Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e06 Episode Script


1 Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 2: Coliseum "Encountered Exploding Humans.
" "Will investigate independently.
Please approve.
" Just how long will your journey continue? Sasuke, where are you going? You're Sasuke Uchiha, right? The lone survivor of the exalted Uchiha Clan.
I knew it the moment I saw your Sharingan last night.
Where are you going now? That has nothing to do with you.
It does involve us! Amino… …made us yummy meals.
She was kind.
You're going to look for that Fuushin guy, right? But isn't he the one who changed Amino and the others into the human something or other, right? We're going with you.
I think we may be able to help.
And don't give us that look that says "I don't need you guys!" That will only make us more determined! Sasuke dear, are you listening?! I don't care what you do.
Just stop calling me that.
I figure I'm older than you, Sasuke dear.
So I can call you "dear.
" Older? You? Ahem! By that much? What do you mean by "that much"? Sasuke dear, it's not good to judge people by their looks or by your impression of them.
You shouldn't judge people by their looks or by your impression of them.
HIDDEN LEAF POLICE FORCE Are you going to join too, Big Brother? HIDDEN LEAF POLICE FORCE I wonder… You should! When I'm older… I'm going to join the Leaf Police Force too! Forgive me, Sasuke… This is the last time.
No matter what happens from now, I will love you always.
Sasuke dear! Sasuke dear! By the way… Have you been back to the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke dear? What? Ignoring me again? What about reviving the Uchiha Clan? You're the lone survivor, right? Hello! Are you there, Sasuke?! Chino, stop it.
Whose side are you on anyway? You know, you… Hey, where are we going? Ignoring me again! I mean… Hey.
My name isn't "hey"! You asked if I'm going to look for Fuushin.
The answer is yes.
Huh? That's what I should do right now.
A-Any ideas on where to look? The only thing that can create an Exploding Human is a Kekkei Genkai.
H-Hey, Sasuke dear… Hold on a minute… You think you'll find him inside that really scary-looking cave? Ignoring me again! You're Sasuke, right? You can call me Yamato.
Since you're watching over this place, it must mean that Orochimaru is here.
O-Orochimaru? You mean that—?! What's the purpose of your visit? I can't allow just anyone through to see Orochimaru.
Regarding the Exploding Humans that attacked the Hidden Leaf… It's possible Orochimaru may have information about the perpetrator.
Did you send word about this to Lord Sixth? I intend to, if I get results.
It would be much easier for us to coordinate things, if you'd send us progress reports… However… You're doing this all for the sake for the Hidden Leaf, right? Yeah… Then there's nothing else to say.
I'll send Lord Sixth a report.
Remember, we're comrades.
I'm sure Mr.
Kakashi also taught you the importance of trust and teamwork.
Thank you… It's been a long time, Sasuke.
You've brought some interesting-looking friends with you.
Do you know Fuushin of the Lightning Gang? What? Not even a greeting? You're as blunt as ever.
Tell me everything you know.
Is that any way to ask a person something? Hurry up.
Fuushin possesses a Kekkei Genkai… I believe he originally was a member of En Oyashiro's guard unit.
En Oyashiro? He's not affiliated with any group.
Even though he's a shinobi, he's an arms trader.
He'll sell weapons to anyone for the right price, so he's known as the "Merchant of Death.
" He's amassed a huge fortune during his lifetime.
Where is he? Who knows… He has a hideout even better hidden than mine.
I think finding him will be very difficult.
For you, even the difficult is easy.
Does that mean you trust me? Well, I don't know where to find him, but I can lure him out.
However… that may cause a few problems.
Why do you think I came here? How unlike you… I'm just doing what I have to.
I sense the wind.
Wait here.
It will take some time to prepare.
Sasuke dear! I didn't know that you knew Orochimaru.
I don't recall ever telling you.
Sasuke! Hey! Why didn't you let me know you're coming? Sasuke dear… "Sasuke dear"?! What? Is she your girlfriend, Sasuke? You mean, that ugly hag? Hey! Who're you calling ugly?! Sasuke, say it's not true! It's not true.
You should've seen the look of panic on your face.
Shut up! If it weren't for that big mouth of yours! That's no excuse for looking like… - It's been awhile.
- it's the end of the world! You've been continuing your travels? Yeah.
You haven't gone back to Hidden Leaf Village? See, you're worried sick about Sasuke.
You're really getting on my nerves! Quiet, you guys.
I'm ready.
Shall we go? Lord Orochimaru, are you going out? Sasuke and I are going to the sea.
Huh?! The ocean? With Sasuke? You all will stay and mind the fort.
The sea with Lord Orochimaru? I can't quite picture it.
Wait, that's news to me too.
To be more precise, a solitary island in the sea.
There's a paradise for the wealthy there.
