Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s23e11 Episode Script

Dark Clouds

1 The minute Sasuke returned to the village, people stopped paying attention to you.
How trivial.
Do you think something like that would bother me? You might consider yourself a member of Team 7, but I wonder what they think? Do you really think I'd fall for your cheap persuasions? I'm… Dark Clouds That's the inn that Lord Sai last stopped by… Yeah.
Also, look slightly above it.
That's the only checkpoint leading into the village of Tobari.
Unless we get past it, we can't get to the village.
Sure, but is this get-up, like, really necessary? It looks very becoming on you, Soku.
Look, I had to bend over backwards to get a coal vendor's traveling permit.
If you have any better ideas on getting past the checkpoint, let me know.
We can humbly guarantee that we will be able to deceive the enemy's eyes with this.
Like, if we kill all of the lookouts, it will be easy to pass through the checkpoint! It would spell trouble if we do that and they found out the Leaf's involved.
Besides, Sai's entire team was killed around here.
Don't underestimate the enemy.
If we linger too long, we'll only, like, up the chances of the enemy noticing us.
Both of you, listen up.
Look, I think it's crucial that we trust each other.
And trust first begins with having faith in your partner.
Did you get that out of, like, some weird book? Lord Shikamaru is doing his utmost to act like our leader.
Quit trying to analyze me! Anyway! This mission requires teamwork— Huh?! What's the big idea?! Like, take a good look.
Land of Silence shinobi?! Soku! Don't take action by yourself! I'm better at, like, this sort of thing! I did it! Hey, c'mon.
You just ruined our disguise.
This has turned out to be a problematic occurrence.
Well… I guess it's back to square one for our strategy.
What'll you have? Can I have a water? You can have all you want.
Anyway… I heard the checkpoint to Tobari is around here.
I've got nothing to say to outsiders.
KNIGH The "demon killer"? Oh…You know the game? May I sit in? What luck finding an opponent in these parts.
A welcome sight indeed.
Are you traveling alone? I've come to the village of Tobari to request shinobi assistance.
But they're checking my background and what not, so, I've had to wait, as you can see.
The Village of Tobari? I've been wanting to do some business there.
Going in and out of there is such hassle.
PASSAGE Unless you have this pass, it's probably impossible.
You got me! Didn't expect that move! PASSAGE Time's up… By the way… Why did you choose the Land of Silence? There are other lands that accept shinobi requests.
Well, it's the price.
After all, I don't mind who does the work itself, whether it's the Silence or the Hidden Leaf.
After all, shinobi are merely appendages that you use, then discard.
Please excuse me! Are you trying to sabotage our strategy? It's because we let guys like that say whatever they want that, like, shinobi are always looked down upon.
That's no reason to kill him.
I just wanted to shake him up a little.
Like, you're the one who doesn't trust us.
Then act with more caution.
Got any complaints? No way I'll mess up a mission by being, like, overcautious! That girl… Isn't she acting too rash? More than anyone, Soku fears that peace in the land will spell the end of a shinobi's existence.
I presume she is determined to make this mission a success to prove the value of shinobi to the world.
So much blood was shed to achieve this long-sought peace.
It's ridiculous that some people can't stomach it.
Lord Shikamaru, you proved your mettle and worth as a shinobi in the last Great Ninja War.
But she's never had a chance to do so.
Such is the sorrow of the generation that came too late.
Ro, what about you? You've experienced a lot, haven't you? I simply escaped death, that is all.
Everyone, do not move! We're going to confirm your identity.
You will not be allowed to leave the building! Hey! What happened? The shinobi in the ravine were, like, discovered.
They move faster than I thought.
Don't! – We can't make a scene now.
– I'm just waiting for my shogi partner! – Then what do we do?! – Move! – I'm thinking… – You two! Over here! How dare you! What are you doing? We owe our lives to you.
No thanks necessary.
I hate those guys from Tobari.
They're always so arrogant.
I'm Komori.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, we're… Whoa! You don't have to tell me.
We all have a thing or two we keep hidden, eh? Komori, we want to go to the Village of Tobari.
Do you know of a way to get past the checkpoint? Now that's a tough question to answer.
But why do you want to go there? We've got some minor business to take care of.
Someone's here! What? It's just a mouse.
Don't scare me like that! What don't you understand about waiting until we find a way to get through the checkpoint? Like, if we take our time, we'll lose the chance to kill Gengo! It's too dangerous to go alone.
You are not to act alone! I just want to, like, prove my ability.
And I won't be held back by stupid rules! Grow up! This isn't some kind of game! What a drag.
What?! Maybe I'll have more freedom in the Land of Silence.
You mustn't say such reckless things.
Hey, you're not… getting any weird ideas, are you? Deserting the village is a serious crime.
Rogue Ninja are hunted down to the ends of the earth and are always punished to the harshest extent of shinobi law.
You're aware of that, aren't you? Lord Shikamaru, Soku isn't serious.
Isn't that so? Like I care! Hey, we're not done here! Oh? In a bad mood? Like, it's none of your business.
