Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e10 Episode Script

The State of Affairs

1 The State of Affairs FIRE So, I told my classmates… that they were lucky to have so much free time.
It's been a month since I got here.
Isn't it about time I get to supervise a big assignment on my own? Oh, Lord Hokage! Where was yesterday's report again? Third pile to the right, the second one.
Oh, here it is.
Didn't this come with some attachments? Second pile, the third one.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Oh right, Lord Hokage.
About next week's inspection… I keep telling you to just call me Kakashi.
You're way too stiff and formal, senpai! And don't forget to take a break.
Efficiency gets compromised if you don't.
Roger! Anyway… I didn't become a shinobi to be chained to a desk.
How do you not get bored doing this sort of work, senpai? Uh, senpai? I haven't looked up at the clouds in a long time.
You know, senpai, sometimes you talk like an old man.
Is something bothering you? Huh? No.
And, I'm done for the day! Man! We cruised through today! Thanks, and see ya tomorrow! Oh, Lord Hokage! Thanks, and see ya tomorrow! See ya… Thanks for today.
Why'd you pick a guy like that? The adult world is complicated.
I don't like that kind of stuff.
Oh? I thought you became one of us a while back.
Give me a break! Having more shinobi like him just goes to show we're at peace.
It's been two years since then.
I'm starting to get a belly… I don't want to hear it.
Do you keep up with training? Here and there.
You say it like that, but I bet you're as disciplined as ever.
Why can't you just humor me a bit? I told him to double-check it! By the way, how is it going? Regarding that issue.
It's on the back-burner.
No contact then? I feel bad burdening you with it.
I was never really cut out to be a shinobi.
The fact that I continue to be one… Is to make Naruto the Hokage one day, right? To make sure that happens, I can't be a child forever.
Naruto's still a child, even now.
He is who he is.
Oh… How about we go grab a bite after you're done? After this, Lord Tsuchikage and I have a game.
Oh right, I saw him at the conference yesterday.
All he talked about was how he would beat you this time.
Anyway, please go easy on him.
Well, half of it is work for me.
Hey, Shikamaru… I wonder what it means to become an adult? No, wait… This one? How's that, young 'un? You're speechless now, eh? Please excuse me… Hey, don't think I'll let you win and run! Tsk… I have to work twice as hard tomorrow.
HIDDEN LEAF LIBRARY BARBE-Q BARBE-Q Welcome! Oh, there he is! Over here! Sorry I'm late.
That's the meat I was grilling! Here you go.
This one's done too.
Another order of kalbi please! Anyway, I keep teaching this newbie and she just doesn't get it.
There's one on my team too.
He reminds me of myself and I just can't ignore him.
I wonder if Asuma felt this way.
You two have totally embraced your roles as instructors.
Well, you're Lord Hokage's right-hand man, aren't you? But I don't have anyone under me to mentor.
You're the type that prefers to just do things yourself.
Being a loner suits me.
You two are the only ones who are special to me.
I miss the old days.
Hey, we're not old enough to be saying that.
Back then, it was normal for us to be together 24/7.
Now, we have to set up a time and date just to eat together.
It's kinda sad, huh? Maybe that's what it means to become an adult.
That's for sure.
Your temperament's changed.
Huh? You've got to be kidding.
Lately, you never say, "what a drag.
" Haven't you noticed? Really? BARBE-Q – Thanks for the food! – Thank you! They gave me gum when I was at the register.
Doesn't this bring back memories? GUM Doesn't this bring back memories? I always chewed this when I was a kid! Oh, it's so sweet! Was it always this sweet? Okay, where to next? You still wanna eat more? Let's go BBQ hopping! Sorry, I have to go.
Huh?! Shikamaru… Is something on your mind? Your mind seems to be wandering.
It's nothing.
I have to leave the village for work, on Allied Shinobi business.
