Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e04 Episode Script

Jiraiya and Kakashi

1 Orochimaru… I wonder what that was? I thought it was a kitty scuttling about, oh well… BATHS BATHS Oh! What a sight! Boobs.
Lots of boobs.
This is great! Is this what you called me out for? I'm leaving.
Hey… Don't talk so loud.
You want a look? Oh, lots of butts too! Hey, Orochimaru… Orochimaru? You…pervy brat! Hot! Hot! Hot! Aw c'mon, hot water, really?! Hot! This is the plan.
You disguise yourself and make a move on Tsunade.
I'll appear just in time, and chase you away.
And Tsunade will say, "Oh Jiraiya, you're so amazing!" What's the point to all of this? I don't understand it.
It has deep significance to me.
Very deep significance.
She's close by… Huh?! Damn it! If…if only…I'd folded back then! Nah…gambling isn't that simple.
That was that and… Probably… I'm sure Yeah, it was the snap.
The way the dice rolled.
That moment seals whether you win or lose.
Yeah, the snap… Huh?! Who are you? I'm in a bad mood right now.
If you try anything… I'll kill you! Tsunade! A-Are you all right? I'm here now, so… don't worry… Okay? Huh? What're you doing here? Actually… I mean, you see… You're…looking… awfully sexy… tonight.
Hey, Jiraiya… I'm leaving.
Just what are you guys up to? It gets so cold when night falls.
They won't attack us tonight.
Hey… Why don't we talk about our dreams tonight? Dreams? If you have any dreams, that is.
I thought all you only think about is pervy stuff.
Jiraiya, it's an interesting topic for you to bring up.
Well then, let's start with you, Tsunade.
Me? I want to see the world from one corner to the other.
The world, you say?! That's a bold dream! I'm going to win at every casino there is! So? What's your dream? My dream is, perhaps… to protect you during your travels.
No thanks.
Orochimaru! Open up and talk about yourself once in a while.
Dreams… I don't have a dream.
You're such a boring guy.
Leave him alone! To each his own.
Besides, there are things we want to keep to ourselves— I want to master ninjutsu.
And become stronger than anyone.
Oh? For what purpose? For what purpose? I've never thought about such a thing.
I see… That's so like you.
Don't talk like you know me.
Oh! I know! Wouldn't it be great to write about what we see and hear on our world travels, Tsunade? You can go by yourself.
That would be… so… lonely.
They're coming one after another! Yeah! I'll pulverize them! Yeah… This is the last.
Thank you for the food.
I think I've mastered nitsuke dishes.
I'm leaving.
Hey, Dad… Dad! Oh well, sure, what the heck.
Yay…yay! Isn't that nice? ICHIRAKU RAMEN This place is great! Kakashi, you are terrific.
If I let my guard down even for a moment, I think you'd beat me.
Thank you.
Isn't Kakashi great? Well, his dad is a genius.
Even if he doesn't do anything, he probably still has the skills.
Anyway, I'm an Uchiha.
I'll keep doing my best.
I bet he's…a closet pervert.
You're great, Kakashi.
Think so? Do you practice all the time? Seriously, you're amazing.
Not really… I kind of read a few books.
Oh! Amazing… Kakashi, you're amazing! Come on out.
I made a lot.
So you might as well stay and eat.
You caught me! I'm sorry… So Kakashi, you live by yourself? Hey! That thing you do, that "whoosh-whoosh" is great.
Yeah…that "whoosh-whoosh.
" It's amazing.
Think so? It's so cute… What is this, Kakashi? River fish meunière… Kakashi-style.
– Thank you for the food! – Thank you for the food! Kakashi, this tastes really good! It's like the food you get in a restaurant.
Yeah, this is great! You're amazing… Think so? Are you gonna become a chef? Huh? I doubt it.
I guess not, huh? I'm leaving.
Hey, Kakashi! The food last night was great! It was really delicious.
Hey, are you listening? Yeah… ICHIRAKU RAMEN Hey, this place is good.
ICHIRAKU RAMEN It's looks delicious.
I wanna try it.
Hey, hold on! Let's go here next time.
Kakashi… Do you want to spend the springtime of your youth with me? Springtime of youth? You are my eternal rival… My man of destiny! Come on.
Fight me! Sorry, no.
Here I come! Instant kill… A-Amazing.
My eternal rival is…amazing.
I'm home.
Oh yeah… It's tomorrow.
I'm leaving.
Dad… You broke the rules for your friends' sake, right? I've made friends too.
But I'll never be like you, Dad.
I'll obey the rules.
I'll see you later, Dad.
I'm leaving.
'Morning! Are you feeling better? You were absent yesterday and it's no fun when you're not around, Kakashi.
Is that right? Kakashi! I lost to you last time… But that was the Might Guy of the past.
The newly reborn Might Guy will never lose to you! Your face is still swollen.
Of course! The springtime of youth never comes to an end! The springtime of youth… Come on, let's fight! Oh! Kakashi! Oh! Guy's keeping up! Do it, Kakashi! Come on, Kakashi! The light…of spring…will… never…wane! Maybe not.
– The end! – The end! The next episode is all about Sasuke, ya' know! After the last battle, where I clashed with Naruto, and after the Fourth Great Ninja War ended, I went on a journey to atone for my sins.
With the Sharingan in my right eye, and the Rinnegan in my left… What future will these eyes see now? These eyes that once only saw darkness? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 1: The Exploding Human.
" This is a story about my atonement.