Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e09 Episode Script

The Last One

1 Sasuke's Story: The Last One You were gonna use that to get revenge against the Uchiha who forced the Chinoike Clan to Hell Valley? So I was your target from the very start.
If I sent Exploding Humans to Hidden Leaf Village, you were sure to return.
I planned to kill you and the entire Leaf Village, but… You happened to meet me at Bamboo Village, is that it? Coincidence is a scary thing, don't you think? We attacked that village just to get back at them for the last time… Meeting you there was the last thing we expected.
But thanks to the head of the Bamboo Village's interesting parting words, we changed our plans.
I'll never forgive you… Fuushin! I happened to be looking for Fuushin, so you joined up with me and used your Exploding Humans whenever something happened as a diversion.
And Nowaki, rather Fuushin, would come after me with his chakra sword.
And just in case you couldn't kill me, you went so far as to ask an old partner to stand by and pretend to be Fuushin.
So what now? Are you gonna kill me? You and me… We're the last ones from the Chinoike and Uchiha Clans.
Let's put it all on the line and fight to the death! Unfortunately, I'm not interested in that.
You're the same as usual… But don't think you can go around with that aloof expression on your face forever.
The Chinoike Clan uses blood to handle all kinds of jutsu.
And here in this location… this red lake with its high iron content… will make the power of the Chinoike even stronger! What?! Take this! Go! Do you still want to continue? Chakra is entering from my wound?! What?! My chakra seals the wound and waits.
Waits for what? Isn't it obvious? Good bye, Sasuke Uchiha.
So that's how you made the Exploding Humans? The Sharingan?! I envied you, Sasuke.
You were born in the Hidden Leaf Village and bore the Uchiha name… and you had a family that loved you.
When you deserted your village, you and your reputation were notorious.
But even now, you're allowed to travel freely.
That's because you have people who love and protect you.
I know… You've always, always had someone who kept loving you, no matter what.
You're not like me… I've been alone from the beginning! You've been alone from the beginning! How the hell do you think you understand? It's because I have these ties, that I feel this agony.
How could you possibly understand what it feels like to lose all that?! So… So why do you fight for the Hidden Leaf?! The leaves of the Hidden Leaf are brilliant, but its roots are black! There is light and darkness in the Hidden Leaf! Your clan was used up and absorbed by the Leaf's roots as nourishment! So why do you go so far for them?! Because I'm alive.
What do you mean? I have a friend who saved me.
A friend with whom I can share my pain, and him, with me.
His wish is that one day the world will be like us.
A world like that is impossible.
That's just wishful thinking! That's why he wants to make it real! And it's that hopeful heart that connects me to the Hidden Leaf! To be like my older brother… and support this world from the shadows, and… And? And look beyond this world… to the light! I don't want to see such a world! Enough already! Kill me! Hurry and kill me! Chino! Fuushin! Fuushin! Fuushin?! What are you doing here? Fuushin? Now, you should be able to understand the meaning of my words.
I have a friend who saved me.
A friend with whom I can share my pain, and him, with me.
If you're going to kill someone, kill me.
Fuushin, it's okay.
It's okay.
I'd be in pain…if you died.
Chino… Sasuke dear, I wish I didn't meet you at Bamboo Village.
Then I could have kept on hating you.
Also, I want to see this world that you speak of… This is the last one… It's penetrated the brachial artery.
We're good now.
There's no more unusual chakra flowing inside of him now.
Thank you.
What would I have done without you? I think it's all because of your exceptional skill, Sakura! The ringleader was turned over to the authorities last night, right? Yes.
Was Sasuke there? I thought he would be.
But they asked the Leaf shinobi go over to the Land of Steam to take custody.
The one who captured the ringleader didn't return… Hello.
I'm the perpetrator.
I take all responsibility.
So please go easy on the other two.
Chino, that's not what we want.
That's right, Miss Chino! I–! Now calm down… Actually, the Mizukage of the Land of Mist wants to take custody of you.
W-Why? Now's the only time to stop the chain of negativity.
Please come in.
Let's skip the greetings.
I'd once heard about your past connection to the Hidden Mist.
Huh? If it's okay with you… I'd like you to help the Hidden Mist.