I don't know what happened, but it's over if you get discouraged.
Look at me.
I'm forced to do jobs like this… But one day, I'm gonna have a huge inn of my own! Like, no one asked you.
That kid… I hope she knows what she's supposed to do here.
There's no need to worry about Soku.
I just wanted to, like, make my power useful.
So, you were a shinobi.
It's a secret.
I-I know that! Everyone in the village has gotten used to peace, and they're too timid.
Like, at this rate, I should have just gone to the Land of Silence.
Surely, you're not going to desert your village? Isn't that a serious crime? Like, yeah, I know that.
I feel a little better after talking to you.
I'm going back to the guys.
I see… I'll come with you! You don't have to.
I'm used to getting scolded, so I'm really good at apologizing! Ro, you saw her eyes too, right? You are overthinking this.
If Soku is serious about deserting the village… we have to silence her.
Can you do it? I'm asking you, would you be able to do it? Desertion is a serious crime.
If Soku is serious, I shall not falter.
I knew it! Like, they're not comrades or anything! Wait! Soku! I don't have a place where I belong anymore.
What if… I told you that there's a safe route to get to the checkpoint without being discovered? Are you willing to risk it? It's the long way, but if you follow the river, you'll reach the checkpoint without being seen.
Hey! What are you doing here? U-Uh… I was looking for the mouse that got away.
Have you seen Soku? I-I didn't see anything! What is going on? Hey! Look at me in the eye and answer me again! Where did Soku go? I'm tellin' you I don't know! Don't tell me… Is she heading for the checkpoint? Did she desert? That's it, isn't it? That's inconceivable! Soku would not desert the village! To find out, we need to catch Soku and ask her directly.
Stop! Why you—! Who are you?! I deserted my village! I want my skills to be of use here, for this land! If you interfere, you're dead! A Rogue Ninja? A kid like you? Like, age doesn't matter.
Ability is everything.
Well, at least you talk the talk! You won't walk away with just a wound on your leg the next time.
D-Don't take this the wrong way.
We've had a lot of rats sniffing around lately.
Just recently… Yeah… It was ANBU from the Hidden Leaf.
You intend on deserting your village at your age? I'm just sick of old-fashioned rules.
Like, with my skills, you won't regret making me one of you.
Great! I like you! Well, you certainly have an interesting technique.
Two of my men who were on reconnaissance were just killed.
Your technique inflicts the same kind of wound that killed them.
I wonder why? Would you care to explain? Things aren't looking good for you… are they, young lady? She's okay.
Komori? Sorry I didn't say anything.
I had to test you to make sure we could trust you.
She killed our comrades.
We can't trust her.
They attacked out of nowhere, I had no choice.
I had a fight with my partners, and I've made up my mind to leave.
Captain, I've watched her all this time.
She really did split off from her group.
But I can't just take your word for it.
Like, if you don't believe me, I don't mind if we fight it out, right here.
We found you, Soku! So, you were pulling the strings, all this time, Komori! You were pretty quick.
But take a good look around you.
There's no way you can win! Hey! Even you understand the gravity of deserting a village, don't you? Hand her over to us right now.
If you interfere, I won't go easy on you! Will you turn her over, or not? Interesting… This is your chance to prove that you're serious.
I'll help you! I don't need your help! This is my problem! Lord Shikamaru, I implore you to think it over! Soku has her reasons.
Don't be reckless! Are you going to betray me too? Y-You misunderstand! Then you're…first! Lord…Shikamaru! You two…together—! Soku… You didn't You did well! I don't sense any chakra.
He's dead.
You did it, Soku! You'll be quite useful.
You're one of us now.
You'll have to go through some rounds of questioning, but you'll be released right away.
In exchange for the intel that you possess— I'm gonna have you, like, sleep for a while.
Damn it, that was rough! It went quite well.
Soku said she'll make it seem like we're dead.
But that hurt a lot.
We owe that young boy some thanks too.
What? It's just a mouse.
Earlier, I used chakra to fake a shinobi's presence.
And his unexpected reaction was our lucky break.
An ordinary kid wouldn't have reacted to chakra like he did.
And he performed unerringly as we predicted.
But what Soku bemoaned… She meant half of what she said.
If she had been really serious, she could have killed us both at any time.
Were you not aware of that risk? This thing about trust… You have to have faith in your partner first.
Isn't that what I said before? As I'd expected of you.
But don't tell Soku.
Or it will just go to her head.
Like, I just heard everything.
Your logic's pretty naive, Shikamaru.
What do you mean? Don't tell me you really meant to hurt me? Like, I can try again.
Maybe next time.
Anyway, how's it going? I kept the lock open.
As long as you return quickly, no one will notice.
Regarding Gengo, we have, like, nothing.
And no one knows anything about the inside of the castle.
It seems the man known as Gengo rarely appears before others.
Anything on Sai? Well, we've got, like, nothing on that either.
Well, it seems this Gengo is a very cautious man.
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