Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e07 Episode Script


1 Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 3: Fuushin What is that?! Get away from him! So that's the Sharingan.
What a surprise.
Sasuke using his Sharingan to save someone's life… Huh? W-Watch out! What happened?! Lady Himeyuri! Just what is going on? Leave one of them to me! We can't save them… but we can lessen the damage! How bothersome.
Chino! What is it? I didn't expect you to save me… Sasuke dear.
Thank you.
Chino! Are you okay? I'm fine, I'm fine Ow! You need to get that taken care of.
They're the Exploding Humans that attacked the Hidden Leaf Village.
They're quite troublesome.
I can't make contact with him, so I'm going to get going.
Looks like you won't get to meet Oyashiro.
What? I told you, didn't I? He's a very cautious man.
I can't imagine he'd stick around after all this uproar.
And since the match ended midway, there won't be an ID tag transfer ceremony either.
Besides, we won't be able to get any intel on Fuushin, who belonged to Oyashiro's former guard unit, who's making all these Exploding Humans.
This has been a total waste of time.
Lord Orochimaru.
What did you say? Sasuke… Oyashiro is asking for you.
Go on ahead.
What about you? I'm going to get this wound looked at.
I'll stick with Chino.
All right.
Oh, hello! I am En Oyashiro.
Nice to meet you! Is he really En Oyashiro? There's no mistake.
It's been a long time, Mr.
Orochimaru! When was the last time we were face to face like this? It's been so long, I don't remember.
What's going on? I don't recall you being someone who'd reveal himself so casually before others like this.
It's only because I witnessed something very interesting.
Though it was quite a shock to see humans explode like that.
They're just like the Exploding Humans that attacked the Hidden Leaf, right? You know about that? You can't be in my line of business if you're not on top of the news.
They appeared because they were after you, right? Perhaps, this time.
This time? Are you saying that they attacked the Hidden Leaf Village for a different purpose? I mean, doesn't it seem like it? They attacked the Hidden Leaf Village with me as their target? The man creating the Exploding Humans seems to be a former member of your guard unit.
What? No way! His name is Fuushin.
You know him, don't you? Hmm… That kid? He initially belonged to someone else.
Someone else? I won him at the Coliseum and assigned him to my guard unit.
I believe he was born on a small island in the Land of Water.
When he was young, he was sold off by the islanders because they were scared of him.
Sold off? Isn't that how it is with the Kekkei Genkai? Weak humans who consider themselves "normal" always fear unusual power.
It's a disadvantage from the moment you manifest it.
Though personally, I like Kekkei Genkai.
I mean, they're powerful and rare! That's why I've collected all different kinds for my guard unit.
I've even slaughtered the rest and left only one to increase the rarity… The only thing is, because of the difficult situations surrounding their upbringing, many of the kids were rebellious.
If I didn't know Medical Ninjutsu, I probably couldn't have tamed them.
Fuushin was a relatively good kid, but one day out of the blue, he took the other kids and ran away.
I wonder why he ran away? I fed them every day and even gave them an allowance.
I've heard enough! Did Fuushin have red eyes? Red eyes? Oh, now that you mention it… One of the kids who ran away with Fuushin had eyes like that.
Ran away with Fuushin? So Fuushin has a partner? Was that Genjutsu Trap his doing? What was his name? I've forgotten.
Then remember.
You're so harsh! Oh, I know! That kid was from the Chinoike Clan.
The Chinoike Clan? What is that? It's a tragic story.
I don't care, tell me.
It goes way back… Even before the time Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha competed for power.
Bloodshot eyes… The Chinoike Clan with their Ketsuryugan.
They lived in the Land of Lightning.
They were especially proficient with genjutsu and once you were caught in their Visual Jutsu, it was said you could never escape.
Anyway, one of the Chinoike Clan women was sent to become the concubine of the feudal lord of the Land of Lightning.
She was personable and beautiful… and that made the lord's consort terribly jealous.
Unfortunately, shortly after taking the girl as his concubine, the feudal lord became ill and died.
"It's her fault he died!" The lord's consort put all the blame on the concubine.
And those who knew about the Chinoike Clan's unusual genetics, supported the consort's claim.
As a result, the girl and her entire clan was exiled to a place known as Hell Valley.
And for that, the consort hired… What's the matter? The Uchiha Clan.
What did you say? The Uchiha Clan with their Sharingan were the only ones who could go up against the Chinoike Clan and their unique Visual Jutsu.
The Chinoike asked the Uchiha to set up a meeting place to negotiate, but were rejected.
Seems the Uchiha Clan who suffered long through persecution were also complicit in the persecution of others.
What about Itachi? Was Itachi aware of this? I wonder… However… you may learn something if you go to Hell Valley.
Where is Hell Valley located? It's in the Land of Steam.
Are you going? I don't know.
I guess not.
You don't know if Fuushin is actually there.
But I'm rooting for you.
Good luck! We need to get rid of nuisances like Exploding Humans as soon as possible.
That's unusual.
I didn't expect to hear that from a weapons trader like yourself.
If a convenient explosive like that became commonplace, I'd be forced to shut down my business.
Just as guilty… That's what you said.
Huh? To a victim, the assailant and a third party are no different.
People are no better than the assailant if they didn't try to help.
If you only pity the loser and do nothing to stop the decadence of the rich… you're just as guilty, Sasuke.
It's just as you said.
But… "But"? No, never mind.
Hey, you probably won't tell me… But I'll ask anyway.
Where are you headed this time? Hell Valley.
See? You didn't tell me… What? Hell Valley?! The one making Exploding Humans is there? Probably not.
Then why are you going? I want to see this Hell Valley with my own eyes.
As the last survivor of the Uchiha Clan.
Huh?! We came all the way here to the Land of Steam, and we're not gonna soak in the hot springs? You two can do whatever you want.
This is where we go our separate ways.
But why? The one making the Exploding Humans is after me.
It's better if you're not around me.
We came all the way here together.
As if we'd desert you now, Sasuke dear.
We're going with you to Hell Valley! Exploding Humans! Sasuke dear! Stay away! Nowaki, let go! He's… not cloaked in chakra.
Hot! So hot! Hot! So hot! You're not Fuushin, are you? W-What're you saying? I'm the Lightning Gang's… I possess the Sharingan.
I can look into your memories with this.
If you're lying, I can't guarantee that I'll spare you.
Won't guarantee my life? Well, I'll say it right back at you! Whoa I won't let you.
Earth Style: Mud Wall! Lava Style: Rubber Wall! Rubber is strong against the Lightning Style! Lava Style: Rubber Sphere! All right… Let's do this! It starts now! What?! Then I'll just increase the amount! Amaterasu.
W-What the hell this?! I-It won't go out! Hot! Hot! I-I'll tell you anything you want! I'll talk! Please let me talk! So please put out the flames! Hot! Hot! Kagutsuchi… You don't have to talk.
"I need your help…Fuushin.
" Just hold on, Boss! So you want me to make this Sasuke guy think that I'm after him? I figured as much.
That's right.
That chakra sword was the same as the chakra sword you threw at me at Bamboo Village.
Show me what you really look like… "Really look like"? That's not your real appearance.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have shown yourself before Old Man Iou in the Bamboo Village.
Still, were you that scared to see En Oyashiro? Indeed… This is how I really look.
Fuushin! I certainly didn't expect it to be you.
People who have Kekkei Genkai are all special, right? Because this power leads to fear, the rift between people widens and they deem you unpleasant and evil.
I'll make you tell me the entire story.
Before that, let me blow you up… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 4: The Ketsuryugan" Susano'o! Tune in again!