi world.
It's a pain… so I figured I'd give you the answer real quick, but… What? I don't think he's the kind of opponent you can handle.
Why you! Hey there, long time no see! Trained by the Great Toad Spirit of Mount Myoboku, also known as the Toad Sage… …we are the trio from the Hidden Rain known as Team Jiraiya, remember that and let our presence be known! T-Team… Jiraiya? Jiraiya? Are you talking about one of the Legendary Sannin? The one who's cool and suave, with that irresistible sidelong glance that makes a girl fall madly in love in a second? Also the one who's admired by every guy in the Hidden Leaf and who ranks at the top of the most desired master list? What the hell is this?! Jiraiya's too full of himself! Team Jiraiya… Actually, we're called the "Akatsuki" which isn't too catchy or cool at all… But just remember the three of us as Team Jiraiya.
So you're Jiraiya's pupils? Are you implying that only guys from the Hidden Leaf can train under Jiraiya Sensei? What? I didn't mean it that way! It really rubs me the wrong way… When you imply that we're not shinobi since we're not from the Hidden Leaf and the Five Great Nations and the Five Hidden Villages? Like I said…I didn't say that! We're not a big, fancy village… but guys like us from the Hidden Rain are just as good as you, got it? Remember that and let our presence be known! All this time, the Hidden Leaf, Stone, Sand, and Cloud have waged war whenever they felt like it… And we got stuck in the middle with nowhere to go… our homeland got ravaged and destroyed… All the while, you could care less about our suffering! Wind Style! Gale Palm! But we'll rise up.
And we won't let our bitterness hold us back.
We'll move forward even if we have no place to go.
Liberty is Team Jiraiya's goal! And we'll turn the tables on you all! And that's why you took Asuma and the others?! Your passionate speech just now… I understand where you're coming from.
But I don't understand why you would capture Asuma and my comrades from the Hidden Leaf… The Leaf, The Leaf, The Leaf! Does the world revolve around the Hidden Leaf? Give me a break! Seriously, give me a break! Sasuke! Why you—! You dare to kick an apostle of god?! Curse you! What the hell is this?! Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Are you okay, Sakura? Thank you Sasuke! Whaaat?! Judging by this, there's no doubt the other teams are in the same predicament.
You're right…so what do we do? The sooner we join up with them, the better.
Any objections? N-No… What's going on? This is weird.
We can't go in the direction we want to.
It's possible we're being led astray! They're not coming after us… Why did you cut in like that? I could've offered those kids as a sacrifice to Lord Jashin, while I was at it! It's because we're not under contract for that and you were about to mess up.
Our job is simply to capture team captain-level guys.
We won't earn money just killing brats.
The world doesn't revolve around money.
What's the use of living if you can't enjoy life?! That's a luxury we can't afford.
Every action we take has a priority.
That's pretty harsh.
Here you go.
What? You take care of this one.
I'm going to round up the rest of the captains we've hidden.
Hey! Oh, Akamaru Yeah, it reeks here with the scent of Shikamaru and the others.
I picked up the scent of three guys.
It seems like there was fighting here until just moments ago.
They moved as they were fighting… I can tell because… …they left telltale signs of their movements.
Shikamaru and his team are okay… I don't smell any blood.
Let's hurry after them.
A village… But don't you think something's not right? Not one sign of anyone in a settlement this large… It seems they wanted to lure us here.
What do we do? Wait for Team Kurenai here? Yeah… Those guys just now probably laid out a trap and are just biding their time.
The more of us there are to fight, the better.
We don't have a clue about the enemy's strength, so it's better to join up with the others first.
Why are you the one giving orders? Our captain's gone.
Isn't it standard procedure for the next best-qualified person to make the decisions? I agree… If it's between Sasuke, who graduated at the top of the class from the Academy… …and you, who came in last in our class, and was only allowed to graduate out of pity… Yeah, if your dad wasn't the Hokage… What? Wanna fight?! Now that would be interesting.
