Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e02 Episode Script

Sasuke and Sakura

1 Big Brother, teach me the trick to throwing shuriken.
I'm busy.
Learn it from Father.
Yeah right! You always say you're busy this, busy that.
You don't like me, do you? I knew it.
You just don't like me.
Don't say that, Sasuke.
I really don't have the time today.
Today this, today that… When will tomorrow ever come? I'm sorry, Sasuke.
Oh, yeah… The next time Father and Mother go somewhere… I may be able to take some time off.
Huh? Really? When is that?! Ask Father.
See you.
Uh-huh! What do you call this fish? It's really good! Really? It was on sale today! Things in season are always cheap and delicious.
Is that right, Sasuke?! Seconds please, Mom! Of course.
Big Brother said you're going somewhere.
When is that? Yes… We're going to visit your mother's family.
Oh… So he told you, did he? I thought we'd go on my next day off.
Would you like to come? I'm gonna have Big Brother teach me all kinds of stuff.
He said…he'll teach you? Yeah! He promised.
Itachi did? That's unusual! Here's your rice! I can help you practice kunai-throwing too, you know.
It's not practice, it's training.
– Oh, can I trouble you for some tea? – Sure! – Make it hot, too.
– All right! Now you try it, just like that.
You've improved, Sasuke! I can throw better than Mom now.
All right, then how about this? Huh? You're terrific, Big Brother.
How did you do that? You'll start throwing like that very soon.
You're a lot like me.
Big Brother… Can you teach me again sometime, like today? Sure, when I have the time.
Promise? Yeah.
Do you know how the Uchiha Clan came about? What? I haven't really learned about it in-depth yet.
The Uchiha crest is the symbol and proof of our prestigious clan.
An image of a fan…is prestigious? You need wind to start a fire, right? You produce wind with a fan.
Is that…a great thing? Well, you'll understand in time.
Big Brother… Do you fight for the sake of the clan? I wonder… I'm not sure about that either just yet.
All right! I'm gonna make us a feast tonight! Ouch! Hot! You made all of this? Yeah… Maybe I went a little overboard.
A little, huh? I'm stuffed! Hey, Sasuke… Want to sleep outside tonight? Are you sure it's okay to do that? Hey, don't rush! Oww! Are you cold? Nope… It feels great.
I want to become a skilled shinobi like you, and win Father's approval.
What? Like me? You will surpass me.
No way.
I mean, you're gifted.
Everyone says so.
You're a lot like me.
You've got the potential.
Okay then, I'll surpass you! Sasuke… Sasuke? Hey… Sasuke… What are you doing out here? What is it? Father? Huh? Where am I? Why—? Oh! Big Brother said we could sleep outside… Itachi did? Where's Big Brother? Seems he's left already.
I just don't know what he's thinking.
Big Brother… I'm home… All right! Should I part it here? But… Hey, Sakura.
Sakura, aren't your bangs getting in the way? You should just cut them! Oh, don't start, dear! Girls have their reasons… If you say things like that, Sakura will start hating you! Oh… You like flowers? Who's there? Oh, it's you, Ino.
You like cosmos? Oh… Uh… Yeah.
Take a look! Tadah! Oh, it's so pretty! Isn't it? I'll tie your hair up with this.
Huh? My hair? You're cute Sakura, so… There! This is way better! But… my forehead is… A billboard brow… People tease you because you try to cover it up.
Just show it off.
Then the people around you will change.
But Ino, you're so strong… Well, I think this is much better.
You've got good style… I think you should have more confidence… I… I made a friend.
Her name's Ino Yamanaka and she's cute, strong, fashionable, and kind… I see.
You made a friend, Sakura? If she's cute, I'd like to meet her too.
Oh, dear… What are you saying! I'm happy for you, Sakura.
You must cherish your friends.
Friends are precious assets in life.
Okay! Ino gave me this ribbon.
It looks great on you.
You're as cute as Mom was when she was young.
Oh dear… You said I'm cute? Sakura…while you're at it, you should find a boyfriend.
Come on, Dad! Wow… That's amazing.
You did this all by yourself? It's nothing at all! I'm not creative like you.
See this cosmos? To bring out its beauty, the things around it should complement it, so that they don't clash.
All right… I'm going to rearrange them a bit.
Umm, I'll do this… And do this… You know… …there's a boy I like.
Really? I didn't know.
Who is it? Is that why you've been more cheerful lately? Okay, all done! Not really… but Sasuke… I see… It's Sasuke? I heard Sasuke likes girls with long hair.
So I was… Oh, sorry.
I just remembered something.
I'll come again later.
Huh? Ino… Thank you for today.
Hey… Don't you think… …Sakura's been more cheerful lately? Really? Huh? Aren't you good friends with Sakura, Ino? Not really… Oh? Sasuke… I really like… What is it? Who are you? What's up with that girl? You're not supposed to run in the hallway… INNER SAKURA INNER SAKURA Cha! She's amazing! I see, that's right! When I look up at the sky, some of the pain in my heart goes away… Lord Gaara… Um, I've got snacks… You want some? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: Gaara – Shikamaru Tune in again!