Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e03 Episode Script

Gaara and Shikamaru

1 Mommy… I… I… Hey, you're so cool! Wow! Can you do food too? Whoa, grilled squid! Ramen! Cherries! Lobster! Hmm…Sea urchin and rice bowl! That's so cool! That was terrific! You're amazing! Okay then… How about a big pile of poop? Can you do it? Temari… Kankuro… Yes! Gaara… Temari! Yes! He's creepy… What is he? How scary.
He's seriously creepy.
He's cursed.
Hey…Yashamaru… Why…? Why do we get hungry? Well… That's in order for us to eat good food, maybe? Oh, I see.
You're right! The meals you make taste good, Yashamaru! Hey, Yashamaru… Why is the sky blue? Well… It could be in order for us to gaze up at the blue sky, to make us feel calm and refreshed? I see.
You're right! When I look up at the sky, the pain inside of me feels a little better.
Hey, Yashamaru… I don't get sleepy even when it's nighttime.
Why is that? Now, that's a problem.
Normally, when you close your eyes, you get sleepy.
Really? Hey… Why…Why don't I have a mother? Well… You have me, Lord Gaara.
Because I am at your side… …always.
Oh…a boxed lunch? Yes! All right… Taijutsu is namely, one of the essentials for shinobi survival.
Let's see, when talking about human survival… It's like fish swimming – Oh man, what a drag.
– their way upstream.
It's not an exaggeration to call it the natural order of things.
What we have to think about is… Huh?! What the—?! Ouch! You're half asleep! It was Shikamaru! Man, Shi-ka-ma-ru! Take that! And that! You—! Hey, you guys… Will you pipe down? I'm trying to sleep here! Hey, Naruto! We're in class.
Now is not the time… to sleep! Naruto! Shikamaru! Choji! You three, go stand in the hallway! – What?! – What?! No "whats"! – Yes, sir… – Yes, sir… Man… Iruka Sensei got mad at me again.
Um… I-I've got snacks.
Want some? Oh! I'll totally have some! Okay, guys, have you thought about the way you've behaved? Good grief, you guys.
Iruka Sensei! You scared us, ya know! I'm gonna kill you… Huh?! W-What happened?! I knew I'd find you here.
Hey, Shikamaru.
Can you lend me some money? Why? Snacks again? Yeah! I mean…what else is there to buy besides snacks? Aw man, what a drag.
You're one in a million.
What's with your eyes? So creepy! Don't look at us! You're weird.
C'mon, cut it out! What'd he do to you anyway?! What? Trying to act like a hero? Don't bully people weaker than you, ya know! Shut up! Humph! This is boring! Let's go, guys.
So boring.
– Let's go.
– Yeah, let's go.
Man, what a drag.
Doing stuff like that.
Instead of butting into other people's business, he should polish his skills.
Stupid Naruto.
Don't call him "stupid.
" Huh? What? Naruto is not stupid.
Even you said before, Shikamaru… You said all shogi pieces are necessary.
You said that about me.
Huh?! What are you talking about? You're just mad at me from earlier because I didn't loan you any money.
You're wrong.
Naruto is… Naruto is like you, Shikamaru! So don't call him "stupid"! Take it back! Sheesh! What a drag! Then speak in a way I can understand! Don't… Don't order me around! Hey, hey! What are you guys doing?! You're friends, aren't you? Why are you fighting?! Hey! This… This fatso started complaining! It's because you're blind! I'm not a fatso! I'm pleasantly plump! All right! Let me buy into this fight.
Huh…? – What are you talking about? – What are you talking about? Oh! Then I'm buying snacks with that money you're gonna pay me.
– What? – Huh? What did you just say? What was that about? That's so funny.
I did that… and then, I went to the usual spot.
Huh, so that's what happened.
Naruto, want some snacks? Oh, thank you! Hey, look! What? Seriously? What a drag! – Nope, nope.
– Nope, nope.
– No girls for me! – No girls for me! – She's after us! – She's after us! Over here! You wait! I can't go any further! Ino's coming! Keep running! I can't! That Ino… She's terrible when she gets mad! I swear she's gonna end up an old maid.
Hey! Over there, over there! I spy a Pervy Iruka Sensei! Hey, Naruto… Wanna do "that"?! Are you serious? Yeah! Oh c'mon… What? I don't know what to say.
Oh… It's you, Naruto.
What're you doing out so late? Kid should be in bed— Sexy Jutsu! See ya later, Naruto.
Your Sexy Jutsu was awesome! Bye-bye, Naruto! Hey, hey, Shikamaru.
It's curry night at my house tonight.
That sounds good! I'm getting tired of my mom's cooking.
See you tomorrow! Yeah! See ya tomorrow! Hey, why don't we talk about our dreams tonight? Dreams? If you have any dreams…that is.
Kakashi's amazing! You think? I bet you he's probably a closet pervert.
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