I'll prove who's better.
There's nothing I'd like better! Hey, you two! Never say that again in front of me… Huh?! Hey guys! You were all okay? I don't see Guy Sensei.
Guy Sensei went missing suddenly.
Kakashi Sensei also disappeared.
There were signs that showed he was dragged underground… Yes, a black rope-like organism tangled around Sensei and dragged him away! Yeah! That thing attacked us too.
You encountered the enemy? Yeah… They claimed to have been hired.
Hey, let's hurry and rescue them! Don't be in such a rush.
But—! I saw chakra flowing underground just before Guy went missing.
We've pretty much pinpointed the source of the chakra.
Then… The remaining teams should be nearby too.
We need to regroup with every team first… and set up base camp.
Who knows what's happening to Sensei and the others while we're wasting time like this… First, we need to regroup with the rest of the teams.
There are a few things I want to confirm with them.
Like the status of Asuma and Kurenai.
Guy lost consciousness… and went missing.
The exact same thing happened with Kakashi.
Why do you think they both lost consciousness? Kakashi Sensei was looking at the Shinobi Ageha butterfly before he disappeared.
The powdery scales of the Shinobi Ageha and the chakra flowing underground possibly interacted with each other… There's probably a jutsu that doesn't work on us, but affects only the jonin.
But the scales of the Shinobi Ageha aren't toxic.
I don't know how the jutsu works.
But, like I mentioned, there's one more thing I want to verify! What? That's—! Lord Fourth's kunai? What's going on? Isn't that the kunai that you found earlier, Sakura? No… This is one that Guy Sensei dropped.
Two jonin dropped the kunai entrusted to them by Lord Fourth at the spur of the moment… That's hard to believe.
So if we figure that the enemy dropped them intentionally… It's got to be someone with considerable knowledge of various jutsu? It's probably someone who knows the secret behind Lord Fourth's kunai… We'd better hurry and join up with the other teams fast.
The tracking team of Kiba, Shino and Hinata would be able to pinpoint the location quite accurately.
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
And once we know the location, can we rescue the captains? No.
Once we know their situation, we'll send word back to the village.
We haven't been given the orders for a rescue.
Sticking to the rules again?! We don't have time to wait for reinforcements from the village! I don't care what anyone says.
I'm gonna rescue them.
Mmm… I smell food.
How about doing some search and reconnaissance inside the village? Are you kidding? That's just looking for trouble.
Shh! Look! Let's follow.
Let's hurry and get Kenta.
Fighting's going to start soon right? If there's a fire, Kenta will die.
Then why'd you leave Kenta? Well, because—! Thank goodness! It hasn't burned down yet! Kenta! I'm sorry! I'll never leave you again! We were just like them back in the day.
Caught up in other nations' wars… Running scared… We didn't want any villagers to get hurt from our strategy… So we told them all to evacuate… Damn it… Now we're no different from the Hidden Leaf and the Sand from back then… Komichi! Hurry up! We have to run away before the fighting starts.
Wait, big brother! Hey… Are you kids from this village? Please tell us.
Where's everyone else? You don't have to be scared.
We're not scary people.
Run away, Nagato! Hurry! Get away! Damn it! All right then… Have you seen a group of two guys and a girl…just like us? Yahiko…! Nagato! Komichi! Those kids are—! This is bad! No way… Did I…? What was that? It's coming from inside the village.
Is it the enemy? Is there a team fighting over there? What's happening inside the village? That direction is… …the village marked on the map.
The scents of Shikamaru and the others are coming from that way too.
We should head there immediately.
That's because that cloud of dust is a sign of something big happening over there.
What're you doing! Hurry up! You should listen until a person is done speaking! That's because…Hey! Wait! This is bad.
We have to save those kids! Wait! We can't.
Don't go.
Shikamaru… The siblings fall into the sinkhole, Team Jiraiya rushes in to help, but Shikamaru does not make a move.
We have to do what we came here to do.
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