And that's where En Oyashiro is? If he takes the bait.
- Nowaki.
- Yeah.
Sasuke… Bleh! What's with that girl? Wanna fight? Oh, what a drag.
Sasuke working for the sake of strangers… The Hidden Leaf was attacked… They're not strangers… But he didn't return to the village.
I wonder if it's hard for him to go back? Don't you guys get it? The big war might be over, but there are still lots of dangerous characters lurking around.
As long as Sasuke has those eyes… shinobi will continue to attack the village.
So by showing that Sasuke Uchiha isn't in Hidden Leaf Village and he's still journeying around the world, it lessens the possibility that the village will be harmed.
So then, Sasuke has to continue traveling? That might be it.
Still… The fact that you, the one who instigated the destruction of the Hidden Leaf, the assassination of the Fourth Kazekage and countless other horrific crimes, can still move around freely is quite astonishing.
I'm not free.
And who are you to talk, Sasuke? By all rights, you should be locked up.
But even Kabuto, one of the war criminals from the Fourth Ninja World War is now the director of an orphanage… Kabuto is? Of course, compared to me, the likelihood that Kabuto will resort to evil is lower.
How can you be so sure? Don't you trust the power of Itachi Uchiha? You and I, and Kabuto could just be insurance… in case something happens that cannot be countered with common sense.
Insurance? In every era, a maverick appears.
When that happens, there may be a need for people like us who possess powers considered to be inhuman.
There are things that cannot be protected by righteousness alone.
If that's the case, keeping us around like pets might be mutually beneficial.
But… your friend would never even think of such a tactic.
Probably not.
There… You can see it in the distance.
Where are we? This is an island that you can't find on any map.
Oh… Let's go.
What is this place? It's called the Coliseum.
Coliseum? Is everyone enjoying themselves so far? Honors to the victor! Despair to the vanquished! As you know, the rules are simple! The one with your ID tag goes up against one with another person's ID tag.
And the winner is whoever manages to take his opponent's ID tag… Simply put, it's a survival match! What's going on, Orochimaru? You heard the explanation.
The wealthy patrons here pit their shinobi against shinobi employed by others.
The losing shinobi becomes theirs.
And now, today's semi-final match! Now entering the ring… Wearing the ID tag of President Makibi of the Makibi Corporation… Raimei, the Black Lightning Flash! His opponent… Wearing the ID tag of President Himeyuri of the Himeyuri Company… Suzuran, the Eerie Flame of the White Moon! This place is like a casino.
All right, let's begin! It's now or never, no foul play, no grudges afterwards… A single-bout challenge! Ready? Fight! I don't have time to waste on sick hobbies.
Where is En Oyashiro? I wonder… But this is about the only place that he'll show up.
Although, he won't come if there's no shinobi he wants.
Whoa! Suzuran is down! The winner is Raimei! President Makibi is overjoyed! You're useless! Why do you think I kept you all this time?! You ingrate… This place is worthless.
Then why don't you help? To a victim, the assailant and a third party are no different.
People are no better than the assailant if they didn't try to help.
If you only pity the loser and do nothing to stop the decadence of the rich… you're just as guilty, Sasuke.
Chino, stop.
Chino! Was this sight too shocking for a child? No, she's older than me.
What? The wait is finally over! Now, for the main event! Wearing En Oyashiro's ID tag is Futsu! It seems he took the bait.
And his opponent will be wearing Lord Orochimaru's ID tag… The legendary shinobi who attacked the Five Kage Conference… The last Uchiha… Sasuke Uchiha! What is the meaning of this?! I told you.
Oyashiro will only appear for something he wants.
He is…a collector of Kekkei Genkai.
A collector of Kekkei Genkai? Yes… As for you with your Sharingan, Sasuke… He probably wants you so bad, he can taste it.
Couldn't he have just searched for me if he knew I was here? Oyashiro is a careful man.
He can easily camouflage his scent, let alone his appearance and form.
Who knows where he is? However, he will definitely appear after the match for the ID tag transfer.
That's the custom here.
Wait a minute, could this be a default? Now go… He's here! He arrives, ready to go! Sasuke Uchiha has appeared! So that's Sasuke Uchiha.
Let me see your Sharingan.
All right, let us begin! It's now or never, no foul play, no grudges afterwards… A single-bout challenge! Ready… Fight! Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu, eh? P-President Makibi? Is he all right?! A-Ambulance! Call an ambulance! An Exploding Human? The Chi no Ike Clan? Seems the Uchiha Clan who suffered long through persecution were also complicit in the persecution of others… Did Itachi know about this? You might find something if you go to Hell Valley.
I want to see this Hell Valley with my own eyes… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 3: Fuushin" As the only survivor of the Uchiha Clan, I'll… Tune in again!