Is it the same thing Temari and Kankuro attend? So Temari is more important than us? Oww… What're you talking about? SAMURAI SAMURAI And so, we hope that it grows even more.
That concludes my activity report.
Are there any other questions? Regarding the long list of missing persons after the Great War… How is the search going? It's currently under investigation.
How about the drop in shinobi requests for three consecutive periods? It's currently under investigation.
You know, if it keeps dropping, it'll affect how we administer the villages.
We should have a more detailed report by the next meeting.
I understand the view that a decrease in requests for shinobi poses a concern.
But remember, this is a consequence of peace.
If there are no more questions, we'll meet again in one month.
Hey! Wait, Shikamaru! What's going on, Temari? You're hiding something, aren't you? Huh? What makes you say that? See? When you answer a question with a question, it's proof that something's up.
What's going on in the Hidden Leaf Village? I don't know what you're talking about.
It's something you can't talk to me about? I said there's nothing going on! So there's nothing I can help with? Nope.
I see… Hey, Temari… Both you and I are representatives of our villages… We shouldn't pry too much into the other's— What the hell—?! I misjudged you! So that's what made you remember your old man.
He often got yelled at by my mom for staying out all night.
Sorry you had to go through that.
Temari is very intuitive.
She's going to find out sooner or later about the Land of Silence.
Many of the missing from the Great War and Rogue Ninja are filtering into this mysterious land.
And there's a deep, dark rumor that it's undertaking shinobi missions illegally.
By rights, the Shinobi Alliance should deal with this problem.
It'll be troublesome if they find out that we're independently investigating this.
But taking action on the Land of Silence in the name of the alliance will be touchy.
Just when we finally achieved peace.
It's already been two weeks since Sai left word that he was infiltrating the Land of Silence, right? We can't just stand by without taking action any further.
It's finally here.
The state of affairs is more serious than we previously thought.
If the Land of Silence is left to continue as is, the Shinobi Alliance will be threatened at some point.
There is one leader at work in this land.
His name is… Gengo.
I've never heard that name before.
It's possible, he will become the one who may very well change the pitiful existence of shinobi… In fact, he may change the whole framework of this world.
I don't even know myself anymore… This isn't good.
Right? Sai led a team of ten, comprised of the cream of the crop among the ANBU.
It would take a formidable enemy to wipe them out… Probably… Sai's instincts were right.
Many of the shinobi who disappeared after the Great War and Rogue Shinobi are in the Land of Silence.
I hope Sai is all right.
He's not one to get killed so easily, but… There are hints in his message that sound like admiration for this man named Gengo.
You don't think Sai has…? He's very pure hearted, so… If we're to get Sai out of there and nip the Land of Silence in the bud… we have just one option.
Could we be thinking the same thing? Yes.
However, you can't go.
Right… To go unnoticed, a three-man squad will be best.
Could you get two good shinobi from the ANBU? A three-man squad… You already have someone in mind for the third member? What we're attempting is a clear breach of faith toward the alliance.
If worse comes to worst, we would have to disavow any knowledge of this team.
I'll go.
You carry a big part of the responsibilities within the alliance.
You can't… I'm simply adding another job to my plate.
It's useless to try to stop you, isn't it? Still, I would have thought you'd pick Ino and Choji.
For this mission, we need someone who can control chakra and can hide us.
And someone who has a jutsu to make a direct hit on the target.
Besides… Besides? Those two have their own lives now.
I think I know just the ANBU for this.
They're both easy to work with… So I'm sure you'll like them.
SHIKAMARU SHIKAMARU What? Going on a business trip, senpai? Yeah, take care of things here for me.
It must be nice! I wish I could go too! Damn it.
Please bring me back a souvenir! Yeah sure, I will.
This is Soku of the ANBU.
Easy to work with, huh? And where's the other one? I am right here.
When did you—? He's Ro.
He has the ability to freely manipulate his own and others' chakra to erase all signs of his presence or become another person.
If I were to put it simply, it's a modification of the chakra from the point of view of what others perceive.