W-Why? You must atone for what you did for the rest of your lives.
But every shinobi, great and small, must bear the same burden.
I'm no different.
Would you like to fight again… with your own life? And, there's another thing I need to let you know.
Around now, he's… W-What is this…! The last Uchiha a.
Sasuke Uchiha has returned to the Coliseum! To a victim, the assailant and a third party are no different.
People are no better than the assailant if they didn't try to help.
If you only pity the loser and do nothing to stop the decadence of the rich… you're just as guilty, Sasuke.
I will welcome all challenges! And I will free all shinobi! If you desire the Uchiha's eye, come and get it! Sasuke is—?! But there are many shinobi with Kekkei Genkai there! Even someone like Sasuke… Don't underestimate Sasuke, ya know! Sasuke's probably doing this for your sake.
So he will never, ever lose! So you're Sasuke's? Yeah, I'm his friend.
I'm Naruto Uzumaki.
Your friend saved me.
I'm very grateful.
I see! Th-This is something no one's ever imagined! Sasuke Uchiha has beaten each and every shinobi! Which means, he has acquired every, single shinobi! What's gonna happen to us? The Hidden Cloud will take you in.
The Hidden Cloud? Indeed! We, the Hidden Cloud, will safeguard all shinobi! At the same time, everyone who took part in the illegal gambling here will be taken into custody.
This is so dull.
This isn't looking good.
I'm here, kid.
I'm grateful.
Be grateful to your Lord Sixth.
– He came and insisted – Hurry and come here! that this island was close to my village, and that it was the Cloud's business to deal with it.
That's why we're here… So dull… Long ago, Naruto put his hands together and passionately argued for you.
OFFICIAL MISSIVE TO THE LORD HOKAGE FROM THE RAIKAGE It was the time you kidnapped my kid brother, Bee, and Danzo agreed to our request to mark you a Rogue Ninja and assassinate you.
I want you to cancel the disposal of Sasuke Uchiha! I'm begging you! I don't want us killing each other for revenge anymore! I'm glad we didn't kill you back then.
Know yourself and know others, and never alter your path again.
Feel the significance of why you can walk this world freely.
And create a reason to convince others around you.
Perhaps with this incident, you just created one.
But just one won't be enough.
You weren't caught? I'm here, aren't I? Did things work out as planned? Thanks to you, it did.
Conflict breaks out easily in small communities.
Even though they've lived shoulder to shoulder for many years, even the smallest incident festers hatred and in the end, they end up killing each other off.
That sounds like the Uchiha Clan.
They were definitely like that, however… This is the truth of the Chinoike Clan.
When my wife got wrapped up in everything and died… lots of things didn't matter anymore.
That's why you killed your entire clan? Even still, my daughter is quite endearing.
And you saw with your own eyes the foolish thing that your dear daughter of yours was doing in the Coliseum.
I wonder if that's why you gave up on acquiring Sasuke, and used him instead to stop your daughter? You're such a doting parent… I consider myself more of a foolish parent… Still it feels strange.
Sasuke's not back in the village, yet he's protecting it.
You're right.
There are so many things we can't do without a skilled shinobi like Sasuke.
There are guys who do terrible things like this time, but I guess everything works out as long as there are guys like Sasuke to counter it.
You seem kinda happy, Sakura.
Huh? Sasuke said to me before he left on his journey… This is a trip to atone for my sins.
With this recent incident, I know that Sasuke is definitely making inroads.
Just… I just wish I was there next to him… F-Forget what I just said! Huh? It's probably from Kakashi.
So messy.
It's Naruto's writing… Sasuke… You're not back in the village, but you're still protecting it.
You're just like the Leaf Police Force! HIDDEN LEAF POLICE FORCE Are you going to join too? HIDDEN LEAF POLICE FORCE Well… I wonder about that Why not? When I grow up, I'm going to join the Leaf Police Force too! It's been a while… Maybe I'll go home.
Regarding the issue with the Land of Silence, it's going to become violent, eventually… If they find out we've independently started investigating, it's going to get troublesome.
That being said, it would be bad if we call on the alliance and take aggressive action on Land of Silence, right? Well, we just achieved peace… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Shikamaru's Story: A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of Affairs" We can't just stand by without taking action any further.
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