Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e05 Episode Script

The Exploding Human

1 You came all this way to the hot springs.
You should take it easy and stay a bit longer.
At any rate, I'm an impatient man.
There seems to be a storm headed our way, so do be careful.
Thank you very much for everything.
I better hurry.
You're Tadaichi, a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, correct? Well yes, I am from the Hidden Leaf.
But I wouldn't call myself a shinobi.
I'm just a lowly merchant.
You can't fool me.
I checked up on you and found out what you did when were in the ANBU.
Visual Jutsu…?! Beautifully done.
I'm going to stain everything red.
The Exploding Human So, what are you doing here? Sakura said she was coming to see you, so I tagged along.
What is it, Sakura? There have been incidents of Hidden Leaf shinobi going missing.
Going missing? So you noticed it too, Sakura.
You were already aware of it, Kakashi Sensei? Yes.
But why were you investigating something like that? Well, there's a regular at Ino's family's flower shop… It's coming from the Aun Gate.
I'll go check it out, ya know! Oh… Wait, Naruto! Hey, you two! I'm counting on you.
Run! Get away from here! It's the Security Unit… Why are they only using defense? I'm gonna help 'em! Wait! Ino? Shikamaru…Choji? What happened? It can't be… Mr.
Tadaichi… That's Mr.
Tadaichi! Mr.
Tadaichi? You mean your regular from the flower shop? Are you sure that's him, Ino? There's no mistake! But he'd never turn against the Hidden Leaf! So why? So does that mean… there's a possibility he's under genjutsu? And the others could be the ones who went missing! What?! Then…these are Hidden Leaf shinobi? That's why we can't do anything other than defend! He didn't even dodge.
Doesn't he feel any pain? This is bad! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Naruto?! We're gonna jump away.
He's an exploding human! Mr.
Tadaichi… It's okay.
Let's go tend to the wounded.
Hey! They're getting in! Not…them too! It's too big! Damn! Choji… Can you bring out your wings with your expansion? G-Got it! I'll help! Let's go, Kurama! Right! Did…it help at all? Good job! Looks like it ain't over yet.
There are more of them.
Naruto! Getting wounded is probably what causes them to explode.
I saw strange chakra being released from the wound, and the body began to change shape.
Which means, we have to be careful how we engage them.
Naruto! Hinata! What's happening? It seems everyone's under a genjutsu.
Can you see if someone's controlling them? All right, I'll check.
Byakugan! I don't see anyone.
No one?! Then how are they being manipulated? There's a strange chakra moving around in their bodies.
Maybe that's what's controlling them.
So we just have to take that chakra away? The chakra is circulating like it's part of their body.
The chakra could be fused internally.
So you're saying we can't just peel it away easily.
First things first.
We have to start by capturing them.
But Shikamaru, it'll be hard to capture them without inflicting any wounds.
I just had a great idea! Okay, let's go! First, I'll have my clones stop the exploding humans.
Shadow Possession Jutsu! Then Shikamaru will capture them with his Shadow Possession Jutsu.
Hinata! Right! And lastly, Hinata will pierce their critical chakra points so that they can't move.
They won't be able to move for a day.
You okay, Hinata? Yes.
I'll fight with you.
It's no good.
My Genjutsu Reversal has no effect against the special kind of chakra circulating in the body.
Don't get so depressed.
Whoever did it, that's a genjutsu unknown to us.
It has to be the work of someone with extraordinary skill.
So it will require someone with exceptional Visual Jutsu powers.
Visual Jutsu? Good observation! I-I didn't say anything! Didn't say what? Don't ask! Naruto! We may not be able to see anything.
But the one who possesses both the Sharingan and Rinnegan just might.
Huh?! You mean…? I'll call Sasuke back.
Can I ask you to do it? Yes.
Sasuke's gonna come back! I am all alone.
I alone can bear the weight of all the hatred now.
You don't have a clue about how Itachi lived! Why do all that just to get in my way? ‘Cuz you're my friend.
I've heard that before.
But what exactly does that mean? You ask me to explain it, but I really can't put it into words.
It's just that… when I see you take on stuff and get all messed up… It… kinda… hurts me.
Return to the Hidden Leaf Village, huh? A human exploded! D-Damn you! Stop! Don't tell me that's the exploding human that attacked the Hidden Leaf?! Why? A village like this? Old Man Iou! Chino, stall them.
You got it, Nowaki! Water Style: Water Formation Wall! Shinobi? What's going on? W-What?! Are you one of them? You've got it all wrong.
Silence! They asked you to come and get even, didn't they? Get even? Young ones! What are you doing? Damn it! Sorry, I don't have anything against you, but… Water Style… Rain Hail! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! What?! I didn't know Fire Style could beat Water Style! Get back.
A Change in Nature of Wind, huh? Oh, come on! Hurry up and kill him! No one told me he was so strong! You spineless—! You can tell me later why you mistook me for someone else.
That eye… The Sharingan?! Uchiha… Why did the villagers end up like this? How should I know?! The one you mistook me for is involved in some way, right? I've got nothing to say! I-I'm sorry.
We don't know what's going on either.
From the looks of it, you're not from this village, are you? We're former shinobi who are now traveling performers.
We finished a gig at a resort in the Village Hidden in the Hot Springs.
It's pretty profitable there for entertainers like us.
Anyway… We decided to head somewhere else, so we came through the Bamboo Village to stock up on supplies.
And Old Man Iou's daughter is such a great person! She made us really good food! By the way, is my daughter… Is Amino okay? Amino! We had all the women and children take shelter… Hey! We have no choice but to ask these guys directly.
Amino?! An exploding human?! Mr.
Iou, don't go near.
It's too dangerous.
Who cares if it's dangerous?! That's my daughter! Let go… Let me go! Amino! I'll never forgive you.
Never…Fuushin… I'll never forgive you, Fuushin! Who is Fuushin? The leader of the Lightning Gang.
The Lightning Gang? They take money from bad people and distribute it to poor people like us.
They're honorable thieves.
So why would their leader try to get even? This is just what I heard… The Lightning Gang was betrayed by the Hidden Mist… It seems they barely escaped with their lives and found their way to this village.
Just for a little while… Let us rest here.
Please go somewhere else.
What? If we harbor you, we'll end up paying dearly for it! We have no intentions of troubling the village! We'll leave right away! Just because you take money from others and give it away, don't think you can do whatever you want! The village rejected the Lightning Gang.
What are you going to do? I'm going to look inside memories of the exploding humans.
Huh? Are you okay? That red eye… There's no doubt about it… It's a Kekkei Genkai.
It's Sasuke, right? You can call me Yamato.
The attack of the Exploding Humans in the Leaf… There's a possibility that Orochimaru has information that links all of the victims.
It would make it easier for us to cooperate, if you give us each and every detail.
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