I do not actually increase the chakra of the target, I create an anachronism in their perception.
Like, that's even more confusing.
This one's still a kid.
Like, unthinkable, right? In the world of shinobi, ability is, like, everything.
You don't mince words.
After the Academy, we noticed Hinoko's talents and scouted her for the ANBU.
She's only 14, but she's already highly regarded in the ANBU.
I asked you to like, not to use my real name, Lord Hokage.
Your name's Hinoko? That's a really cute na—! I, like, hate to be called that name.
I'd like you to be careful about that.
So, what can you do? My weapon is a chakra needle.
Once my needle hones in on a target, it will not stop its pursuit until, it like, pierces its target.
Very suitable for assassination.
I don't like, needlessly kill.
I pierced its chakra stimulation point, so it's like, several times more livelier now.
We'll infiltrate using Ro's jutsu, then I'll immobilize the target with my Shadow Strangle Jutsu, and Soku will finish him.
A true collaboration indeed.
The synergy in this plan is ideal.
Like, that sounds tedious.
They're exactly what you wanted.
I have no objections… Then, like, what's the issue? Can you drop the "like" thing? Like, absolutely not.
Well, it's decided.
So once everything's ready— Would it be okay to leave tomorrow morning? It's not shogi again, is it? I have some business to take care of.
So anyway, looks like SHIKAKU NARA I'll be heading back a bit later, so I won't be able to visit next month.
I have two subordinates under me.
It's not like me, huh? ASUMA SARUTOBI Both you and my dad had someone you'd give your lives to protect.
But, I haven't found anyone like that yet… Big Brother Shika! Mirai! Big Brother Shika! Whoa, there! Shikamaru, you're so busy these days, you don't need to come every month.
I'm not that busy.
This is our babysitter.
She occasionally watches Mirai for me.
He may not look it, but he's Lord Hokage's right-hand man.
Please… Oh, I see! I'm sorry, I still don't know these things yet.
She just started living here.
People are moving into this village all because of people like you and the Lord Hokage.
Please, don't mention it.
I hope this peace will last for a long time.
ASUMA SARUTOBI Big Brother! Flowers! Oh really? You brought them for your daddy? You're so clever, Mirai! Mirai, you really love Big Brother Shikamaru, don't you? Uh-huh! This peace will last.
I'll make it last.
Why now? Damn it! Such bad luck.
Hey, Shikamaru! You're up awfully early.
Naruto… I could say the same about you.
I got up and couldn't go back to sleep… I'm on my way home from Ichiraku Ramen.
That shop opens that early? It's open 24 hours now! Yeah but, who eats ramen for breakfast? I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Half of my body's made of ramen! Hmm? Do I smell like garlic? Oh… Chew this.
GUM This brings back memories! I love this stuff! See ya.
Work? Yeah, just a little.
Don't just sit around and eat ramen.
Do some work.
Well, a certain someone somewhere keeps assigning me annoying missions… So I won't have a break for the next six months.
This is the most critical time in your life.
I know that.
But you know— No buts! Take on as many missions as possible, make it so everyone says, "It has to be Naruto, no one else will do.
" If you think they acknowledge you now because you're the hero of the Great War, you're wrong.
Yeah, yeah.
– Hey, Naruto.
– Hmm? You're going to become the Hokage.
Don't ever forget that.
I never go back on my word.
That's my Ninja Way.
You mean "our" way.
Naruto… Always stay just the way you are.
That's the reason why I'm here.
Anyway… I guess it's time to go to work.
I humbly guarantee that we will be able to deceive the enemy's eyes with this.
Like, if we kill all of the lookouts, it will be easy to pass through the checkpoint.
It would spell trouble if we do that and they found out the Leaf's involved.
Don't underestimate the enemy.
If we linger too long, we'll only like, up the chances of the enemy noticing us.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Shikamaru's Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark Clouds" Soku, trust me.
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