Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e08 Episode Script

The Ketsuryugan

1 The Ketsuryugan You're going to tell me everything I want to know.
I wonder if you can make me? Severe Wind Destruction! Severe Wind Destruction! This isn't over yet! There's no wind.
So this is the eye of the storm! Now, tell me everything.
No way.
Damn it! What's that? Don't think I'll fall for the same trick twice! So this is Hell Valley… The Chinoike Clan really lived here? Yes, we did.
Take a good, long look.
That's proof people lived here.
False suspicion was cast on them and the Uchiha Clan forced them all the way here.
The clan had no choice but to settle here.
They drank this scalding water, hunted down whatever birds they could that flew past… ate the meager grass that grew in the soil in order to survive.
Weary of fighting, the clan never ventured out into the outside world, and scraped out a living, so I've heard.
"So I've heard"? By the time I was old enough to understand, I was already living in Oyashiro's mansion.
I was told Oyashiro kidnapped me from Hell Valley…just me.
You were all alone? You were all by yourself? What? You're actually interested? How unlike you.
Then let me show you.
I was the only one from the Chinoike Clan.
But there were lots of kids like me at Oyashiro's mansion and we were all forced to train to become shinobi.
What's the matter? If you don't win, you'll go hungry.
You did well, Chino.
And on that day, Oyashiro brought me to… the Coliseum.
Representing President Kusabi of Kusabi Real Estate Company and currently on a record-setting run of no losses! The Hurricane Kid who has no mercy… Fuushin! And going up against him… representing Mr.
En Oyashiro, who returns after a long absence… The Beauty of the Ketsuryugan… Chino! I've never heard of the Ketsuryugan.
Just what kind of power is it?! It seems like our audience is very curious too! And now, let's begin! Ready… Fight! If you're so eager, I'll show you my Ketsuryugan.
I'll blow you away before you have the chance.
Typhoon Style: High Wind Destruction! Whoa… What's this?! Fuushin's just been standing there! What's wrong, Fuushin?! Did I…just lose? Yeah, you lost.
Can you believe this?! The one and only Fuushin has lost to a young girl in her debut match! There we go.
You're really strong! Are you being sarcastic? N-No way! My eyes are… S-See…They're special, so… Special, huh? Anyone who possesses a Kekkei Genkai is special.
Because of this power, people feared me and kept their distance.
At times, I was shunned and treated cruelly.
Even having a past like that was better than what I had.
What do you mean? For as long as I can remember, I've been here.
I have no memory about anything before I came here.
I see.
You're fortunate.
Me? Fortunate?! Having memories you don't want to remember is pointless.
I was born in the Land of Water.
But it wasn't on the mainland where the Hidden Mist Village is.
I was born on a poverty-stricken island nearby.
And… Because of this power, I was blamed for a typhoon that struck the island.
They wanted to get rid of me, so I was sold off to a rich man named Kusabi.
All I remember about Kusabi's place… was the constant torture even when I was obedient.
But I wasn't averse to fighting in the Coliseum.
Because I was able to demonstrate my strength there.
And still, I lost to a brat like you.
I'm sorry I won.
You better be! Still, I envy you.
I don't know what my mom or dad look like.
I don't why I was born… or even why I'm alive.
I don't have anything! I don't care how terrible any past might be.
It's better than being empty like me! I… I just said some terrible things.
But that's how I feel.
I don't know why, but… This is first time I've spoken about myself to anyone else… and the first time someone's tears has actually moved me.
In the end, we were both assigned to Oyashiro's guard unit… and we started working.
And one day, we found it at the Oyashiro mansion.
Look, Chino! And old historical document about the Chinoike Clan.
Let's go, Chino.
Huh?! If we go to Hell Valley, we may find some of your kin from the Chinoike Clan.
And we might find something regarding your past! If you go to Hell Valley, you won't feel so empty anymore.
But there's no way Oyashiro will allow it.
We don't need his permission! Fuushin and I gathered others who wanted to get out of Oyashiro's mansion and escaped.
We're all free now! And we ran towards Hell Valley.
But… Hey… You get to live by selling these crude bamboo knick-knacks.
Who do you owe that all to? Why, we owe it all to you, my lord.
– Silence! – Father! This is hardly enough! – So…I'll take your daughter in exchange.
– Are you okay, Father?! Amino! Wh-Who are you?! If you don't want to get hurt, get lost.
Y-Yes… Hurry, grab him! S-Sir… Th-Thank you for saving me.
Think nothing of it.
We just happened to see what was going on.
Where are you chivalrous thieves from? Chivalrous thieves? P-Please! Please continue to protect us! We were hailed as chivalrous thieves.
So we adopted the name, the Lightning Gang and worked for the sake of nearby villages.
We were treated like heroes.
Every time we appeared, the villagers welcomed us.
They gave us food and shelter.
Everyone was kind.
Sorry that we haven't been able to go to Hell Valley.
That's okay.
I can go to Hell Valley anytime.
For now, let's work hard for these people.
We owed allegiance to no one, others were at our mercy.
Seeing this, some shinobi villages tried to use us.
During the reign of the previous Mizukage, the Hidden Mist were our valued clients.
That same thing happened then.
We went after a Feudal Lord who was taking money from the unfortunate.
Oh come on.
What's the matter? You mustn't, my lord.
A-Are you the infamous—?! Yeah, we're the Lightning Gang.
Get him.
As long as you pay up, we won't hurt you.
That's as far as you'll go.
Shinobi…?! The Hidden Mist?! I see… You want to get rid of us.
And not only that, you intend to create a direct relationship with the Feudal Lord.
Th-Thank you for saving me.
You're correct.
It's horrible, isn't it? But, what's worse was… Just for a while… Let us rest here.
Please go somewhere else.
What? If we harbor you, we'll end up paying dearly for it! We have no intentions of troubling the village! We'll leave right away! Just because you take money from others and give it away, don't think you can do whatever you want! Every village was the same.
They wouldn't even give us water.
One by one, our wounded comrades died.
Eventually, it was just Fuushin and me.
There's nowhere else we can go.
Yes, there is.
Huh? So we…finally made it to Hell Valley.
I'm empty, after all.
Chino?! I can't remember anything! My father, my mother… I can't remember anyone's faces! Coming here didn't solve anything, after all.
I still don't know why I was born or why I'm alive! Pursuers from the Hidden Mist! Chino! Chino! Let go, you damn—! Owww! Chino…! W-What the hell is this?! What's wrong? Chino! Chino! Chino, are you all right? I…didn't know I could do this.
So…that was the true power of the Chinoike Clan? I'll get my revenge! The Uchiha Clan was used up and absorbed by the Leaf.
So why do you go so far for them? I have a friend now who shares in my pain.
He also hopes the whole world will become like that too.
A world like that… is impossible! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: “Sasuke's Story: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last One” A heart that hopes for that, connects me to the Leaf! Tune in again!