Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e01 Episode Script

Naruto and Hinata

1 I hear it's true.
That boy, huh? Look, isn't that the boy? He gives me the creeps.
Hey, don't play with him.
You don't know what he'll do.
Is that right? Man, that looks good! Pops, give me an order of fried rice and dumplings! Got it! Coming right up! Dumplings for me! Gotcha! What a weird kid.
He's the kid… Did you hear the rumors that the Fourth died because of him? Oh… I'm home… Oww Oh! Wow! Wow! Wh-Who are you? Just an old man passing through.
Here, gramps, eat this.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, this looks so good.
Well, I caught it.
So of course, it's gonna taste good! Is that so? H-Hot! Look at those stars.
Each one of those stars is like our world's sun.
What do you think? The sheer amount is incredible, eh? The sun? That giant thing that shines in the sky during the day? Yes.
This world is boundless.
Yeah? You sure know a lot, gramps! Compared to the vastness of the world, man's existence is very insignificant.
The things that insignificant humans fret about are petty indeed.
No kidding.
The world is big, huh.
It goes on and on… Do you want some mushroom soup, gramps? Are you sure you can spare me some? Sure! You tell great stories, gramps! I see! Are you sure these mushrooms are safe? Won't know until we eat ‘em! He's right… Compared to the world, I'm just… I'm so small, whatever I do… But I'm me.
That's who I am! All right, that will do for today.
No, Father… I can still continue! Neji… You mustn't push yourself too hard.
But considering your age, you've certainly gotten strong.
Father… Thank you for sparring with me.
Oh, Father… I have heard that your older brother has a child like me.
Yes… A girl, one year younger than you.
A girl… We will be going to a celebration tomorrow for her third birthday.
I wonder what she's like… Father, it's snowing! The first snow… It's going to turn into a heavy snowfall.
Look at all the snow! All right, we're off.
Dear, please Look after Neji.
Among the Hyuga, he is the one with the most potential.
I shall protect him.
HYUGA HYUGA Lady Hinata Congratulations on your third birthday.
Lady Hinata… is a cute child.
Neji It is your destiny to protect her, and to protect the Hyuga bloodline.
The Hyuga…bloodline? Father! Neji is very strong.
When we were young— Neji lives for Lady Hinata's sake.
That is the Hyuga destiny.
All right, that will do for today.
Neji, you are strong indeed.
Hinata, you have a ways to go.
No, my father's daily lessons are… I…don't like… to practice taijutsu.
What are you saying? You are the important successor of the Hyuga clan.
You must be more positive and confident.
I wish I could switch with you, Big Brother Neji… You are very strong, after all.
No, you must never say such a thing.
I will make you strong! When you are in danger, I will give my life to protect you! Brother Neji! Lady Hinata, it's snowing! I had a snowball fight with my father this morning, and I hit him twice! LANTERN FOR THE DECEASED Hizashi! He's only four… It's such a pity… Big Brother Neji… LANTERN FOR THE DECEASED What are you doing?! What're you doing here? If you keep crying, how am I supposed to find out? I…I… Where's your house? Oh well, come on.
Let's go.
HYUGA HYUGA You live in a big house like this, and you're crying? I don't have anyone, but I never cry.
Never! Later! Hinata! You are the important heir to the Main Family! What do you think you're doing?! I… For your sake, and for the sake of the Main Family, many people have made the ultimate sacrifice.
It's about time you learned about these things.
You must surpass me.
That's impossible! You're a lot like me.
You have the potential.
Then I will surpass you! Sakura, aren't your bangs getting in the way? You should just cut them! If you say things like that, Sakura will start hating you! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "SASUKE - SAKURA" Tune in again!